A Slow Sunday with a Surprise Appearance (11/24/19)

So I’m writing this post at 3:45 in the morning- better than last night, but not by much- but yeah it as a pretty slow day at Eataly to be honest with you. Tad weird, given the fact that yesterday was so hectic, but I guess it is a Sunday evening so it makes sense. Now as for the day itself, I woke up from a strange dream where my ex texted me, to find that in fact that girl who left me her number actually had texted me back this morning, so that’s some interesting news I guess. I groggily got up, opening my eyes around 12:40 and answering her message. We ended up chatting on and off for a bit- not really sure what to think yet- but before I knew it, I needed to get my ass up and out of bed to actually get ready for the day. After a nice shower, I finished up getting ready, grabbed my umbrella, and made my way out the door; jogging a bit just so I wouldn’t be late for the 2:34 4 train heading into Manhattan. As I rode the 4- running local for this weekend- into Manhattan, I ended up watching another episode of The End of the Fucking World, which has seem to become my go-to subway show. As I waited for the train, this girl and I ended up chatting about college, and when I asked when she graduated, she answered 2014. When she asked and I responded 2018, there was radio silence. Hm…

Anyways, I got to Fulton St. and hurried off to Eataly, thankfully not really needing my umbrella, since it was not even really sprinkling at this point. Once I got inside and clocked in, I headed onto the floor and got right to my side work of the day- rolling. Quite exciting, I know. Honestly the 30 minutes went by really quickly, and I ended up clocking out at 3:28 without any issues. I will say, as I headed over to do roll ups, Chernin told me that even though she bought me chocolate as a thank you for switching shifts, her and Lily had eaten them all. Honestly that made me laugh my ass off, because I probably would’ve done the same thing. (I have a huge sweet tooth) After clocking out and poking my head in the break room to find there were only hotdogs today, I headed on off to Pret to have my usual meal. Those 25 minutes of relaxation were spent just watching some YouTube before it was time to make my back to Eataly, where I quickly used the bathroom before clocking back in and heading to pre-shift. As for the pre-shift, frankly it was quite short, with nothing of importance being discussed, and with that we headed into the floor to start the day.

I was taking over Lily’s sections- section 9- but she ended up keeping her final tables since she was rolling for a bit, which was fine by me. I spent that time honestly chatting with Gina, who ended up offering me green melon soaked in lime juice- super tasty- along with Nicolette, which is always a good time. Gina told me that I was speaking over her at one point, but when I responded she told me that it was… god i don’t know, sexy or something? Basically immediately following that up with “I knew that would make you uncomfortable and shut you up”. Stellar. Before too long Gina headed out and I got to it, taking care of my tables. As for the shift? Frankly it was, as I said in the beginning of this post, really slow. However! There was a point where Terry CREWS came into Eataly with his family and ordered a pizza to go at the bar with Tina. Fucking cool times. I really only saw the back of his head, but I didn’t want to creep over because one I’m working and two the guy is just with his family, and wants some pizza. Either way it’s still pretty damn cool though.

As the night slowed down, Stag was closed at 9PM and I spent the next hour rolling silverware, along with ordering some lasagna to go for my dinner. I ended up leaving work just after 10PM, almost forgetting my lasagna which would’ve been AWFUL, and buying a tin of cookies on my way out. After catching the next 4 back to Brooklyn and watching another episode of The End of the Fucking World, I got off the train and headed home, making it inside my apartment just before 11. I thought Julian was asleep, but he ended up leaving his room and chatting with me for a while; I shared my lasagna and he even helped me a bit with my dating profile which is fun. It’s now 4:07 and I have been dicking around wasting the past few hours, so I definitely need some sleep. Tomorrow I’m off and god who knows what I’m actually gonna do with my day.

Until next time,


**Also godDAMN was the sunset tonight beautiful. Glad I was able to get a picture, even if that doesn’t do the actual view justice

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