Sometimes All The Inconsiderate People Get To You (11/8/19)

You know, today wasn’t a terrible day; I mean it was… kind of busy at work, but for a Friday it was definitely not that crazy. However what did get to me was that I just couldn’t seem to catch a break when it came to people just under-tipping me or not tipping me at all. And normally I can handle that shit, but when it happens to me over and over and over again…. it starts to chip away at the armor a bit. Now today started off on an interesting note, with me waking up right before 1PM and after relaxing for a few minutes, finally getting up to play a game of League. Now even though we won the game, it’s been a while since I’ve felt so annoyed until the end of the game; like one of the players, my support, was afk for the first eight minutes, and the enemy jungler would literally wait for me, kill me, and then dance just to try and tilt me. I mean it did work, but I didn’t run it down, and somehow my team pulled out the win. I was baffled, but definitely glad. However with the game running a bit long, I actually had less time than usual to get ready and leave for work on time. After a quick shower, I washed up, got dressed, and headed out, catching the 2:22 A downtown; ready for another day at Eataly.

I was feeling a bit tired, so I was happy when I got a seat and was able to take a quick nap on the way downtown. There was this cute dog sitting near me, so I of course had to take pictures, but I think the owner saw me doing it, because she put the dog behind her legs, bringing the pooch back out when she had assumed I was done. Whoops. Listen I love dogs- I just couldn’t help myself! Finally arriving at Chambers St., I got off the train and headed on over to Eataly, actually heading inside because it was a bit too cold to walk outside. Seriously what happened to Fall weather? We got like… what two weeks of Autumn maybe and now it’s just Winter? Not a fan at ALL. After heading up the multiple escalators, I made it to Eataly and clocked in right at 2:59. After putting on my work shirt, I headed onto the floor and, after finding out that I was in section 6 today, got started on my side-work of the day- lowboys. Now those 30 minutes stocking everything went by pretty quickly, and honestly the more I lift boxes of wine and other beverages, I wonder if I will eventually build some strength in my arms from that lifting. I mean nothing is crazy heavy, but they’re not light either, you know? Whatever I still need to go to the gym at some point, especially if I want to compete in the New York City marathon next year. That’s right folks, I’m putting it here to hold myself accountable- I am going to get fit enough to run in the marathon next year and not make a total fool of myself. Who knows- maybe I’ll even make some money, but either way I just want to do it to prove to myself that I CAN do it, you know?

Whoops went on a tangent again; anyways, with everything stocked, I clocked out and headed to Pret, getting my usual food and sitting down to relax for a little bit before I needed to get back to work. I spent those 20 minutes or so just… enjoying myself, watching some YouTube videos and zoning out the rest of the world before the time struck 4 and I had to return to Eataly. Clocking back in at 4:15, I headed on over to pre-shift, where today we actually tried a new wine. It was just being brought on, and it was $25 by the glass and $100 by the bottle. God DAMN. See, I really try not to offer the most expensive bottles, or when I do, I also offer a more… in budget wine as well, because I don’t want people to think I’m only suggesting a specific wine because of the price, instead of me actually believing in the wine. It really fills me with pride when people trust me enough and go with my suggestions, and even thank me after they enjoy the wine; I dunno, it’s just a cool feeling, you know? Anyways, with the wine now tasted, we all headed onto the floor, and I was ready to start the day. Also- they actually did change the floor plan around a bit, so now it’s closer to what I had discussed with Sergio a few days ago, which is pretty cool. Now as for the day itself? As I said… a lot of people were not too kind when it came time to tip. Like it’s one thing if I give bad service, or they’re just rude people, but that wasn’t even the case! One of my first tables just… didn’t tip on a $60 bill, and then I had multiple others tip me like 5%. Yes, thank you for the $3 on the $70 bill, that’s DEFINITELY gonna help me pay my rent this month. Sorry, I just get so frustrated, because if you went to someone and said- “So I know you’re supposed to be paid $20 an hour, but because I just don’t feel like it, I’m just going to pay you $5”. THAT’S what it feels like when someone tips you $5 on a $100 bill. Being tipped 5%, or even 10%, when you should be getting tipped 20% really makes a difference, and it fucking sucks. Like if that was done to the people who only decide to tip that 5-10%, or even the people who just don’t tip at all- “Hey so thanks for the great work; I’m just not gonna pay you for it, but thanks!” This isn’t a charity and I am not volunteering; I’m working my ass off to give you good service- they would freak the fuck out, yet we just have to smile and say “thank you”. I did have this one table who, to be fair, spoke zero english. Only Spanish. Now normally one of them can speak like… broken English? So I’m okay. But not this table. Thankfully, I still managed to get their order down and they were very kind. However, even after I noted that they should tip 20% on their bill- as discreetly as possible of course- they gave me $5 on a, probably over $100 bill. *Sigh* It’s fine.

I think my favorite tip of the night was these two fucking millenials who were one of my final tables; their bill was $54, they paid with a credit card, but when they tipped, they just left me $3 in cash. “Oh shit we still need to tip him.” Oh don’t worry, I have $3 cash on me; that should be enough! Also mind you, 20% of 54 is just under $11. So yeah… fucking disrespectful. Just ready to be home already, I put away all the wines in my section, closed out my final tables, and helped roll all the silverware we had. Luckily, unlike last night where we got out after 11PM, after everything was done and all our numbers were in, I got out of work just after 10:50. Now as I got to the 2/3 subway station, I noticed another sign from the MTA- the 2/3 line will not be stopping at this station after 11:30PM Friday through Sunday, and after 9:30PM Monday through Friday, going until the 18th. So basically, fuck you you can’t use the A to get home, but you also can’t use the 2/3 to get home any faster. We want you to suffer as you try and make your commute home after a long day of work. God I fucking hate the MTA. Luckily I’m off Monday, as it stands now at least, and I’m moving on Wednesday, which means I’ll only need to deal with that shit on Tuesday, but I’m still not happy about that shit at all. Anyways, I was finally on my way home, and after a transfer from the 3 to the 1 and a nice nap uptown, I was at 181st St. Getting off, I headed on home, stopping by Rite-Aid to pick up some dinner and cookies to feed my addiction, and at last I was home. I heated up my food, played a few games of League with Mags as I ate, and then played a few more solo before calling it a night. It’s already 4:33, so I desperately need to start getting ready for bed. Two more days and then I’m off again, and will desperately need to start packing for Wednesday.

Until next time,


**Side note- Remy is still alive, and I still haven’t managed to catch him taking the food I’ve left out for him. Glad to know he’s still kicking though, my sneaky little roommate


Still got a pic of that dog though. Worth it

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