A Busy Day and Back to Another Night of Binge-Watching (11/20/19)

Today it was back to Eataly and thank god it was actually pretty busy throughout the entire shift. Not like… insanely busy, but definitely nothing like Monday; I mean god DAMN was it dead. Now today started like, well like all work days start- I woke up around 12:30, but kept falling back asleep. I did want to call Verizon, but by the time I hopped on the phone it was already 1:14. I waited on the line for seven minutes before deciding that I just didn’t have the time for that, and laid back in bed to watch some videos. Now sure I could have sat on the phone; waiting for who knows how long, just to finally get on the phone with someone who would most likely not be useful, and then I’d have to hang up anyways and shower, because I would already be running late. Of course, despite this thought process, I still ended up running late to starting my day- what a surprise! I ended up showering around 1:50, drying off, getting dressed, and heading off by 2:23- I had to catch the 2:32 and damn was I already late. As I was getting ready I did poke my head out of my room and saw Julian’s door opened. He was actually in there, taking a mental health day which one of these days maybe I’ll do… but probably not. To be fair I am incredibly lucky in the fact that I haven’t needed one yet, and hopefully won’t need one in the foreseeable future. Sorry, getting off-topic.

Since I was afraid I was going to miss this train, I ended up running part of the way there, making it actually before 2:30, stepping on the train, and sitting down to relax for a while. Now normally I sleep on the train ride to work, but I’ve been so invested in The Good Place that I ended up watching an episode for the 20 minutes I had. We ended up stopping a few times, so I actually finished the episode a stop before mine, which isn’t terrible, and just like that it was already time to get off the train and head to Eataly. God I love this new commute; I mean it’s so much faster, I leave home later, and I still end up clocking in earlier. I mean today I ended up clocking in at 2:55, putting on my work shirt and heading onto the floor to start my day at last. Today I was on lowboys, so what a surprise, those 30 minutes were spent lifting kind of heavy boxes and getting everything stocked for the shift. The main difference of today? Goddamn were my arms SORE. Like seriously, I knew those boxes yesterday were heavy and all, but HOh boy.

Despite the muscles being in slight pain, I got everything done and clocked out for my break at 2:27, peaking in the break room before heading over to Pret. Really not sure what was being served for lunch in our break room, but it did not seem all too appealing. The lady who seems to know me at this point was working the front at Pret, so once I grabbed my usual meal, she greeted me with a smile and remembered to get me a cup of water, and even gave me an extra cookie. One of the guy workers also recognized me, and said “Welcome back”. I mean it was a kind gesture, but at the same time I’m like… wow I really don’t change my eating spot. I mean once I find something that works and I enjoy, I just stick with it, you know? I think I ended up watching another episode of The Good Place, wanting to watch but knowing it was already time to head back to work.

One quick walk and a pit-stop later, and there I was, clocked in and back at Eataly, ready for the pre-shift. I ended up volunteering to sell Sergio the pasta special- easy peezy- and then we got a lesson from Emily about tomatoes, (once Sergio was done with pre-shift). After that ended, we headed onto the floor and at last the day began. As for the next few hours? Really it was a great shift. I mean it was busy so none of us were bored, but it wasn’t so hectic that we felt overwhelmed by all of our tables. I had some pretty great tables, with a few tipping my just over 20%, and frankly I just had a great time. I was in section 4-right in front of the hostess stand- so my section was pretty full all night, but I think I did a good job. I also had a conversation with one of the hostesses, who said that she was mostly going to just speak Spanish to me, so I could learn the language like she’s learning to speak English. Very kind gesture, but I am definitely not good at learning foreign languages… I’ve tried.

Work finally came to a close with my last table leaving just before 10:30; meaning I got all my numbers in and left around 10:40 or so. I actually ended up making $370 in cc tips, and about $30 in cash, which is definitely not too shabby for a Wednesday night! I called Maggie after clocking out and heading towards the train, but had to cut things short because right when I got into the subway station, the train arrived and I had to go. Once off the train-after a quick train ride where I watched another episode of The Good Place- I called mags again and headed over to my local Bodega; ordering a sandwich and buying a drink, along with two chocolate sweets. Damn do I got a sweet tooth. When I finally got home I ate my sandwich and watched some YouTube before hearing Julian come in, so I poked my head out to say hey. He was actually coming back from a date, so we chatted for a bit before he headed off to bed and I decided to lay in bed and… watch The Good Place for the rest of the night. I just finished season 2 before writing this blog, but held off on watching season 3 because the first episode is too long and damn do I need sleep. Tomorrow it’s back to work. Also having a bit of a crisis about how I won’t find love and how I haven’t done anything with my life yet, but those thoughts will have to be held until another time. For now- goodnight.

Until next time,


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