Finalizing a Moving Date and Trying to Make Friends with My Unexpected Roommate (11/5/19)

So listen, it is now 4:14 in the morning, and I have placed a little piece of cookie down for Remy. Now I know what you’re thinking- “That is a fucking rodent, do not feed it. Kill it.” But here’s my thing… I move out in just over a week, okay? Last night before I went to bed, I settled on a company and set up everything so I will be good to go to move next Wednesday. That means, officially, once next Wednesday rolls around, I will officially be living in Brooklyn. Wooo! Now as excited as I am, I still do have to live in this apartment for the next eight days, which means- I do NOT want a dead mouse in here, stinking up my room! Seriously, that would be gross. Also at this point I’m more impressed than anything else, with how elusive Remy’s been. Like I see this mouse dart around my room, and I actually scared the shit out of it twice; like it leapt up a good foot or two in the air. Honestly at this point, does it really think I’d do anything to it? This mouse has been living in my room for god knows how long now, so like if I wanted it dead, there would be a lot more effort put into finding it and killing it, yet here we are. Also update, I placed the piece of cookie down a bit ago, and the cookie has vanished. That little guy darted in and out of sight as I was looking up a few things to buy on Amazon for the apartment. Man I really shouldn’t be feeding this thing; it’s such a bad idea. But fuck it. Alright, as for today,it really was just a normal Tuesday at Eataly. I woke up just before 1PM, getting myself up and playing a game of League before heading on over to take a shower. Now even though I lost this game today,  I’m really not too stressed about it; I’ve found that I just enjoy playing League before work, you know? Now after showering, I was running a bit behind schedule, so I got to it cleaning myself up, getting dressed, and hurrying out of my apartment. I worried that I would miss the 2:22, since the train seems to like arriving early every day, but after sprinting out of my apartment and heading on over to the train, I made it to the platform a minute early, catching the train right at 2:21- a minute early as expected- and making my way to work. As I rode down the dark tunnels, listening to my new Discover Weekly, I let my eyes close and my mind drift off to distant lands, before I would need to focus on my job for the rest of the day. Finally arriving at Chambers St., I got up from the train, still a bit groggy from my nap, and headed off the Eataly to get my day started; Thankfully the train actually didn’t run into any issues on the journey downtown, so I managed to get there by 2:50. Walking up the escalator, taking off my jacket and quickly putting on my work shirt as I climbed the moving stairs, I found my way to Eataly and clocked in at 2:57.

Heading onto the floor, I was told by Sergio that I was section 6, which meant that I was on lowboys today; Honestly it was a nice little reprieve after dealing with wine and ice the past two days. Like seriously, we’ve gotten SO many new wines, it’s really hard to keep them all stocked. After a quick 30 minutes making sure we were all topped off for the evening shift, I clocked out and headed off to Pret for lunch. You know, one of these days I’ll just order food at Eataly and spend much less money, but today is not that day. I got my usual meal, getting the same yogurt cup I got yesterday- it had like, cranberries and apples and pecans or something? I dunno, but damn did it taste good- some mac ‘n’ cheese, and of course, a chocolate chip cookie. Oh and a cup of water, because we gotta stay hydrated. Pret’s also started using this tiny cups for water instead of the normal sized cups, which I guess I do get, but it’s still annoying. I just want to stay hydrated man. After a speedy 20 minutes or so, I had to head on back to work, so I tossed my trash and made my way on back to Eataly. Once all clocked in, I headed to pre-shift to go over day. Now one of the new managers, Joe, was working pre-shift today, and it was fun having him keep it light hearted and joke-y; kept me smiling before work had to begin. Now after things ended and we got on the floor, it was business as usual and I got to it. Frankly, today went quite well; I mean I made pretty decent money, and I never felt stressed. I did talk to Joe after the pre-shift, after discussing it with the servers in sections 1-4, about what we did yesterday for those sections, as to make sure that section 1 doesn’t just…. die from the sheer amount of tables it has. Now all my tables were pretty kind, and generally, for once, tipped nicely.

Unfortunately I did get sat with one of the final tables of the night, which was a five top that said they already knew what they wanted. Thankfully they were actually being truthful, but since one of them ordered a Cacio e Pepe, it was still gonna take a bit to get them out at a decent time. (Cacio e Pepe takes a good 20 minutes to make) Them, and another table of three people, kept me a bit longer than I would’ve preferred, but it’s fine. That three top ordered a second bottle of wine at like… 10:05, but since I didn’t want to stay the whole night, I dropped the check off right as I dropped off their wine. Now that was fine, right? Like they were happy and it wasn’t too late, so I didn’t mind doing it. However, when my five top paid at 10:22, and then asked if they could get another bottle? Yeah I wasn’t having that at all. I told them that we couldn’t serve any more wine, but luckily our bar area at the front of the store was open, so they just headed over there to drink instead. Finally adding up my money for the night, I hit just above $300 in cc tips, and just around $90 in cash, so it definitely was a pretty decent night. Thanks to those two tables, I did finally make it out of work around 10:50, but I didn’t really care because my commute was already going to be longer than usual, thanks to the A not working. Like yesterday, I caught the 2, actually I think I caught the 3 today but that doesn’t really matter, and took that all the way to 96th, before getting off and catching the 1 back up to 181st. A bit of a roundabout way, but it saves me some time in the end, so it’s worth it. Oh! I forgot to mention- Another one of the servers had a 20 top table with a prefix menu, which means that there was of course food left over. Aka, I got dinner tonight! I made sure to box some pasta up and bag it before I left, so thankfully I didn’t have to buy too much once I got home.

Finally off the train, I called Maggie and chatted with her as I made my way to Rite-Aid to pick up some cookies, and then make my way on home, heating up my pasta and heading into my room to eat. She wasn’t able to play tonight, because it was so late, so I just spent most of tonight grinding a few ranked games to try and climb before the season ends on the 19th. Tomorrow I am finally off, and who knows what I’m gonna do. I still have Remy running around somewhere, and he or she has now eaten both little snacks I left for them; still have zero idea where they are hiding though, the sneaky lil bugger. Enjoy the food Remy, just… don’t die on me, and don’t bring any friends over, okay?

Until next time,


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