Shitty Tippers May Be Rough, but When You Get Free Wine.. Who Cares? (11/16/19)

Man not having internet these past few days is… not fun. I mean I don’t care all too much, since I do have unlimited data now, but writing these blogs solely on my phone is a MUCH slower process, to be honest with you. I mean I’m still going to write these, but I can’t wait to have some internet again… eventually. God that’s gonna be a pain. Alright now today was actually a pretty normal day at Eataly. I mean, Julian asked me last night if I could help him find the mattress I bought when I first moved to New York, so he could stop sleeping on an air mattress when I woke up today, but sleeping was just so damn worth it. I mean I ended up waking up around 12:15, but frankly just laying in bed and doing nothing felt like a MUCH better idea at the time than, you know… getting up and actually starting my day. After a while, as I heard Julian in our common area, I finally got myself up, put on some pants and a shirt, and stepped on out to find him trying to make some cream of corn in a can. He had a few of them that his parents gave to him, but when it says to heat up the corn, it says to also use a “can of milk”. No fucking clue what that means. He was planning on microwaving it, but after a quick conversation…. yeah that doesn’t sound like a good idea at ALL. After flushing that shit down the toilet, he just heated up some leftover pizza and we were set to go. We ended up chatting for a bit, with me showing him the mattress I got when I moved to the city again, along with the bed frame I use now, before it was already past 1:40 and I had to hop in the shower. He did mention he had a date tonight, and was planning on taking her to Eataly, which I was definitely okay with because with Restaurant-Fest, I mean it’s not too expensive of a date. Finally hopping in my shower for the first time, I came to find quite quickly that the water pressure is… not great. I mean the water worked, but it felt like I was taking a shower in a soft misting, instead of a proper shower.

Nevertheless, I finished up, got ready, said goodbye to Julian, and headed on out; hurrying off to catch the 2:28 train. When I got there the train had already arrived and was sitting there, so I rushed through the open doors and soon enough we were off. God I love the fact that it’s only a 20 minute commute to work. So fucking good. Before too long I was at Fulton St., and with time to spare I walked on over to Eataly. By the time I got up the escalators it was only 2:52, so I took the extra time to use the bathroom and wander around a bit before actually clocking in at like 2:56 and starting my day. I was on lowboys today, and so I got to it, working to stock everything before it was time to clock out alongside Michele (also on lowboys). As I was stocking everything, I chatted with Gina for a minute, who had been working morning and was talking about how hungry she was. I offered to pick herself up something on break, which she seemed excited about, but said that I should “surprise her”. As I headed off to break, I planned on just peaking into the break-room and going to Pret, but when I saw we had sausage and rice today, I decided to stick around (and save some money, which is always nice).

As the time got closer to 4, I headed out of the break room, just having eaten two helpings of food, and used the bathroom before I needed to clock in. Before I headed to do that, however, I still needed to pick Gina up something. After some quick debate, I ended up going with some mixes berries, and brought that along with me over to pre-shift. We were told it was going to be pretty busy tonight, with us being at 140 reservations, and with that in mind we finished things up and hit the floor. As I walked over to my section, I passed by Gina who was rolling and gave her the fruit, telling her to enjoy and not die. As I clocked into the system to get my day started, Gina walked over to me and told me she had a gift for me too- chocolate. God I can’t resist sweets. It was like, this snickerdoodle chocolate and goddamn was it good. She mentioned she was probably gonna call out tomorrow and go for Brunch, and when I mentioned I loved brunch she said that Astoria apparently has great brunch spots, and I told her we should go out for brunch sometime. She seemed really for it, but of course after Thanksgiving. We’ll see what happens, but that’d definitely be fun.

Gina gave me a hug and was on her way, and with that my day had finally begun. And honestly, even despite it supposedly going to be busy… it was kinda slow tonight. I mean I had quite a few tables tipping me like shit, or just not getting much food, but shit happens you know? I mean I had a table who spent over $350 and only tipped me 10%, but after venting about it to Michele, I told the host and hostess working to just give me more tables if they needed to put people somewhere. In truly just wanted to make back some of the money I lost tonight from these tables. Now the good part of the night was when a woman tried one of our restaurant-fest wines, only to find she didn’t like it and wanted something sweeter. Now I was happy to oblige, but we don’t sell these wines by the glass, so I asked my manager what to do with it… since Restaurant-Fest ends tomorrow. “Just take it home with you”. Done.

As things slowed down, I did spend part of the night rolling, but as 10PM hit I still had a few tables and remained on the floor to take care of them. I had this one table that literally stayed until like, 10:45 or later, where I have zero idea what was going on, but the guy and girl had both been crying for most of the meal. Not like, super obvious crying, but yeah; I really wanted to know what was going on. Were they breaking up? Please, SPILL. Nevertheless, I left just after 11PM, clocking out and calling Maggie as I walked to the train. After about a 25 minute train ride home, I called mags again as I headed down to the bodega by my apartment, bought a sandwich there, and headed home; collecting my amazon package right inside the building and making my way upstairs. I spent the rest of the night honestly hanging out and chatting with Julian; I helped him work through some writers block, and we even finished that bottle of wine I brought home. Fun times. It’s now 4:25 so I definitely should get some sleep, but tomorrow is a new day. Who knows what could happen!

Until next time,


**also- look at this giant thing of mayo that the bodega was selling. Why would someone EVER need this much mayo?! 😂

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