A Day Prepped to Be Busy… Or Not? (11/26/19)

You know, I was really prepped for today to be crazy. I mean it is two days before thanksgiving, and especially after how last year apparently was, I was prepped to just be steam rolled by table after table the entire night. Now I actually woke up earlier than normal today; like I woke up at 10:30 or 11, went back to sleep, and then woke up at like noon. With my body deciding to not let me go back to sleep, I really didn’t have much of a choice but to sit up and start the day. Great. Now as I woke up, I got a text from the landlord of my building, Eddie, asking if I had opened an account with the electric company so I could actually pay that bill this month. Since I was up, I figured I might as well get that started, right? I started by going to the company’s website, where, when I was going through the process of signing up, they basically told me that I would have to pay a $250 fee to open my account. Um, no thank you? Fuck that. Now I briefly called Eddie, hoping he would have an explanation of why they were trying to charge me this amount, but with him just kind of chuckling and telling me to call the company, I hung up on him- zero help… besides that recommendation; still rude though- and did just that. I called the electric company to see what was what. Thankfully after going through some hoops, I managed to talk with a real person who helped me actually set up an account with them. No fee required, as far as I was aware. (Thank god)

After I finished that call, I decided to call Verizon, just confirming that they know coming into this installation next Wednesday that the internet box had not been installed yet, just so I wouldn’t have a repeat of what happened last time. After jumping through some more hoops, I got an automated message saying that call wait times would be like, more then an hour, so I made the decision to set a time for them to call me back; I wanted to go with 3:30 like last time, but the earliest they offered me was 4PM, which is fine I guess. With that set, I wasted some time before I was running a tad late, taking a shower, getting ready, and leaving right at 2:23. I thought I’d be okay walking, but as the time got closer and closer to 2:33- when the train was supposed to leave- I figured I needed to pick up the pace. After a quick jog, I made it to the subway station and onto the train, where I ended up just watching a few YouTube videos and listened to some music before I had to get off at my stop and head to work.

After a quick walk, I entered Eataly and headed to the escalators coming, stopping by the bathroom to quickly change before clocking in and heading onto the floor to start my shift. Now unfortunately as I checked the floor plan to see which section I was in, I got some… rough news; I was on the pizza bar today. Frankly, I haven’t worked the bar in over a month, and I have been grateful. Ever since the change, the bars have been pretty much hell, with more and more people just sitting themselves because the wait is too long for a table in the main part of the restaurant. I knew it was gonna be hell, but I didn’t have time to think about that at the moment. I spent the next 30 minutes stocking some to go bags and boxes, sugar caddies, and then helping roll until it was time to head off for break. I decided not to even stop by the break room, instead immediately making my way to Pret for some necessary food.

After getting my usual meal, I made my way to a table, where I just sat and relaxed for a good while, watching some YouTube videos before heading on back to work. As I was getting up, I felt a buzz in my pocket; it must be Verizon calling me back. I quickly got up, tossed my trash, and headed out, answering the call as I walked back to Eataly. After being on hold for a moment, I spoke with a woman who, after I explained the situation, looked at my file and told me there was indeed a note attached to my order stating that an internet box was to be installed. Thank god. I mean the installation was going to start at 8AM, but hey… it’ll work I guess. With that stress cleared, I waited out the final minutes, quickly taking a leak before clocking in and heading to pre-shift.

Frankly, pre-shift was quite short and, with everything covered, I hit the bar, wishing that things wouldn’t be too insane tonight. I chatted with David briefly, who had worked the bar this morning, and he wished me the best of luck, because it was hell for him. With that my day at last began… and it wasn’t all that bad! To be fair I did get incredibly lucky, because for some reason or another I had quite a few tables who just didn’t leave their tables for a long time, which definitely made things much less hectic. I mean sure there were a few times where it got busy and I hated it- I genuinely don’t like working the bar because of how crazy and uncontrollable it can get- but it was fine. Gina worked the morning shift and ended up sticking around and grabbing some food at the bar; drinking a glass of Primitivo. (Solid choice) Now she seems to keep trying to say anything just to make me red, and today was no exception. I mean her and Olesya were talking, and Olesya ended up talking about how I give great back massages. Even though the massage is just that- a back massage- she made it sound incredible sexual, which made me instantly turn red. Gina to be fair turned a bit red as well, saying that she couldn’t imagine me doing things like that because I’m like her brother; ouch? Not sure, moving on. Someone also described us as twins today, so that was something. Anyways, as I looked back around, Olesya still carrying on with the conversation, I leaned into Gina’s ear and told her something along the lines of “you should hear her moans”. Basically, if I’m gonna be red as a plum tomato, I’m gonna make someone else feel that way, too. Gina said that she was shocked, but impressed at what I said, and that was that.

Now Gina ended up leaving a little while later, because apparently the managers kept checking in with Olesya to make sure Gina wasn’t drunk, and she didn’t want to make people feel uncomfortable or whatever. I mean, I get how Gina feels, but she definitely wasn’t drunk and obnoxious. I mean most of the time she was at the bar was spent just reading a book, but whatever. After Gina left, things definitely slowed down some, and at 9PM, with only a few tables left, I started rolling. God there was so much silverware holy fuck. By the end of it all, I definitely rolled somewhere near to 30 stacks of six roll-ups. Aka 180 roll-ups. Coming close to 10:30, the manager closing, Joe, told me and the other server who worked the pasta bar that we were done rolling, handed me my check, and that was that. I put in my numbers and ended up leaving around 10:40, unfortunately waiting 10 minutes for a train, but that was that. After a quick ride on the 4, I got off at Utica station, headed to the local Bodega, got myself a chicken and cheese sandwich- along with a pack of Oreos- and headed into my apartment. Julian was still up so we ended up chatting for a while, with the conversation basically ending with him telling me to ask a girl out. Spicy times. In other news, after a brief discussion at more the beginning of the shift, I may go and see BeetleJuice with Gina at some point in the near future, since she wants to see the show and I definitely wanna go and see it again. Also! I’ve decided that since I’m gonna be in New York for Thanksgiving, I might as well go see the Macy’s Day Parade! Ah that’s gonna be fun, even if it will be a tad crowded. Time to enjoy my days off!

Until next time,


**So side note- there was this group of people who randomly started singing A cappella as I was waiting for a train to go home. Quite strange but hey I guess it’s NYC

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