A Late Start to the Day, But Let the Packing Begin (11/11/19)

Today it was finally time; finally time to begin packing up my things and prepping for the move happening in two days. God I can’t believe it’s already almost here, like holy fuck. Listen I have loved this place that I have called home for over 15 months now, but at last it’s time to move forward. Honestly I am so damn excited to begin my adventures in Brooklyn, with new roommates, people that I actually know, and see whatever memories I have yet to create there. I am so grateful to be able to move there, and I am so fucking excited. Now emotions aside, I still have some things to pack. I did the majority of all the packing today, filling up two large boxes, but there are still a few odds and ends to be put together by the day of the move. Now today started quite late to be honest with you, and I’m thinking that that’s maybe because I stayed up until 6AM, honestly spending a good 30 minutes or so reading a few of my old blog posts from earlier this year. Honestly I wanted to re-read what my mindset was right before I came to Eataly, because I know it wasn’t a good one, but the fact that I’m here now says a lot. No matter how dark the present may seem, keep pushing through because there is a light, no matter how dim it may seem at the time. I’m still working through that with my ex, but that one will definitely take quite a bit more time. Sorry getting side tracked here.

I did wake up today around 12:40, but wouldn’t you know it took me a good 3+ hours before I FINALLY got up and started moving. I mean I just laid in bed doing nothing until almost 4PM, where I realized I desperately needed to get out of the house and head downtown to run my errands. The plan of action? Get off the A at 59th St., grab some food, quickly head over to TJ Maxx to see if they have any of the facial serum spray I use, and finally head on over to FedEx to buy a few boxes before heading back home to pack. With the plan set, I quickly took a shower before finally leaving the apartment around 4:48, catching the 4:51 A downtown; finally beginning my errands. Honestly I’m glad I got out of the house, because normally on days off I say I’m gonna run errands but then it gets too late and I make excuse after excuse why I shouldn’t leave and might as well stay in for the day.

After a quick nap we arrived at 59th St,. and I decided to get off and walk to get some food.  I was really in the mood for Melt Shop, which has some BOMB ass food, but as I stepped out of the subway I saw that I was right next to the TJ Maxx, so I figured my stomach could hold on JUST a few more minutes and headed on inside to try and find my facial spray. Now all I’m gonna say about TJ Maxx is that I have zero idea how they manage to change like, their entire selection every time I go there. Sometimes they have exactly what I need, but then the next time I go on by, it’s nowhere to be found. You know, I went in there expecting this long ass line, and was delighted to see it wasn’t crazy packed yet, but as I wandered around two isles, even asking a sales associate, I was unfortunately unable to find the spray I use- “Glow”. It’s a product by Valgean Labs that I’ve been using for awhile, and I really like it; but what are you going to do. Maybe if I go in again next week everything will have changed again and they’ll have it. Who knows. With that being checked off my to-do list, I headed on out of the TJ Maxx and walked over to 53rd, where I found the nearest Melt Shop. Once inside, I grabbed a chicken sandwich and some tater tots, sitting down to enjoy my food for a little while before I had to get back up and start moving again. I really didn’t spend too much time there, only enough to finish my food- no lollygagging- but it was definitely worth it. God their food is good.


Finishing my meal, I got up, tossed my trash, and headed out of the Melt Shop on back on up to 57th St, where I found the nearest FedEx building and headed on inside. After looking around for a minute, trying to figure out what I needed, I ended up asking an employee if he could help me out; I was of course looking to buy a few boxes so I could do some packing for my move. Now the guy working was very nice, but he recommended I just ask the moving company for boxes, since FedEx boxes are much more expensive, but I told him I wanted to get some packing done before the movers arrived, so he obliged. And I mean it does make sense, having the movers provide me with boxes, but at the end of it all, I want this move to be a seamless process; I don’t want the movers to be waiting on me for like, 45 minutes or an hour, just because I’m taking forever to pack everything. Even if I’m spending a bit more money, I would much rather be basically completely ready to go, and just have to pack a few final things before heading out; definitely much less stress for future me. Now I will say- FedEx boxes are damn expensive. With three large boxes, a roll of tape, and a small thing of bubble wrap, I ended up spending $33 on the whole affair. Kind of crazy, but since I was in a pinch I had no time to deliberate. Thanking the employee for his help, I started my perilous journey back to my apartment; not really for fear of ripping the cardboard or anything, but mostly because these boxes were unfolded, of course, which made it super awkward carrying them back home. Luckily the bubble wrap and tape JUST fit in my bag, so all I needed to worry about was the large pieces of cardboard in my hands. Luckily I made it to the subway without really any issue, and once the A arrived, there was just enough room for me to get in with my cardboard. Thank god, I was really worried the trains would be too packed and I’d have to wait for another, emptier train to show up before I could go home.

Cardboard in hand, I stood on the train as the A barreled uptown, and before I knew it I was already at 175th. Getting off I headed on home, getting the boxes inside and beginning the process of getting all my belongings packed. Now I will say- it was definitely quite productive. I got most everything packed, besides my clothes really, and it all fit nicely in two of the three boxes. My plan is to use the third box for shoes and a few other odds and ends, but other than that the movers should be handling everything else. I’ve just asked them to take care of packing my TV, monitors, and my computer tower, because they are quite expensive and I want to be as careful as possible when it comes to transporting them. I will say, as I was packing I did get a bit… emotional for a bit, mostly because I was packing the letters my ex sent to me, along with the picture she gave me of us for Valentine’s Day. I even read the final letter she wrote to me and even now, months later, it still stings a bit. I would love to write her back and talk about what’s been going on these past few months, but that’s not fair to her. From the letter, all these months ago, she was dealing with a lot of shit, and even she just wanted to spend the time taking care of herself. I really hope, these few months later, that things have improved for her; I really do. I know that we will probably never talk again, but she’s always going to hold a special place in my heart, and I will always wish her all the happiness the world has to offer; She deserves to succeed and be truly happy, no matter what. I ended up listening to Lil Dicky’s song, “Molly”, and that definitely messed me up.

After a good two hours, I finally finished most everything that I wanted to get done, recycling and throwing away a ton of old boxes and some clothes in my closet. Now yesterday Andrew had asked if I could stop by his apartment and pick up a trash bag with his sheets, along with his speaker, since he was heading off today for tour. I messaged him around 9:30, asking if I could come on by, and after getting approval from his roommates, I headed on out and started walking over to his place, really for the last time. Honestly it’s such a nice walk, and I am definitely going to miss the Heights, but I’m even more excited to be living in Crown Heights. As I arrived at his apartment, there was a tenant just heading on inside, so I managed to get in no problem, and walked up to the 5th floor before knocking on the door of the apartment; I heard some noises from inside, so I assumed someone was inside, but after knocking three times, no one was coming. I messaged him, asking to make sure there was actually someone there that knew I was coming by, but before getting an answer from him, I decided to knock one more time and one of the roommates finally answered. I thanked him for letting me in, quickly heading over to Andrew’s room, grabbing his stuff, and heading on out. Simple and easy- just a trash bag of sheets, an umbrella, and his speaker. Now the trash bag was awkward to be carrying, but thankfully it wasn’t heavy, so I lifted it all up, thanked the roommate again, and headed on back to my apartment. As I walked on home, I gave Maggie a call, chatting with her for the trip back to my apartment, where I dropped the trash bag off and headed on over to Subway for some much needed dinner.

As I got to the Subway, the guy working recognized me, and we bumped fists before I told him my order. Again, I’m gonna miss the Heights, especially the little bits of rapport I’ve built with the people I see on a daily basis; basically the workers at the Rite-Aid and the Subway. Finally home, I hopped on League and played with Maggie for a game before she headed off to bed, and I played a few by myself. At 3AM I ended up playing one game with Eddie before calling it a night, finishing the night off with a video or two before writing this blog! Honestly it’s time to call it a night, since I have to be at work tomorrow, but I’m glad that I got done most everything I needed to do today. All that’s left is to do some laundry tomorrow, and pack a few final items, before the big move! Ahhh I’m excited.

Until next time,



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