A Busy Saturday with an Unforeseen Obstacle; (If I Die, Blame the Beef)(11/9/19)

Today was definitely a busy day over at ol’ Eataly; well it was busy, but despite me making solid money, I didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed by any of my guests, which was definitely a breath of fresh air from weeks past, where I ended the night exhausted and ready to be home. Like last night! I did however, feel a sneaking need to vomit for a good two hours, but I’ll explain that in due time. Now today started like any work day does- I woke up at 1PM, laid in bed, took a shower, and headed to work. Now unlike the past few days, where I play a game of League before getting ready for work, I had gone to bed a bit later last night, and felt the need to just relax for the extra 45 minutes or so, instead of getting up and doing… pretty much anything, honestly. It felt nice, just laying in bed watching videos, but before I knew it it was already 1:40, and I was in desperate need of a shower. I was running a bit late, as I seem to always be, when I just lay in bed instead of get up and play a game of League, and after finishing up getting ready and heading out, I only managed to catch the 2:26. Now normally this would be fine; if the train was running normally, I would still manage to get to Chambers St. by 2:54, and with a quick jog I’d be at Eataly right on time. However, as the train arrived and I got on… that was not the case. Today, even with all the construction going on with the A until the 22nd, they decided that THIS weekend, the C was just… not gonna run I guess? So the A was of COURSE running local to 125th. This already added on a good six minutes to my commute, meaning that I would be arriving at Chambers St. right at 3PM; I’d arrive late, but still not bad.

Then the delays happened; and not the “oh we’re just gonna hold here for a minute to let a train go by” oh no. First at 168th, the doors opened and closed a good, I dunno, six times before they finally closed and we could keep moving. Then we would just, sit at a station for a minute or two before moving. Once we finally made it to Canal, literally one stop before mine, the train literally sat in the tunnel to get to Chambers for a good two minutes before finally moving. Now explain to me, when the only train that goes on the tracks at Chambers St, is the A and the C, and apparently the C isn’t running, so WHAT WAS STOPPING US. God I hate the MTA. Finally making it to Chambers at 3:05, I put on “War!” (great song by Zach Callison, look it up) and SPRINTED to Eataly. By the time I clocked in, it was probably 3:08 or 3:09, but I had made it; tired and out of breath, but I had arrived at last and I could finally start my day. I was on lowboys, so I got to it, doing whatever was left to be done, having one of the managers, Nicole, chat with me as I stocked the beverages. She was glad to see I had made it, and we chatted about the garbage MTA before she had to get back to it; I hate coming in late, but I am glad to have people be understanding about it. I used to be a bit worse about being late, but lately I’ve been really good, clocking in like, a minute early even. Before I knew it it was 3:30 and I had to head off for my break, so that is exactly what I did; clocking out right at 3:30 and heading off to Pret for some lunch.

Now I did stop by the break room, but after not being in the mood for the little food that was in there, I just headed on over to Pret, getting my usual lunch and sitting down to enjoy a little break before work. Before I knew it, the time had flown by and it was already 4PM, so I got up and walked back to Eataly, taking a pit-stop before clocking back in and heading over to pre-shift. Also I just want to say- What in the world happened to Autumn? Like the high for today was 45, and the low was 36; what kind of Winter bullshit is that. It’s like we immediately went from Summer to Winter, and I am not having it. I hate the cold and now it’s just being thrust upon me with no warning; no time for my body to prepare itself for the next few months. Whatever, anyways, I headed over to pre-shift, where we had the normal discussion before the two specials came out. The first, a delicious pasta with prime rib and black truffle, and the other… an antipasti special- beef tartar. Now I have never tried tartar before, so I figured I should at least taste it if I’m gonna have to sell it to my guests. Honestly? It was not half bad, and before I knew it, it was time to hit the floor and start my day. As things got started, I talked to Gina, seeing if she wanted to pick up my Wednesday shift so I could be set to move; unfortunately she was actually working that day, so that was no good. Later on in the night, I talked to Lily, who was apparently looking to work Wednesday, but that ended up being a dead-end as well. Basically what I’ve decided is that if I can’t have someone cover my shift, I’m just going to have to call out; I mean, there isn’t anything else I can do. I’ve already paid the movers, and I have the verizon guy coming by on Thursday to install the router. I scheduled everything like this, because normally nowadays I have Monday and Wednesday off, but of course this is the one week that I’m off Friday instead of Wednesday; normally that would be amazing! But NOT when I’m trying to MOVE. Also I still need to buy boxes so I can pack, so that’s something I need to think about and get done on Monday. Woo can’t wait.

Now the day itself went well; however, maybe two hours in, I started feeling… not so great. Like there was a point where I burped and felt like I was about to throw up, and for a good hour after that, I just wasn’t feeling 100%. “Blame the beef”. Exactly. I’m not sure what it was about the raw beef- besides the fact that well, it’s raw beef- but it just wasn’t sitting well with me. Honestly I kept half expecting to run off mid-talking to a table to find a bathroom and vomit. Go,d wouldn’t that have been fun. Thankfully that didn’t happen, and after a little while, drinking water constantly to stay hydrated, I finally started feeling better. And honestly thank god for that, because literally I had a table tonight, these three people in their 20’s, who were having a great time, and their bill hit $100. The two girls split the bill, and when I handed back their cards, the guy handed me some cash- their tip. Now I saw the 20 and I was like “Oh that’s nice, they tipped me 20%!” And then I unfurled the wadded up cash to find… they tipped me $60. On a $100 check. I walked back over- “Do you need change?” Nope! I was baffled. Especially after last night, having someone be kind like this to me was, it was incredible. I was over the fucking moon. Honestly I wish more people were like this, instead of just being assholes and not tipping, but this was amazing.

By the end of the night, I had a few tables left who were still eating, so I helped everyone roll the literal buckets of silverware we had, finally closing out my last two tables at like, 10:30 and 10:40. Normally I’d be annoyed, but we ended up finishing rolling all the silverware a good 10 minutes later, and I ended up getting my numbers in and clocking out at 11:05. Great. I will say, that not even counting that amazing $60 tip, I still made a solid amount of tips tonight! Like I made over $400 in cc tips, and over $100 in cash. Talk about solid. I mean the line was super long the entire night, with us still having over 70 people on the waitlist at 9PM, but I will absolutely take it. After a bit of deliberation, I ended up sprinting to the A arriving at 11:09, and with that I was on my way home. After a wonderful nap and a long train ride later, I made it to 175th, walking out into the cold night, calling Maggie, and heading over to Taco Bell for dinner before walking home at last. I ended up playing quite a few games with her, Eddie, and Devon, which was actually so much fun, before we all finished and they got off. I decided to play one more game, but after that went poorly I hopped off and have been watching some Parks and Rec compilations for a bit now; I really need to start binging that show. It’s now 4:32, so I need to get some rest, but after I get through tomorrow I’m free until Tuesday. Also! If things go properly, I’m actually gonna hit overtime for the first time since I’ve been at Eataly, which is fun. Again, maybe I won’t, but we’ll see. Definitely gonna hit 40 hours though. Damn it’s been a week.

Until next time,


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