Finally a Day Off; Feels Good to Relax (11/6/19)

You know, today was my only day off this week. I did have some plans, at the beginning of the day, but going to bed as late as I did yesterday… let’s just say I wasn’t able to get done everything I wanted to. Which is to say, not a bad thing! So my original plan coming into today was to deliver my old phone to FedEx, which I still haven’t done- whoops- and buy some more of a spray for my daily skin routine; listen my skin may not be immaculate, but it would definitely be a hell of a lot worse if I wasn’t taking care of it like I am nowadays. I’m also deciding to see how long I can go without shaving and… you know, “nuttin” for the month of November. I always shave whatever peach fuzz grows on my face, because gross? But for now, I figured I’ll just leave it be and shave when I just look in the mirror and hate everything about it. Aka probably next week when I move into my new apartment. God I can’t believe I move in next week- I definitely need to start packing everything up ASAP before the day comes and I’m not ready to get on outta here. Seriously though, my new commute from train station to train station is under 30 minutes, even after the 4 runs local, and I can’t WAIT. Sorry I’m running on tangents, let’s talk about what DID happen today.

So today my body woke me up at 1:30, after a late night of reading some of my first blog posts, and doing everything I could to not read some about my ex. It’s rough how late nights will get you down dark roads like that, but I guess that is when we’re the most vulnerable emotionally; double edged sword and what have you. Seriously though, it’s weird to think that it’s already been 15 months since I moved to New York, and all the stories I’ve lived in this short span of time. I am so fucking glad I was pushed to move here, because I can’t imagine what I’d be doing if I was living back in Maryland. Probably just wishing I was in New York, trying to plan the next time I could visit my friends living here, just to get a taste of the city life again. Deep thoughts of what could have been, if not for the amazing people in my life; Sorry, fell down the rabbit hole again. Once I finally woke up, I ended up lying in bed until well around 3PM, where I finally ordered a sandwich from Pick&Eat, and got up to shower as I waited for my food to be ready. I got an email saying that it would be ready around 3:32, so I took that time to shower and get ready… aka I watched a video or two, realized I still hadn’t showered, finally cleaned myself up, and headed off to get my food at 3:43. After picking up my food, I headed back to my apartment to eat and play a few games of League, before I had to head on downtown.

Why was I going downtown you might ask? Was it to actually run my errands? Of course not! I was actually meeting up with Andrew and Julian at a bar called “Mulligan’s Pub” on 39th and Madison at 6:30, since they were both getting off of work and needed to exchange keys for the apartment; basically Julian got two apartment keys, while Andrew got two keys for the building by accident. Now instead of leaving at a normal, intelligent time, I played a few games of League and watched a few videos before finally leaving just after 6. I was actually planning on playing more League games then I did, but then the server crashed and I wasn’t able to log back on; probably a good thing I think. Finally getting to the station, the next A was luckily arriving in two minutes, thank god, when I realized the poster up talking about the A track maintenance going on. I don’t know why, but I thought the maintenance, aka the A not running past 59th St. after 9:30 PM, was only running for this next week, but surprise surprise! It’s going until the 22ND. WHAT. God that’s ridiculous. But, BUT, I’m moving in literally a week so who CARES. God I need to start packing. Anyways, the train arrived and I was on my way downtown, headphones in, jamming out to some music. Thank god I had my headphones in because when I got on, I saw one guy staring out the window of the train car, constantly banging his hands against the glass, probably saying something over and over, and then when I sat down, there was another man like… loudly drumming on himself? Pretty sure he was definitely on shrooms or something, from his expression as he drummed. You see some weird shit in New York man. Despite these two dudes, I still zoned out, closing my eyes and sleeping for a few minutes, before arriving at 42nd St. Getting off the train, I walked the few avenues it was to get to Mulligan’s, and before I knew it I was there and inside. I quickly found Andrew and Julian, and after getting the okay from the waitress, I pulled up a chair and sat down. We chatted about Julian’s new job, some things we need for the apartment, and a few other things around a few drinks- aka we all got two drinks. Andrew and I stuck with two rum and cokes, while Julian went with a beer, followed by a rum and coke. Honestly I really don’t drink much, but it feels good to just socially drink with some friends. After we paid our tab, which came out to $38, I left our server a $10 as a tip, because I really appreciate it when people do that for me, and the three of us headed on out. Now we discussed getting food, along with Julian saying there should be a sitcom about me and Remy, who is still chilling somewhere in my room, but we ended up going over to the Lego store. Now I don’t really do much in the way of Legos anymore, but Julian is a fanatic when it comes to it, and since he had just moved into our new place, he wanted to buy himself something. After some debate from the three of us, Andrew and I weighing in our opinions, he went with the Stranger Things Lego set, which definitely looked really cool. With his new build purchased, we all made our way out of the store and parted ways… Julian to our new place, while Andrew and I headed on back to our current places.

Andrew and I headed on over to the nearest 1 station, and before we knew it we were on the train and making our way home. I passed out pretty quickly, taking a solid nap as we neared my stop. Once we got to 181st, I said goodbye to Andrew and headed on home, making a quick stop at Subway to grab some dinner before heading on home to end my night. As for the rest of tonight? Well I’ve mostly been playing League, sprinkling in a few episodes of Parks and Recreation along the way. After playing two games by myself, I played two games with Mags before she got off and I was back to playing more ranked on my own; I’m really trying to climb as high as I can before the season ends. I will say… the final ranked game I played tonight was fucking insane. Like, we were down gold for most of the game, and we only won thanks to my support and I… and I guess the jungle as well. Our solo laners were just running it down for the former half of the game, but we still won- thank god. Like my hands were shaking just a bit at the end, from all the pressure. Also I played a game of URF and had some of the most fun I’ve had in a bit, playing just an incredibly broken champion. Now it’s 3:51, later than I normally go to bed, and tomorrow it’s back to it- business as usual through Sunday. Then Monday comes along and it’s time to pack and then Wednesday? I move! AHHH I can’t wait.

Until next time,


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