A Day Off and the Internet Saga Continues (Just Let Me Have WiFi PLEASE)(11/15/19)

So today was my day off; kind of weird, because I don’t normally have a day off on a Friday, especially since I work in a restaurant, but hey I’m not gonna question it. Now last night I had texted my friend Maddie, seeing if she wanted to grab a drink after she was done with work, but waking up and not seeing a reply, I decided not to worry about it. I ended up waking up just after noon, lying in bed for a while contemplating what to do. Now since the technician from Verizon came by yesterday, and wasn’t able to install internet because there was no BOX FROM VERIZON IN THE BASEMENT, I decided to get in touch with them, hoping to get things resolved as fast as possible. Now as I laid in bed, I noticed I had a missed call that ended up being Verizon, and immediately called them back, hoping that I could talk things out with them and get someone down ASAP. To give you a timeframe, this was at 1:17PM. Calling them back, I sit on the line, waiting for a few minutes before someone answers. After a bit of discussion about what my issue was, they sent me over to customer service to get things straightened out. After another bit of waiting, another person answered, but when I explained the situation, he said that this was not his department, and sent me over to ANOTHER person.

Now this waiting took MUCH longer than the first two, with me waiting probably 15-20 minutes. I didn’t want to run out and shower, or get food because I wanted to make sure I would be able to continue the conversation ASAP and that I wouldn’t lose the connection. Also I’m lazy as fuck. FINALLY a woman answers, and basically proceeds to tell me that she first needs to submit a request to have any apartment approved, because it’s not in their system. Now this was true last time, but the guy who helped me out ended up just using the base address of my building, instead of including the apartment number. Apparently that wasn’t good enough. I asked why the woman couldn’t have someone come by and at LEAST install the internet box into the basement, so there would be no problems moving forward, but she was not having it. “Well if the basement, first, or second floor called us to get internet, then we would”. But because my apartment “doesn’t exist” in their system, I’m shit out of luck? She said that they should get it approved by Monday and she would get in contact with me to move forward, but this means I’m gonna have to wait even LONGER to get my internet. God I’m getting impatient; I truly do not understand how Julian survived this long without internet. I mean thank god I have unlimited data now, because I would’ve gone fucking insane by this point. Or I would be getting a ton more sleep, but really… who needs that?

Fed up, I told the woman on the phone that I would talk to her on Monday and hung up. This entire experience took an hour and 18 minutes, and I was in no way closer to having internet. After lying in bed for a while longer, I decided it was finally time to get up and take a shower; you know, start the day at long last. After quickly checking downstairs to find only my shower rod had been delivered, I ended up taking a shower in our other bathroom, before drying off, getting dressed, and heading out. I needed FOOD. (Fuck I was hungry) I did text my friend Liz before I left, since I knew she had just started her new job and wanted to see if she wanted to get a drink. With no answers from her or Maddie still, I just headed over to Subway, planning on taking my food with me on the subway to run some errands.

Now at the Subway I did have a fun conversation with a woman behind me in line, basically talking about how you need a crunch in your sandwich- they didn’t have any onions, so I went with green peppers for that crunch. When I paid for my food, it was a bit more than usual-10.02 instead of 9.87 or whatever- but with me not having any coins on me, it meant I’d have to get a ton of change. Thankfully, the kind woman behind me searched through her pocket and found two pennies so I wouldn’t have to beak my five, and with that I was on my way. As I left, I thanked the woman again and implored her to enjoy the crunch in her sandwich. Stepping out of the Subway, I headed on down into the subway- confusing I know- right as the 4 arrived, and before I knew it I was on my way to Manhattan.

After a quick train ride on the 4, I transferred to the A on Fulton St., and headed on up to 59th St. to stop by the TJ Maxx, hoping they had the face serum I needed. Now they didn’t, because of course not, but they DID have the one that Maggie uses- hydrate- so I picked that up, along with some sponges for the kitchen, and heard back to the Subway. After a quick ride, I got back off at 34th St., getting a bit turned around in the station, but after a minute I found my bearings and headed over to Target. I called Mags just to have someone to talk to as I ran my errand, but damn did Target just engulf me for a minute. I mean I was only there for like, two things, and ended up buying five or six items- I mean we got dish soap, laundry detergent, a dish scrubber, some cookies, Lays chips, and a frozen meal, and with all that hitting me just over $50, I got my things and at last headed back home. I did get a reply at this point from both Maddie and Liz. Hopefully I’ll actually hang out with Liz, and maybe Maddie, during my days off next week; that’d definitely be nice.

After a brief walk from the train station, I stepped into my apartment to find Julian hadn’t come home yet. With some time on my hands, I ended up doing quite a bit of cleaning, making the living room look MUCH less like a total mess. There are still definitely a few things we need, like a couch, a rug for the living room, and a bigger TV, but damn was it starting to feel even more like home. After a while I decided to heat up the frozen meal for dinner, Julian now just coming back to the apartment after hanging out with the apartment downstairs for a bit. Honestly we spent the next few hours chatting and finishing the bottle of wine we opened two days ago, all the while the dishwasher ran. I mean I expected this thing to only take an hour, but it went for a good 2.5; like god damn, but at least we have clean dishes now! Finally, the time getting late, Julian went to bed, and I’ve spent the rest of the night whittling away the hours until it’s now 3:43 in the morning. Now I will say my shower curtain did in fact arrive later today, and with Julian letting have have some extra shower hooks he didn’t need- because for some reason the shower curtain didn’t COME with shower hooks?- I was all good to go. Tomorrow I can start taking showers in my own bathroom. Woo!!! Oh, and I also ordered a closet, which should get in by early next week! Time to finally get some sleep and prep for my busy weekend working.

Until next time,


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