A Busy Black Friday at Least Means I’m Not Spending Money (11/29/19)

Now for most people, today was filled with shopping til you drop and watching the money in your bank account just get sucked down the drain as you purchase god knows what. Honestly I planned on being one of those people- I had my eyes set on a TV and a sofa for the apartment, and was prepped, with the approval of my roommates, to buy them ASAP. Seriously I was looking at them last night and my brain was racking what I should get and how it was going to fit in the apartment. It’s very important the feng shui is perfect or I may go a tad crazy. Now even despite going to bed at a half decent time last night and getting over eight hours of sleep, I actually somehow still managed to sleep through my 12:15 and 12:30PM alarms, waking up at 12:43 feeling- honestly? Quite refreshed. As I lay in bed, I ended up texting the group chat with my roommates about whether or not we should get the sofa and/or the tv, and with them thinking clearly, we decided against it. I mean I get it, but when I see solid deals I can’t help but want to buy buy buy, you know?

After lying in bed for waaaay too long, I got myself up and got ready for work, showering, washing up, getting dressed, and well… running to the subway. I hadn’t planned on doing that- do I ever really plan on running to the train?- but frankly I was running late and ended up leaving the apartment at like 2:25, when the train was supposed to arrive at 2:32. Yikes. Now i actually did make it to the train, a bit early if I’m being honest, and the train did arrive right at 2:32. This would normally be fine, because the train would arrive and, as trains do… leave, but not this time. This time the train decided to sit in the station for a good 8 minutes, with us leaving just after 2:40. I was a bit nervous, because it takes just about 20 minutes for me to get to work once I’m on the train, but I trusted that it’d be fine, and I closed my eyes as we zipped through tunnels, my music drowning out the rumbling of the wheels on the tracks. We arrived at Fulton St. at 2:57, so I quickly scrambled off the train and rushed to the World Trade Center, hurrying up the escalators and into Eataly; clocking in at 3:01 and heading onto the floor. I did stop briefly in a little alcove to change into my work shirt, but anyways.

Once I got onto the floor, I checked the floor plan to find that I was in section 8, which meant I was on roll-up duty. I will say though, looking around it looked like it might be a bit of a crazy night. I mean there was already a pretty damn long line, and it was only 3PM. Keeping all this in mind, I got to rolling, and before I knew it it was already 3:30 and I had to head to my break. Chernin, who was working night today as well, commented on my “cute goatee”, but honestly I can’t wait to have it be shaved and gone. It’s been a fine experiment, but come Monday? Adios. Anyways, I headed to the break room, and seeing there really wasn’t much, I grabbed a small piece of chicken to taste and headed off to Pret for my normal meal. After getting the usual, I sat down and relaxed for 20 minutes, enjoying the calm before the storm, before heading off back to Eataly, clocking back in at 3:15 and heading on over to pre-shift; nothing crazy today- just going over a pasta special, and warning us to be prepped for a busy day. With that said, I headed onto the floor and the day at last began.

Like I said I was in section 8 today, which is by far the EASIEST section out of all the new sections; I mean I only have six tables. Sure they are all bigger tables, but that doesn’t matter. You’re hectic for a good 15-20 minutes and then there’s nothing to do for 30 minutes to an hour. Now as the shift began, one of the managers, Nicole, approached me and said “I got you a knew pin for your hair”; it was a bow. Now a normal person would’ve laughed and said “Get outta here with that”, but if you can’t tell from the photo, my response was “Fuck it, put it in”. After some joking encouragement from another server or two, I wore that for the entirety of the shift, looking- I’m sure- completely ridiculous. As for the shift? Honestly it was busy, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t hell. It started off rough, with this table of ladies asking me to split the check a specific way, and then between the two who paid- this was a $60 bill by the way- the tipped me $1.50. ONE dollar and FIFTY cents. Honestly just don’t tip me and write “Fuck you” at that point, because goddamn that’s rude. Thankfully for me, the rest of the night shaped up a bit, with me getting some kind larger tables, but oh boy poor Michele. He was in the section next to mind and got continuously fucked the entire night. I mean table after table just not tipping him well. He literally had a giant table- who he worked his ass off to provide good service by the way- spend like $240 and tipped him $4. FOUR dollars. I truly hate some people, like honestly.

Now I will say, with the bow in my hair, I had like two tables give me a compliment about it, but frankly most of my other tables just didn’t know how to respond. Like the would just.. keep staring at it all confused and I’d just keep on going like it didn’t exist. I thought that shit was fucking hilarious. Most of my coworkers just didn’t know why in the hell I left it in my hair, but frankly it’s because it was kind of like a bit, and since I thought it was funny I just went with it. By the end of the night, even with me getting one of the last tables, I spent a good hour with everyone else just rolling all the silverware we had before we finally finished and could add up our tips for the day. Despite me actually dicking around for part of the shift because I wasn’t crazy busy, I still hit $300 in cc tips, and I even had almost $130 in cash. Poor Michele got fucked with his tips, but frankly we all have those garbage days. You just have to breathe, let off some steam, and keep moving. With my numbers in, I finally clocked out right after 11 and was on my way home at last.

Oh I almost forgot! As the shift began, I ended up chatting with Liz, another server, who actually offered to switch my Wednesday shift with her Monday shift! That means I can actually go to the party another server is throwing! I’m honestly looking forward to it; should be fun I hope. Anyways, I made my way home, getting off the train around 11:30 and heading to the Bodega, getting a sandwich, along with a drink and some Oreos, and headed to my apartment to relax for the rest of the night. Now one of our roommates downstairs, Margarita, asked if she could stop by to pick up Julian’s air mattress when I got home, so I texted her once I got inside my apartment and before long she came up. Now I’ve never met her before, but after we found the mattress and I helped bring it down to her apartment, we ended up chatting for a good while before I needed to head back up. She even offered me a slice of pizza! It’s always fun getting to know new people, though I’m realizing now that I ended up just talking for a while, and didn’t ask much about her. Yikes I really do talk a lot. Oh boy. But it was definitely nice, and I have a feeling all of us will hang out and have a drink. Anyways, I’ve spent the rest of the night watching some YouTube videos and playing Persona 5. It’s now already 4:40, so I definitely need to get some sleep. Now I’m working through the weekend into Tuesday, but I’m definitely glad I’m off on Wednesday. Just gotta make it through these next few days.

Until next time,


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