When People You Work With Almost Feels Like Family (11/10/19)

Honestly I’m feeling pretty grateful for today; like it was, in all intents and purposes, a normal day at Eataly. But with it being slow, just being able to hang out with some of the servers felt… really nice. I mean through the few jobs I’ve worked over the years, mostly in restaurants because of course, there have only been two that have felt like almost a second home in a way. And not in the way that… I would work there all the time, or that I like everyone who works there, but just that I feel content and happy when I’m there; when I got there I feel like I can be myself and be open. Those two places have been Emma’s Torch and Eataly. Now there are always going to be issues in the workplace; in the end, Emma’s Torch stopped feeling like a home because of my manager Sara, and whenever she was working it felt almost like I was always on trial, with her watching my every move just to comment when I made a mistake. After I left and went to Dialogue Direct, I didn’t really ever feel like I belonged. I group that I went out with every day was very “man’s men”, play fighting all the time and making crude jokes. Honestly that’s just not how I roll. I tried to get into it, but honestly I was beyond grateful to get out of there. Besides me not totally gelling with my group, having my job completely sway in the hands of New Yorkers deciding whether or not they would save a child was fucking stressful. Like when I did get someone to sign up, of course it felt great, but those times were few and far between. I mean if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know about my time at Dialogue because I talked about it a little bit; it’s not great. Now that I’m in Eataly, where I’m doing something that I think I’m genuinely pretty good at, I’m happier in a sense. Of course I’m not doing what I want with my life- I mean I’m not acting, but I have a stable job and am not stressing every waking moment about whether or not I’m going to pay rent this month. God those times, literally like six or seven months ago, were completely terrifying. Now there are always going to be things wrong where I work, and there will be people I don’t exactly like, but at the end of it all, I’m happy to be working there, and I’m grateful for the down to Earth people I work with. This job is too stressful for there to be a ton of petty shit. Just get along or shut up and do your job. Or both!

My tangent out of the way, today was a nice and normal Sunday. I woke up at 1PM, choosing to sleep in and relax instead of getting up to play a game of League, and finally hopped in the shower right after 1:40, quickly washing up and working to be ready to go on time. Now just like yesterday, I assumed that not only would the train after 2:16 be arriving at 2:26 at the earlier, but also I had to keep in mind that the A was running local until 125th, so catching the 2:16 was a MUST. After sprinting out of the house at 2:12, I made it into the train station right at 2:14, only to see that the A was running late. You know, that’s fine, at least I made it right? Then the train proceeded to be 4-5 minutes late, with us leaving the station around 2:20 or 2:21; not fantastic, but at least I wouldn’t be as late as I was yesterday. Maggie had some new songs added onto her playlist, so I got those playing and fell asleep, falling into a dream world as the train moved from station to station. By the time I was fully awake again, we were arriving at Canal St., so I grabbed my things and once we hit Chambers, it was time to run. I mean I had maybe five minutes- under- to make it on time, so I did not have a moment to spare. I sprinted out of the train station, hurrying up the stairs and moving outside and back inside the fourth World Trade Center building; going up the escalators and clocking in RIGHT at 3PM. Talk about a buzzer beater there. Nevertheless, I made it.

I headed over to a side hallway, quickly put on my work shirt, and hit the floor, getting on with my starting side-work of the day- lowboys. I was working with Olesya on it today, so we got to it, with me mostly carrying waters around to each of the stations to get them all stocked up. I have to say once more- goddamn those boxes are fucking sharp. I almost sliced my arm because of them, and just yesterday I cut my thumb on one of the boxes. Honestly they’re so sharp I could almost use them to shave. Before I knew it, it was already 3:30 and I had to clock out; finishing up moving the boxes to recycling in the back before heading on break. I made my way over to Pret, after seeing that the only thing for lunch was hot dogs in the breakroom, and ended up getting my usual meal and chilling for the 20 minutes or so I had before I needed to head back to Eataly. Honestly I feel like most of the Pret employees know me by this point, since I literally come in a good 4 days a week, but what can I say? I like what I like, and when I have a routine I end up sticking to it; even if it means staying up until ungodly hours to write a blog post. (It’s already 5:01) Just after 4PM, I got up, threw my trash away, and headed on back to Eataly, making my usual pit-stop before clocking back in and heading over to pre-shift. Sergio was running the pre-shift today, and thank god we didn’t have the beef tartar antipasti special, because I truly don’t think my stomach could handle looking at it after yesterday. After a quick chat we hit the floor and my day began.

As expected, I mean sure it was busy for a bit, but at the end of the day it’s Sunday and things are never truly crazy. I mean nobody got home, which means I hit overtime this week (whoop whoop!) but yeah, it was just a nice shift. Gina was working a swing shift today, so I spent a decent amount of my time, when I wasn’t, you know working and talking to my tables, chatting with her and a few of the other servers. It does kinda bum me out that we don’t work together much anymore. We’ve become lunch buddies, ever since that first day she worked and I chatted with her after we came out of Pret, and the rest is history I guess. Now Gina did get cut right around 8 or so, but instead of leaving, she actually decided to sit at the bar and drink some wine for a while. Unsurprisingly she got the Primitivo, because it’s fucking delicious, and also ended up ordering a Grande Piatto. Honestly even when you leave Eataly, you don’t truly leave Eataly; I mean that girl ended up staying until WE all went home around 10:30, which is saying something. I mean that hour or two was mostly spent with me over there, chatting with her, Tina, and Olesya, and us having a good time. It felt really nice honestly, and I couldn’t help but smile. Also I mentioned that I was planning on shaving, and Gina said I should just let… whatever’s going on with my face, grow until the end of no shave November, and then we deliberate once more. She didn’t seem to hate this miniscule facial hair I have, and was also surprised because I seem to only grow facial hair right around my mouth; seriously, I don’t get a neck beard, thank god, and it never gets too crazy around my chin. Just a little goatee. What? I really don’t grow facial hair. I guess I’ll try and stick it out; why not, right? I mean if I truly hate it, I can always shave, but I’ve only got three more weeks to go.

As we finally closed things out around 10:30, I jotted down my numbers and headed on out, walking with Gina who was finally leaving as well. You know, my cc tips weren’t great- around $250 or so- but that’s probably because I made a good $130 in cash tips, so… that’d do it. Gina and I chatted for a bit, and ended up talking about work for a good while before we finally hugged and headed our separate ways; I did end up missing the final express A, but frankly it was worth it, being able to chat with a friend for a little while before going home. She also had some food she didn’t eat and was planning on throwing away, which of course became my dinner for the night. I finally caught the A at 11:06, and so began the long commute back home. 45 minutes and a great nap later, and I was at 175th; I got out and headed to Rite-Aid just to grab some chocolate, before heading home and chatting with Mags for a little bit before she had to go to sleep; unlike me she had to work tomorrow. I’ve spent the rest of tonight playing some League games and watching the season 4 premiere of Rick and Morty. I’m so glad it’s back; such a good fucking show. Tomorrow I’m off, but I desperately need to run some errands- aka I need to buy boxes from FedEx and FINALLY get packing for Wednesday. Holy shit I move in three days. Also I talked to Sergio about going to Emma’s Torch to grab Brunch one of these days, so we’ll see if that happens. Would be a fun time.

Until next time,


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