Wait… It SNOWED Today?! (11/12/19)

Alright, so explain to me, how yesterday it was BEAUTIFUL OUT; like the perfect Fall day, and today it is FREEZING and it fucking SNOWED? Anyone who says global warming is not a thing is on crack, because what the actual fuck is this shit. Like when I got up today and asked Google how the weather was looking, she literally told me “There’s a chance of snow later today”. Not rain… fucking SNOW. AGH. God I hate winter. Like I love snow and all, but having to trudge through that shit to get to work is hell. Also I am just not fit for the cold, like look at me. I am skin and BONES. Oh also it’s 5:14AM and I literally move tomorrow, so that’s a thing. Wow I really hope tomorrow goes well and isn’t a total disaster, but knowing me… who knows. They’re also coming between 1PM and 4PM, so fingers crossed that things go smoothly. Most everything I own is now packed into three large boxes, which I worry are going to be too heavy to even carry, but that’s for me to find out when they get here tomorrow. Like they are 22x22x22 inch, which is massive.

Anyways opening tangent aside, today actually went pretty well. I mean I was expecting it to be decently slow, since it’s cold and no one wants to be outside in this weather, or go out to eat, but all in all it was just a nice day to be working. I woke up right before 1PM, choosing to relax in bed instead of, you know… be productive or something, and just laid there for a good, almost hour watching YouTube videos. Ah yes, what a productive start to the day. Finally needing to get up, I climbed out of bed, and got in the shower. I also asked Google how the weather was looking today, and was disgusted to hear the high was like 36 and it was supposed to snow. All I want is some nice, Fall weather. Like I know I complain about Fall, but Winter is 10000x worse. Anyways, I took a quick shower before getting dressed and heading on outside to catch the 2:22 A downtown. Fuck it was cold outside; I was even wearing a long sleeved shirt, which I never do, but that only did so much to help the situation. Finally on the train, I sat down and took a quick nap as the train thundered through the tunnels, eventually arriving at Chambers St. at long last. Now it was 2:52 by the time the train pulled up at the station, but I still made a bit of a dash from the entrance of the subway station to the entrance of the fourth World Trade Center building, because I was working to do anything and everything I could to stay warm.

Finally clocking in, I headed over to a side corridor just to put my work shirt on before hitting the floor to get things started for the day. As I headed over past Stag to drop my things off, one of the story tellers, Emily, was chatting with another server, David, and as I mentioned that it was supposed to snow, Emily got real excited. She said that she loves Winter enough for everyone; when I responded that I hated Winter- too cold- and they asked why… I said “Look at me. I’m skin and bones.” Seriously though, one quick gust of cold air and that shit’s going straight through to my bones. No thank you. Now David and I were on wine and ice today, which was just great until we found out the wood shelves holding the wine were being bent from all the weight from the wines. Like it’s not the most dire situation now, but if we don’t fix things the shelves will probably break in less than a month. It is not great. I did my best to move some wines around to help ease some of the pressure, and stocked all I could from what I figured we’d need, but before I knew it it was already 3:30 and I had to head on break. After taking a quick peek into the break room to see that it was Taco Tuesday, I decided to instead just make my way over to Pret for my usual lunch. As I was buying my things, I did feel bad because the poor girl working the counter didn’t have any $1 bills, and like I didn’t have any change to help her out, but soon enough another cashier gave her some 1’s and we were good to go. I know that feeling, not having the correct bills, and it definitely can get you stressin’.

After enjoying my 20 minutes of peace, thankfully having found a seat, despite a packed seating area, it was already getting to be 4PM and I had to make my way on over back to Eataly. After taking a quick pit-stop, as per usual, I clocked back in and headed on over to pre-shift to start off the day. Now frankly pre-shift did not take very long to get through. I mean we had the same pasta special and no real notes to go over, so we were in and out of the meeting in no time at all. Now I was in section 3 today, the sections looking exactly how I drew them now- really happy people stuck with that idea- and so I got to it and started my day. And honestly? As I thought, it wasn’t a busy day by any means. I mean I made… half decent money, hitting around $250 in cc tips, and almost $80 in cash, but it stayed pretty slow most of the day. Now there was this one issue, halfway through the night, where all the printers like, bugged out or something, and just didn’t print tickets for a good 5 or 10 minutes. So as I’m waiting 10, 20 minutes for my guests to get their food… nothing. Thank god we got things figured out, but damn what a pain in my ass. Now I think my favorite part of the night was this table of two people, a man and a woman, who were in New York for business. They were a ton of fun, and they both actually knew where I was from- Calvert County. (The woman, probably the guy too, lives in Virginia) They had a really great time, with the guy telling me that I worked really hard at this job, and honestly they just made me smile; made the night all worth it. It’s fun when you’re just able to joke around with guests and make sure they have the best time possible; building that rapport with them and managing to have some fun yourself.

Now by 10PM, all the silverware had been polished, and soon enough all my tables were closed out. I actually managed to get out of there just before 10:30, but unfortunately for me, that didn’t mean I was getting home any faster. The 2 and the 3 weren’t running at Chambers St. at the moment, so I decided to catch the A uptown… well up the 59th. Unfortunately the A was running local, so I got off at Canal and walked a block or two to catch the 2; Of course, the 2 was running local, which meant it was still going to take me forever to get home. Now apparently the 3 hadn’t been running at the more downtown stops, but Maps said to transfer to the 3 at 42nd, and that would be running express, so that’s what I went to do. I got off at 42nd St. aaaand…. the 3 was not running. Luckily a 1 train was on its way in just a couple minutes, and with that I was finally on the train and headed home. The poor decisions didn’t end there though, because I wasn’t paying attention and missed my stop, which means that instead of getting off at 181st, I got off at 191st; not the worst thing in the world, but not great either. After checking to find out that the next downtown train wouldn’t arrive for another 10 minutes, I headed up the elevator and, once outside, started sprinting home. Honestly I did it partly to get home faster, but mostly because I was trying to stay warm in any capacity. Fuck it was cold out. As I got closer to my apartment, I called up Maggie and, with her opinion in mind, stopped by Taco Bell for a final meal- rest in peace my eating spots in the Heights. You will be missed. Once I got my quick dinner, I headed on home, getting inside, defrosting, and heading over to my room, where I played one game with Mags before she had to get to sleep; she was working her double tomorrow, and needed some sleep. I’ve spent the rest of the night doing laundry, finishing packing, and playing a few games of League, and honestly I think I am mostly packed. I’ve been emailing a guy from the moving company, who asked me to not make the boxes too heavy, but we’ll see how that goes. Now they’re not the heaviest things in the world, but they’re not light, either. I mean they are carrying almost all my belongings, so…. It is now 6:11AM, (I kept getting distracted while writing this blog post, watching different YouTube videos) and the movers are supposed to arrive here between 1PM and 4PM. My plan is to wake up at 11AM, deposit my cash that I’ve had stored up, and do whatever small things need to be done before I am good to go. Pray for me, because I really want this move to be as smooth as possible, and we all know how poorly and obnoxious this could go.

Until next time,


**Also another one of my coworkers commented on my No Shave November… whatever’s growing on my face, and said she was a fan. Guess only time will tell if I hate it, or I guess just how much I hate it. Only need to make it another 17 days…

***ALSO also- Apparently it snowed today around 11AM, which is crazy to me because it doesn’t even normally snow in December. What is going on

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