Enjoying a Day Off with a Good Movie and Some More Binge-Watching (11/22/19)

Today was my second day off of the week; honestly still a bit weird having a Friday off, but I’m not gonna question it. Honestly I really didn’t have any plans coming into today. I debated going to see a musical, or going to AMC to see a movie, but frankly I was more in the mood to just… see where the tides would take me. Now I was actually awoken by Eddie, the owner of the building, who was calling me a little while before my alarm was supposed to go off. Basically he was having some… I think he said appraisers, though he could’ve said realtors, coming to see the apartment and take some pictures. After they had arrived, I let them in and Eddie and these two gentlemen came through taking a couple pictures. Honestly I didn’t really care but was definitely a bit bummed I wasn’t sleeping in a bit longer. Already up, I just chose to relax for a the beginning of the day, finally getting up around 2:30PM to actually go and shower; you know, start my day.

Now it was raining when I had woken up, but thankfully by the time I was done showering and getting ready, the weather had calmed a bit, so no need for an umbrella as I headed over to Subway to get some much needed lunch. I mean my stomach was CALLING my name. Fuck I was hungry. I enjoyed my food and relaxed for a good while, actually deciding to buy a ticket to go see JoJo Rabbit at the 42nd St. AMC at 7:35; thank god I have plans for today now! After finishing my sandwich, I decided… fuck it; got back into bed, and passed the fuck out. I napped for a good hour or so before waking up to my alarm, along with Julian opening the door to our apartment. He was just getting home, but heading out again, so I asked if he wanted to get some food when we both got home tonight. With that plan in mind, and the time already hitting past 6:20, I hurried out of the apartment and to the subway.

Thankfully there was a train just arriving into the subway station when I got there, which meant before I knew it, I was already on my way to Manhattan. The plan was to take the 4 all the way to Grand Central, and then transfer to the L and take that to 7th St. Since I had some time to kill, I ended up watching two episodes of The End of the Fucking World; a Netflix original. Now I have to say, I am intrigued by the show, but it is a harder watch than The Good Place, and definitely a much heavier, angstier show. Not really any jokes, and definitely some tough moments to watch. After arriving at 42nd and 7th, I headed on out and to the AMC, getting out my ticket on my phone, and at last heading into the theater; taking my seat and relaxing for a bit. Despite me running just a tad late, I actually still made really good time, and was a good 10 minutes early! I was expecting to come in during the trailers! 20 minutes later, the trailers ended and JoJo Rabbit, at last, began.

Now this movie has been out for just over a month now, and I have really been wanting to go and see it. I’ve heard some pretty solid reviews, and especially with it being one of Taika Waititi’s films, I desperately wanted to see it before it left theaters. Frankly if you haven’t seen it, I implore you to see JoJo Rabbit, because the movie is just very well done overall. Directing, cinematography, writing, acting; just such a well done film. I genuinely hope this movie gets nominated for a few Oscars, because god damn. I mean, no spoilers here, the scene with JoJo’s father? Incredible. Every time you see Taika’s Hitler? So well done. The officers inspecting the house? God damn. So fucking good. With the movie over, however, it was rime for me to finally make my way home. Now I would’ve have gone the same route that I did to get here, but apparently the 4 was not going to Grand Central past 9:45, and with the time already being 9:42, I wasn’t risking it.I headed out of the AMC, planning on just catching the express A to Fulton, and just catching the 4 from there. Pretty easy plan, and it should’ve worked. Unfortunately, the next A wasn’t arriving for 14 minutes, so I hopped on the E, hoping to save some time. Of course, the A,C,E lines going downtown were pretty fucking delayed, and we ended up sitting in the E at 22nd St. for a solid 10 minutes before we started moving again. By the time we made it to Canal St., the A had actually just arrived. Seizing this surprising opportunity, I switched trains- since the E only went to the World Trade Center- and took the A two stops to Fulton. Once there, I swapped trains and I was on my way home at last. Since the train ride was gonna be a good 25 minutes, I got another episode of The End of the Fucking World playing and we were good to go.

As I arrived at my stop, I made my way home, finally making it into my apartment and started sorting out some boxes; we had a ton from… well from moving in, that we just hadn’t taken outside yet. Before long, Julian got back and we got the task done pretty quickly, following this up with buying some Chinese food for dinner. As we waited for our Sweet and Sour Chicken got arrive, we just hung out and chatted for a while. The food arrived and we enjoyed this, I mean definitely not healthy meal before Julian turned in for the night, and I’ve been spending the rest of my night watching videos on YouTube and going through dating apps. Tomorrow it’s back to work, and then next week it’s Thanksgiving! Man this month is flying by.

Until next time,


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