Things Sure Are Slow Right Now (11/18/19)

Man like I know yesterday was slow at Eataly, but I kind of thought that maybe, since it was raining, things might get a bit busier today. I mean whenever it rains we always seem to get slammed; Why shouldn’t today be any different? Now today started pretty simply. I woke up around 12:20, and once I finally arose, the alarm blaring next to me, I decided it was finally time to call Verizon. I mean they’ve had the weekend to actually add my apartment into their system, so why should we not be all good to go? Unfortunately, after another lengthy email I still have no good news to report. We’re still not in the system, and I just didn’t have the time today to sit around and wait to speak with an employee, only to get transferred over and over. Today the automatic voice told me that it would be an hour before I’d be able to talk to someone, so I chose to give it my number so someone would just call me back. With that hour, I mostly relaxed in my bed before finally showering and beginning to get ready for the day; I was running late of course, so I didn’t have much time to spare. When I got out of the shower, I noticed I had a few missed call from an unknown number- Verizon- and realized that I had set my phone to just send unknown numbers to voice-mail. Great. I definitely didn’t have time at this point, so I just gave up for now, packed my things, and hurried off to the train; not wanting to be late.

Thankfully the next train arrived at 2:32, and surprise surprise I made it to Fulton St. with a good few minutes to walk on over to Eataly. I did remember to grab my umbrella before I left the apartment, and thank god I did because it wasn’t the best weather outside. Now it wasn’t pouring or anything, but it definitely wasn’t nice out. Weird November weather, but last year we had a snowstorm around this time, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining too much. Clocking in at 2:56, I headed on over past Stag to put on my work shirt before hitting the floor to start my side-work for the day- lowboys again! I swear I think I’m actually starting to get some muscles from lifting all these boxes; definitely not much there, but maybe if I put in a little extra effort and went to the gym… nah that’s crazy talk. Anyways, I focused on restocking the waters, and before I knew it, the time was up and we needed to clock out. After heading off the floor, I did peak my head into the beak room, but what a surprise It was tuna fish Monday-Yeah I’m good-I headed on over to Pret without delay, ready to eat something.

Now I forgot my umbrella at Eataly, so I just put on my hood and pushed my way through the rain, getting inside the Pret, getting my usual meal, and sitting down for my 20 minutes of peace. Unfortunately that time was basically me on the phone with Verizon, just waiting for almost the entire time as I waited for someone to answer. Finally, as time past 4PM, I headed back to Eataly, finally hanging up as I headed into a stall. Man, I’m just never going to have internet am I? After clocking back in, I headed on over to pre-shift, where I was surprised to see an old face in the mix- Liz! She was one of the servers that actually left like a month into me working at Eataly. Now she’s back! We never got crazy close or anything, but she was always nice to me so it was great to see her back here again. Gina also got surprised because I raised my voice a bit when she was fucking around with one of the other servers. Didn’t mean to sound that aggressive, but she definitely wasn’t expecting it; I couldn’t help but laugh. Truly, who could ever get nervous because of me, even if I raise my voice? I’m really not a scary person. Like, at all.

Pre-shift now over, I headed on over to my section for today- section 4- and finally began my day. I took over for Jess, who had transferred me all her tables, and things were just a tad hectic for a hot second, as I settled in and got a feel for what I was dealing with. I think the coolest part, honestly of all today, was when one of her tables, this party of six older ladies, left a one dollar bill folded up into a bow-tie. They said it was for her, but with Jess now gone, I decided to hang onto it, and actually ended up wearing it for most the rest of the night. I think my favorite part was that although I did have a few people compliment it, I also had some people just like… look at it, not sure of what to say or how to react to it. Truly perfect. As for the night itself? I mean goddamn was it slow. I mean we made it through the night, but none of us really made any money. I was one of the last two to leave- Olesya being the other server, besides our bartender Tina, because she got her final table, a party of 10, at 9:50- and the numbers weren’t great. I mean I hit just below $300 and was like, “wow that’s nothing”, only to find that no other server even got CLOSE to that number. Everyone else was in the $100’s. I’m not sure if anyone else even hit $200 in cc tips. Crazy. Either way, I got my numbers in and clocked out, heading over to the train and finally making my way home.

As I walked to the train, I called up Maggie and chatted with her for awhile, glad to have someone to talk to as I waited 14 minutes for a 4 to show up. Finally on the train, I stood for the quick 25 minute train ride, before walking through the rain to get back to my apartment; thankfully I didn’t forget my umbrella this time around. I stopped by the Bodega and grabbed a turkey sandwich before heading inside my apartment, spending the rest of the night watching YouTube videos and drinking some hot tea I made. Tomorrow I’m off, but I still plan on waking up at a half decent time, so maybe I can get a Verizon person down here to give me some fucking INTERNET. Oh, also I’m going to grab a drink with my friend Liz, which should hopefully be fun.

Until next time,


*In case you were curious about the fabled dollar bow-tie

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