Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! (11/28/19)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I truly hope- if you celebrate the holiday- that you got to spend the day with your family, eating delicious food and hopefully not arguing with that one fucking asshole who keeps saying Trump did nothing wrong and blah blah blah Hillary’s emails etc etc. Thankfully I don’t know anyone, at least that I know of, that is THAT incredibly stupid, so if you do I am so sorry. Now last year on Thanksgiving I was actually off for a good few days, traveling up to Nantucket to spend a few wonderful days with family and friends. Seriously, probably one of my top favorite Thanksgivings, because it was just so fun and there were so many people there enjoying some delicious food. I mean growing up we’d have Thanksgiving with my dad’s family for the most part, whom I love dearly but when your forced to sit at the kid’s table year after year, even though you’re like 16 or older at this point, shit starts to feel real stale. Now this year my family and I were unfortunately all going to be spending the day in different parts of the US. My dad is with his wife in Nantucket, finishing up their honeymoon, my brother Jake is back at home with our cat Gus, Mags and her boyfriend Devon are at his parents’ house to celebrate the day, and well… I’m in New York. One of my roommates is on tour and the other is back in Jersey with his family, so frankly I wasn’t sure what my plan for the day was, coming into this week. Then I made a decision- I’m going to go see the Macy’s Day Parade in person. I mean I used to watch it on TV sure, but I’m in New York now! Why not just go and see the balloons in person?

That was the plan, and I was sticking with it… even if it meant me waking up at 7:30 in the morning and heading uptown to stand outside at 9AM. Now there was a worry that the balloons wouldn’t fly this year because it was going to be so windy out, but as the day began the decision was to let the balloons go along with the parade, but definitely kept much closer to the ground. Now I actually did wake up at 7:20 to my first alarm, and after lying in bed for a little while, I hopped in the shower around 7:45, got all washed up, got dressed, and headed out at 8:25, jogging to the subway and catching the next 4 that was arriving at 8:32. After a good 20 minutes we arrived at a Fulton, where I transferred to the A to make my way up to 59th. Now to be honest with you, I hadn’t really… planned how in the hell I was going to get to the parade, but that wasn’t the point. No matter what, I was going to see these floats. As I got off at 59th St. however, I came to realize incredibly quickly just how much was blocked off by tape and the police. I mean it makes sense, right? A huge parade like this, of course security’s gonna be insane.

After finding my way outside the train station, following the swarm trying to get out and to the parade, I finally got to Columbus Circle, where the parade would pass by. Unfortunately the view really wasn’t very good, and as the parade began, I knew I couldn’t just stick around; I wanted to at least get half decent pictures of the balloons. I decided to continue uptown, basically going to the next block or so before finding my way down the street and into the crowd; a bit of a blocked view because of all the people, but still definitely better than before. Soon enough the first balloon flew by and the fun really begun! Now the whole thing lasted a good hour and a half or more- at least since I got there around 9:20, but it was definitely pretty damn cool seeing all the giant balloons float on by. I will say though- godDAMN was it windy. Holy shit. Thank goodness I was wearing a long sleeve shirt because otherwise I would’ve been absolutely miserable. I will say probably the coolest moment was when a float came by with the Roots, and then Jimmy Fallon came out and waved at everyone; I mean come on, that’s pretty freaking cool. There was also a moment when this older band passed by, and these guys behind me kept yelling random boy band names- “Is that the Beatles?” “Is that Big Time Rush?” Solid jokes all around. I also did manage to get a bit closer to the front at the parade went on, since people kept leaving; either from being too bored, too cold, or what have you. I definitely got a bit worried for some of the balloons, and especially the people holding the balloons, because the wind was trying with all its might to mess this event up. But the show went on and ended without really many problems.

As Santa passed by, waving around at everyone, I knew it was time to get a MOVE on. I mean I think everyone around me had the same idea, so I tried to move as fast I could to get the hell out of there and to the subway before it got swarmed with everyone trying to make it back downtown. Now I did end up getting a bit caught in the crowd, but at the end of the day I did make it onto a downtown A without any real issues and was good to go. After transferring to a 4 at Fulton St. I finally made my way back to Brooklyn, stopping by Subway to grab a sandwich before heading home. I did wish the worker a happy Thanksgiving, because I hate the fact that some people still have to work on the holiday. It’s reality, but it’s sucks. Side note- I just spent the last like 20 minutes looking at Black Friday deals, so that was fun. I’m debating buying a new TV for the living room, or a sofa or something; not sure yet. I’m definitely worried I’m gonna drop a good $1500 though if I’m not careful. Anyways, I made my way home and after enjoying my lunch, I laid in bed for a while watching YouTube videos before deciding to take a nap. Fuck I love sleeping. I ended up sleeping from like 2:30 to nearly 5PM, and have frankly spent the rest of the day playing Persona 5, just heating up a frozen meal for dinner around 9PM. I also checked the mail to find my dad sent me a late birthday card, with a Visa card in it.

Honestly I didn’t ask for anything for my birthday even though he asked because my dad has always been so supportive of me; but getting this card and then talking with him on the phone for a little while made me appreciate all the more just how much I love that man, and am so grateful for himself, Mags, and Jake. So even though I spent this Thanksgiving alone, that doesn’t change the fact that I am so incredibly grateful for my family, my friends, and the life that I’m able to live. I mean sure I’m not where I want to be yet; I know I’m going to get there, and be a successful and famous actor winning awards and going on talk shows and even being an announcer at the Macy’s Day Parade or something; maybe even be in the parade. That’s my future, and even though I have no fucking clue how I’m going to get there, and where to even begin, I’m excited and thankful to be on this path. I love y’all and thank you for reading this blog; whether it’s just this post or you’ve been following my story since the beginning, I’m grateful for you. From the bottom of my heart- thank you.

Until next time,


**We love a giant Pikachu just making its way downtown

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