A Bittersweet Farewell, But Damn Am I Excited for This Next Chapter (11/13/19)

Today was finally the day- the day I at last bid a final farewell to my room in Washington Heights, and started my new chapter here in Brooklyn. I’m actually in bed much earlier than usual- 12:26- and am writing this blog post on my phone, since unfortunately we don’t have internet today, and so there’s no way I can send this through on my computer. Now today was definitely a bit of an emotional day, to say the least. I mean I had stayed up to ungodly hours last night, chatting with Paul one last time before heading to bed at like 5:30AM, setting alarms starting at 11AM this morning. Side note, I really do hope Paul is okay; like the guy is the only one out of the three of us left at the apartment- Eric, Paul, and me- who has still not managed to find a place yet, and things are starting to get a bit dicey. I mean he has two weeks before he’s booted out of our old apartment, and I truly feel for him. I think he will be fine, but damn am I grateful to not only have a great apartment, but also have roommates that I know and trust as I move on in.

Now before I get into the day, I just want to go into a quick tangent; no matter what happened in the end when it came to my apartment in the Heights, I will forever be grateful for the memories I’ve had there, these past 15 months. When I was searching for places to live last August, scared that I was going to give in and live in a place I just… didn’t like that much, I found 12 Pinehurst Ave. It was an apartment in a beautiful location, right next to the A, and when I went inside, meeting Raf for the first time and checking out the room, I knew it would be perfect. In those eight months, I went through quite a few highs and lows, but I knew at the end of the day, no matter what was going on outside, I could still come back to my room and relax. Sure the rest of the apartment felt like someone else’s, since I was sharing the apartment with four others guys, but my room was my home. That room got me through multiple jobs, gifted opportunities like the TAP NYC showcase, finding and losing love, getting an Agent. I’ve cried, laughed, screamed, and smiled countless times throughout these months and I will be forever grateful for those memories that I will cherish for an eternity.

However, due to the date on the lease coming to a close, it was at last time to find a new place, and now here we are in Brooklyn at last- Crown Heights baby! Today started pretty early as I said, with me waking up at 11 AM and lying in bed from a good while, before getting a particular text. That text was from the moving company, basically saying that they were on their way and would probably be there around 12 or 12:15. With this in mind, I hurried to get up, getting dressed and finalizing all my packing; putting away chords for my computer, tv, and monitors, wrapping up my Ethernet cable, and even packing my sheets. After a bit of delay on the movers end, they at last arrived at 12:30 or so, and got started. So things started off a bit poorly, since they didn’t understand from my emails that they would be going down one flight of stairs to get to my apartment, so I did have to put extra for that, and the bit of extra distance to get to their truck. Honestly it was what it was, and after showing them what needed to be taken and packed, they got to it and the moving began. Honestly it went by incredibly quickly, with them moving back and forth between the truck and my apartment, as I hung in the truck just to make sure they weren’t going to get ticketed. As the two movers finished, I thanked them and headed on over to my room to do a final sweep before they would have to make their way off to my new apartment at long last. Now I thought I was good, but after the movers had stepped into their van, ready to drive away, I had noticed we hadn’t packed ANYTHING from my closet, so I sprinted outside- terrified they had already left- and managed to catch them and have one of them bring a wardrobe box to my apartment so I could actually pack up the rest of my clothes.

With everything now finally packed, I had them hand me my small grey bag that they had packed and drove off, heading towards my new Brooklyn apartment. As I peered inside my room, now looking baron and deserted, I couldn’t help but get a little emotional. Even thought I was so excited about my new apartment, I mean this was my HOME. I lived here for 15 months, and it was my first chapter in New York City; the first chapter of many. I took some pictures and a video of the apartment before saying goodbye and heading over for a quick sandwich at subway. There was this woman who recognizes me at this point who said hello, and when I mentioned I was leaving she wished me luck in my move. I think it’s funny because after I paid, the guy working, who had been paying no attention to our conversation, said “thank you, see you tomorrow”. No you won’t my dude; this is it. Lunch in hand, I headed on down to the subway, of course missing the arriving A by maybe 30 seconds- honestly the most fitting send-off I could have asked for- before the next A finally pulling up and I was at last on my way. I felt bad because it only takes like 40 minutes to drive from my old a parked to my new apartment, but it takes an hour and 15 minutes to get there by train; this, added onto the fact that I was already running late because of taking pictures and buying lunch meant that the movers may be sitting in front of my apartment for a bit before I got there.

The ride was pretty long, but enjoying my lunch and listening to Beetlejuice for the umpteenth time made things go by much quicker. Before I knew it, I was already off the A, transferring to the 4, and making my way on over to the Utica stop, before getting back off the train and calling the movers, hoping they hadn’t been there too long. Lucky for me they were actually stuck in traffic and wouldn’t be arriving for another 40 minutes, which meant that I had the time to get inside my new apartment, pick up some packages I had ordered, and get comfortable before they at last arrived. Once they were here, I headed down the four flights of stairs and greeted them, showing them back up the stairs and to the apartment, quickly telling them where I was looking to put everything before they got started. Even though in the end this whole moving situation was not cheap, the fact that I did not have to lift a finger and I had to guys move everything for me was pretty great. Like seriously I have zero idea how I would have managed to get everything into my new apartment if it wasn’t for them. I mean the guys were absolutely exhausted and ready to be gone by the end of it, but it all fit and I was, at last, all moved in to my new room.

I’ve spent most of the rest of the night unpacking and moving things, having Julian come home after two hours or so, and we chatted as I continued unpacking. It’s really great actually knowing your roommate, and not having things be kind of awkward like… every interaction. We ordered some pizza around 7:30, opening the wine I’ve kept closed for so long now, and just chatted for most of the night. Now we did hit a snag where the pizza said it was on its way, but after an hour it has STILL not shown up. Julian, starving, made his way down to the bodega to buy some burgers and fries for us, and right when he got back with the burgers, the pizza had FINALLY arrived. Seriously I called the Dominos shop multiple times, and was just left on hold for so goddamn long. But we had our food and we were at last… okay. Finally, the time reaching past midnight, we headed into our separate rooms, after I had of course taken all the giant boxes and moved them outside, decluttering our room a bit, and now here we are. Tomorrow I’m back at Eataly, but we also have the Verizon guy coming in around 10 or 12, so I definitely need to get some sleep. I’m just so grateful things went smoothly today. Be ready, because I have a feeling this next chapter’s gonna be even better then the first one~

Until next time,


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