A Day off Spent Doing Nothing But Going to See a Movie (Damn Was It Good Though)(11/25/19)

So to be perfectly frank with you, I truly did not do much today. I mean I woke up before 1PM, but despite that, I still ended up just laying in my bed until like 2:30 or later; not great I know. To be fair it was my day off, but also to be fair it’s only 2:17 and I am literally writing this post and going to bed because I actually have nothing that’s interesting me enough to stay up. Big yikes. Now when I did end up FINALLY moving from my bed today, I ended up just showering and heading off to Subway to get some food, still clueless about exactly what in the world I was going to do for the rest of my day. I don’t know, when I have nothing to do on my days off I start to get antsy. In my old apartment it’d be fine because I’d just play some League, but with us not having any internet… all I can do is just try and entertain myself. Okay anyways, after grabbing myself some food from Subway, I headed on back to my apartment where I just sit and absentmindedly watched YouTube videos for a bit, before saying fuck it and getting a ticket to go see Frozen 2 tonight at 8PM. I mean I’ve definitely been really wanting to see it, hoping that it would not be terrible, but with me seeing the movie later on in the evening, it still meant that I had practically nothing to do for a good four hours.

After wasting away a few more hours, I finally decided to try and contact Verizon, but after jumping through the hoops that are their automated system, I was told that they were actually closed and I should call back tomorrow. They couldn’t have told me that earlier? Now right as I was dealing with Verizon, there was actually a text in the group chat made up of what I assume to be most of the residents living in this apartment. Basically someone was asking if anyone had internet, which baffled me because how has NO ONE been like, trying as hard as I have to actually get internet? To be fair I’m doing it because I want to play League again, but either way… goddamn people. I said that I’d been dealing with Verizon and that they would hopefully come by next week- fingers crossed- to get the ball rolling. Now as people continued to voice their concerns, mostly about how we still don’t have laundry set up in the building, (the machines are there, they are just not hooked up) I realized that Eddie, who is like, the owner of the building or whatever, is also in this group chat. I mean everyone’s opinions are incredibly valid, and when someone mentioned that they wanted a rent cut because of this shit, I mean I was not going to disagree with that one. Either way, it’s like we were all just shitting on Eddie, and he just had to listen to it. Mind you he never responded to the chat this entire time, but I mean his phone HAD to have been blowing up.

That drama aside, it was already 7:10, so I headed out towards the subway station, catching the next 4 and taking it to Fulton St. Now since the AMC I was going to is right next to Penn Station, my plan was to transfer to the A and just take that express to 34th. Now the C actually showed up first, so I just hopped on that and kept moving, but I found out quite quickly that it wasn’t the best move, because it was obviously a local train, and the express A behind us literally passed us. But at the end of the day, did it really matter? Absolutely not. I made it to the movie just a few minutes late, because I decided to make a quick run to the bathroom, and I even managed to watch two episodes of The End of the Fucking World during this trip. Damn this season’s gotten real good. Finally making it to the AMC, I pulled up the ticket on my phone, headed up the escalators, and finally made it into the theater, finding my seat and sitting down at long last. After a good 20 minutes of trailers, the movie finally began- Frozen 2.

Now coming into this movie, I really wasn’t sure what to think; was it actually going to be good? I mean most Disney sequels aren’t, but who knows? Now don’t get me wrong, I do have a gripe with this movie, but overall? Damn. I mean it was fun, it was emotionally driven, the story was solid, the music was great; stellar movie. Oh and the animation; the ANIMATION. God how far it’s come. I mean the movie itself was just fucking gorgeous. Now I think the best song is definitely the 80’s rock power balled, which had me laughing my ass off; oh and the new mascot character- the salamander?- the cutest thing holy fuck. Literally fell in love with that character the MOMENT it came onto the screen. FUCK it’s so CUTE. Now my main gripe of the movie is mostly the fact that they’ve just kind of made Olaf, like 4th wall breaking, and mostly there to make meta jokes? I dunno but the fact he has a song about growing up was an interesting choice. My roommate Julian commented on how it’s probably aimed as like a wink to the older crowd, because when he says “It’ll all make sense when you’re older” I couldn’t help but laugh; I mean frankly the older you get the more confusing and complicated the world gets.

All in all, the movie was a ton of fun and the songs were definitely solid. Into The Unknown is super catchy, and both versions- sung by Idina Menzel and Panic! at the Disco- are so damn good; side note- what in the fuck is Brendon Urie’s voice? Like holy shit man. All in all, I think it was a really well done sequel, and deserves all the attention it’s getting. (As long as it doesn’t get as over hyped like the original Frozen, we’ll be okay) Now I did forget to mention that one- I texted my friend Liz earlier in the day if she wanted to get drinks, buying the ticket for the movie after not hearing from her for a few hours; she did respond right as I was transferring from the 4 to the A to get to 34th St., just getting off of work. Secondly, the girl texted me back, and we had a more concrete chat as the night went on. Nothing crazy, but still a little deeper than before; we kind of talked about acting as a profession-turns our she’s an actor as well- and just how everyone is finding their own path. Fun and deep talks.

After leaving the theater and getting on the A to make my way downtown again, I opened up Netflix and continued watching The End of the Fucking World. I’m on season 2 now and goddamn is shit wild so far. I mean I only finished episode 2 but hoooly fuck there’s a lot going on. After a bit of a train ride home, I finally got to the Utica Station and got off, actually heading into McDonalds to grab some food. I hadn’t planned on it, but Julian asked where I was and after telling him I was on my way back, he asked if I could pick us both up some food from McD’s. Normally I wouldn’t grab food from there, but it was already 11PM, so fuck it. Finally getting home, I walked into the apartment and the two of us chatted for a bit before he finally headed off to bed and I’ve been… lying in bed wasting away the goddamn hours. Damn I miss having internet. Well, tomorrow it’s back to work, and I’m going to try and call Verizon before I leave, mostly to make sure that they know that there isn’t actually an internet box installed in the apartment yet. I don’t need another technician to come by, only to find that there isn’t anything they can do. Oh boy.

Until next time,


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