An Interesting Day Filled with Plenty of Ups and Downs (11/23/19)

Man today was a day, let me tell you. Honestly it’s already 4:04AM when I’m writing this, but I just have to tell you guys what in the hell went down today; alright I shouldn’t hype it up THAT much, but still. Okay so today started with me waking up at 12:35, finally managing to open my eyes and sit up around 1PM. Finally calling Verizon at 1:12PM, I ended up talking with a guy for 46 MINUTES. Thankfully though, this was the first person who was truly helpful, and even though it took, god so much time, the call ended with him setting up an appointment for the 3rd of December- I know it’s a bit away but still- where basically someone’s gonna come down and take a look at the street, and see what they’re gonna have to do in order to get internet set up for my apartment. Thank god. Now that’s what’s supposed to happen. I’m probably gonna call them back next week, just to make sure that the person won’t just come to my apartment, go “Oh there’s no internet box” and leave, like last time. By the time I hung up the phone, a bit perplexed that we’re still going to have to wait a while before we can actually have WiFi, the fact that we finally seem to be on track for something to happen made me happy. Maybe this means we’ll finally have internet… by the new year! Great…

As the call ended, the time was already like 2PM, which means I definitely did not have much of any time to spare before I needed to head off for work. I quickly showered and got ready before hurrying out of the apartment and to the subway; jogging most of the way to the train station. As I got down the stairs to the tracks, I found that the 3 was actually not running this weekend, so the 4 would actually be running local today and tomorrow; not the biggest pain in the world, but definitely something to keep in mind. Now I caught the 2:34 4 into Manhattan, and despite the train making local stops, I actually still got to Fulton St by like, 2:57. With just enough time to make it to work on time, I jogged the rest of the way, clocking in right at 3PM; perfect timing. After putting on my work shirt, I headed onto the floor and got to my side-work of the day- lowboys. The others working lowboys showed up a bit late, so I ended up focusing on stocking all the waters, which took up most of my time. I did chat with Gina for a minute, who didn’t seem to be having the best day, and honestly just wanted to go home. I know those days, and they’re definitely no fun. Now as the time got closer to 3:30 and with the lowboys stocked, I clocked out and headed to Pret for my usual lunch routine.

Now I did stop by the break room, but they were actually out of food today, so I just gave up and walked over for Pret, grabbing my usual meal and managing to find a seat in a packed seating area; sitting down and enjoying my time to myself- watching YouTube videos for a good 20 minutes. At 4PM I made my way back to Eataly, taking a quick bathroom break before clocking back in and heading over to pre-shift. The pre-shift really was quite fast, and before I knew it I was already in the floor, starting my day. Now to be frank with you, the first 2-2.5 hours were quite a blur. I was constantly sat over and over and over, and did not have a moment to breathe or even think. Now a few things happened tonight that did stand out, though. First and foremost, one of our managers, Joe, had his parents come and join us tonight. Now he mostly took care of them, with me only checking on them once or twice, but as the meal ended, he said to just charge them for a glass of milk- “it’s gonna piss my dad off”. Basically I assume Joe paid for the meal, but just to get a rile out of his dad, he just charged the man for a glass of milk. Even still, Joe’s dad ended up tipping me $50, which is frankly, incredibly kind and I’m grateful for that. The second thing to happen to me was… well a guest ended up leaving me her phone number. Frankly, I’ve always kinda wanted that to happen, but I never really expected it to. All I really remember of her was that she wore glasses and was eating dinner with her mom. I’m still quite flattered though.

Thankfully, despite all the craziness of the beginning of the shift- literally it felt like I’d turn around to find I’d been sat two times, only to turn around and find that I got sat ANOTHER two times; it was insane- things definitely died down by like 8PM. I did have a guest just royally piss me off though, just from how rude she was. Basically we have been extremely low on beer glasses for a while now, so when we run out we just put beer in wine glasses. Now mind you, at Eataly the wine glasses are larger than the beer glasses, so it’s not like you’re getting any less beer; just a different glass. Okay so I bring this beer to the gentleman at this two top- it’s him and his… I dunno, wife? Whatever. He comments on the amount of beer in the glass- basically the correct pour of beer in a wine glass is just over halfway full- and I tell him that that’s actually the correct amount, but if he got another beer, I’d be more than happy to fill up the glass a bit more, just for him. I thought that was the end of it, but when I went back to the table to see if he wanted another glass, the lady sitting across from him goes- “Well I don’t see why you don’t use a beer glass”. When unfortunately we’ve been running pretty low, and we don’t have any beer glasses in the back at the moment, so we’ve been using wine glasses. The correct pour is just above half way though, you’re still getting the same amount. (I definitively didn’t go that detailed into it, but whatever) “That’s a bad excuse. Why don’t you just go up and grab a beer glass [off the shelves] and use that.” Well unfortunately as a server we’re not allowed to do that. “That’s a bad excuse”. Alright bitch, first off- that’s not an excuse, that’s just an explanation to why we’ve been using wine glasses for the beer. An explanation you were not owed, but I was happy to share. Secondly, why the fuck are you complaining? This was not YOUR beer, so shut the fuck up. Thirdly, if you want to use a beer glass, go buy yourself one, and then drink beer in your own fucking HOME. Literally the pretentious coming from that woman was fucking baffling. To make things EVEN better, when it and time for them to pay their $44.65 bill, they paid me $45 and left. Literally get the fuck out and don’t come back, you fucking bitch. God I hate people who feel like they are just that entitled. I truly hope they never come back.

Now despite this table truly rubbing me the wrong way, another table turned my night right back around. It was a couple, who I’ve actually served before. The gentleman was incredibly kind and was always incredibly gracious when I checked in on them. They loved the food and even ended up tipping me $40 on a $125 bill; Really put a smile on my face. Finally closing out my last tables around 10:15 or so, I worked to help roll all the silverware before getting my numbers and getting out of there by 10:40. Now I didn’t make much in the way of cash today, but I DID end up making like $530 in cc tips today, which is kind of insane. I called Maggie on my walk to the train, before catching the next 4 and finally making my way back to Crown Heights. On the train ride home I ended up watching another episode of The End of the Fucking World, which has become my subway ride show. Damn shit has hit the fan already. After getting off the train, I called Maggie back, walked to the local Bodega, got a sandwich, and stepped into my apartment, grabbing the box which had my closet in it and heading up the stairs. I ended up spending the rest of the night building the damn thing, before realizing it’s too big for my room. I mean it fits, but like it’s blocking part of the window and just looks a tad bit awkward. My plan is to return it and buy another skinnier version… at some point. I just have to figure out how in the hell I’m gonna store this thing. Oh, I also texted that number I got, so stay tuned to me maybe getting an answer; who knows.

Until next time,


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