Things Are Starting to Get Busy Again, and the End of Another Binge-Watch (11/21/19)

It is now 4:48 in the morning, and less than an hour ago I finished binging season 3 of The Good Place. I mean of course season 4 has already begun, so I’m not… totally done binging, but for the most part I really am. I have managed to watch all 3 seasons, which I believe were 37 episodes in total, in probably 3 days. Damn I binge hard. I feel like there’s a deeper psychological reason to why I binge things so intensely, but god it is too late to think about that at the moment. Let’s jump into today, shall we?

Now today started on… god another phone call with Verizon. I mean sure I should’ve woken up sooner, so I could have more time to talk, but we know me and we know that that was not going to happen. Like, at all. Hey, got my eight hours of sleep though! Now the day started with me waking up just after 12:30, and while I did lay in bed for a good while, I finally started thinking straight and gave Verizon a call; I mean it has been officially a week now since I’ve had the guy come by and not be able to install internet here, and damn does it SUCK. I started the call right before 1PM, going through multiple departments and speaking to multiple representatives, before finally being lead to a recorded message asking if I wanted them to call me back at a later time. At this point it was already 1:30 and I needed to go and shower, so I happily agreed. I had it set for them to call me back at 3:30- when I would be on break- and that was that. Now I would say that the 30 minutes were useless, but it at least seemed like it was heading in the correct direction, so god who knows. Now I’d love to say I hopped in the shower right after the phone call ended, but of course I didn’t. Wasting time watching videos, I finally hopped in the shower just after 1:50-quickly showering, getting ready for work, and leaving just around 2:22; I had to catch the 2:33 train to Manhattan.

With that time on the train ride, I used my free time to continue binging The Good Place- GREAT show- before finally arriving and heading on over to Eataly. Side note, it was GORGEOUS out today. I clocked in at 2:55, put on my work shirt, and headed onto the floor to figure out what my side-work was for the day. Today I was in section 8, which means I was actually just on roll-up duty. Now I wasn’t able to roll as fast as normal, because my arms are still sore, but I did still manage to get just over 60 done in the 25 minutes or so; not too shabby. At 3:25, I grabbed my things and clocked out, debating eating in the break room but preferring to just go to Pret; I had a phone call at 3:30 that I needed to focus on.

The call began on my walk over to Pret, but thankfully I didn’t actually start speaking to a person until right after I had paid; side note, the girl that recognizes me at this point- kinda cute! Not trying to hit on someone just doing their job though; really fucking uncomfortable. Anyways, I spent that 25 minutes or so in Pret mostly on the phone with a woman from Verizon, who I hope to GOD has been able to help me out, and send me in the CORRECT direction. She actually made an application to get my apartment approved for Verizon Fios internet, and I should apparently hear back from them in 24-48 hours; That’s what they told me last week, but whatever. I ended up spending the rest of my time watching a video or two before needing to head on out; my break was almost up.

After a quick bathroom break, I clocked in and headed over to pre-shift; they had started a bit early, but I got the gist of what was going on, and was good to go. After Joe, who was giving the pre-shift was done, some other people talked with us about some liquors I guess we sell here? The first one I tried was a bit sweeter, I guess? But the second one just kind of tasted like alcoholic peppermints. Not the best taste, to be honest with you. Anyways, once the pre-shift was done and over with, it was time to hit the floor. Today I was in section 8, aka half of stag, and was actually next to Brian, who almost always works as a bartender. Great guy though, and we actually have a running joke where we’re father and son, because he said he was old enough to be my dad. (He’s only 15 years older than me, and I’d be very concerned if he was my dad) With only one table being transferred to me from Jess, who worked morning, my day was able to at last be started up. Also side note- there was this, I think Campari liquor fountain that we set up and that was going all night; it was glowing red and literally looked like a supervillain’s death machine; Looked incredibly villainous.

Sorry, side-tracked; as for the day itself, boy did it get busy for a while there. I mean for a good hour or two, I kept being double and triple sat over and over and over again, and it didn’t feel like things were gonna stop. I mean I felt almost overwhelmed, but instead of panicking, I worked to stay ahead of the wave and ride it out, and things actually stayed pretty calm. No real issues and everyone was pretty darn happy. I did have this one couple at the beginning, didn’t speak much English, pay in cash, but wasn’t leaving me a tip. They asked if it was okay, but even when I told them that the tip was not included, they just smiled and walked away. Big oof. Thankfully, despite the craziness, thing actually started dying down around 8PM, and stayed pretty calm for the rest of the night. It was great being able to listen to the jazz band play, too; they come every Thursday and damn are they good. As things slowed down, I started breaking down the section- putting away wine and dumping some ice- when Brian had a suggestion: wanna order pizza? You know I’m not gonna say no to that.

We ended up ordering the pizza at 9:45- a four cheese pizza with tomato sauce and sweet sausage. Honestly? A little soggy, but still pretty darn tasty! The rest of the night was spent rolling, and before I knew it we were done, my numbers were all in, and I was at last making my way home. I called Maggie, and thankfully chatted with her for a bit because the next 4 wasn’t arriving for a good 14 minutes. Once the train did arrive, I finally got on, said goodbye to mags, and watched an episode of The Good Place on my journey home. Once off the train, I gave Maggie another call and chatted with her as I stopped by the bodega, picked up a Cherry Coke and a kit-kat, and headed inside my apartment at last; saying goodnight to Maggie and hello to the rest of season 3 of The Good Place. FUCK it’s so good. The ending of the third season? Oof. So glad I started up the show though; made me feel a lot of things. It’s now 5:20, and even though I’m not working tomorrow, I genuinely want to get some sleep so I can get up at a half decent time to start my day. Goodnight everyone~

Until next time,


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