An Extra Day Working Means an Extra Day Making Money (11/4/19)

Today is usually one of my two days off for the week; usually I would just stay at home, laying in bed for way too long, play some League, buy some food, and end the day feeling as though I truly had accomplished nothing special. However, that was not today. Today I was covering Chernin’s shift, so I was working the entire day. It’s weird, because months ago, when I was working at Dialogue and truly wanted to die, I would NEVER come to work on a day that I’m supposed to have off. Absolutely fucking not. But also to be fair, at that point I also had a girlfriend that I spent almost all of my free time with. Which, to be fair… was great and I loved it. I mean that was one of the turning points in our relationship, which led to its eventual demise, but that’s not really what I’m here to talk about, is it. I’m working to move on, not fall back into the same old routines of the past; moping about lost loves or some other bullshit. Today I woke up at 12:45, and for the first day in a very long time, I actually got myself up and played a game of League before work. It felt good, finally getting back into it and winning a game to start the day, and as the game ended, I had plenty of time to take a shower and get ready for work. However, me having all that time to myself did devolve into me watching a video or two after I had showered, and at the end of it all, I was still running late to work. After finally getting dressed and ready, I headed out and caught the 2:21 A downtown, and was on my way to work. Before the train arrived, I also read a poster in the subway, confirming my worries that the A was indeed not running past 59th St. after 9:30 for the next five days, due to “construction”. Does that seem like a smart move on the MTA’s part? Of course not, but here we are. Anyways, once on the train, I found a seat and closed my eyes, trying to take a quick nap before I arrived at my stop. I did keep my eyes closed for the majority of the train ride, zoning out to my music, but to be honest with you, I really didn’t manage to fall asleep; guess that meant I actually got a decent amount of sleep last night! Crazy.

Now once I got to Chambers St., even despite running a bit late, I still had a good seven minutes or so to get to work. This meant that for once; I wasn’t sprinting to the finish line! After a nice walk through the chilly November New York I was back inside, finding my way up the escalator and to Eataly; when am I not here, honestly? Clocking in right at 3, I headed over to La Pizza La Pasta, checking the floor plan and getting started on my side-work. I was in section 3 today, which meant I was back on wine and ice duty. Now like yesterday, I did my best, trying to put wines where I thought they were supposed to go, but frankly we have brought in so many new wines at once, that I am still a bit unsure of what to stock. It’s a pain in the ass. One of the other people on wine today, Lily, had the same issue, so she just moved to dealing with the ice. Smart move, to be honest with you. 30 minutes of me wandering around, trying to re-stock wine later, and it was time for break. I clocked out and headed on over to Pret, which I desperately should break away from at… some point, but that day is not today; alright basically I worry that since I eat there almost every day, I’m gonna get real sick of their food, and then I’ll be fucked. I really need to vary it all up sometimes, instead of getting the same two things every day. Now at Pret, I got my usual meal, though I did go with their new Fall mac ‘n’ cheese and a different yogurt cup, and sat down to just… you know, relax for a good 20 minutes. Aftering finishing up my food, I made my way back over to Eataly, and after making a quick pit-stop and clocking back in, I headed over for a usual pre-shift.

Now the pre-shift wasn’t anything major, but we did discuss a different play for all the sections; basically with a nine man roster on the floor, section 1 which I had yesterday, when busy, is dealing with WAY too many tables. After a solid plan was made, shifting some tables between sections 1, 2, and 3, we were set to go and hit the floor. Now, as for the day itself? It was honestly pretty slow today. By the end of it I managed to make under $300, along with only $4 cash, which is crazy low, but that’s still a couple hundred that I wouldn’t have made if I was just at home relaxing, so I really don’t mind it. Half of my section was being taken by the bar for our usual Monday Pizza class, so that meant even less tables for me to deal with. Basically there came a point where Tauhid, the server working section 1, got overwhelmed and I took a table for him to help keep things running smoothly, but other than that? Definitely a quiet day. I will say that even though Restaurant-Fest, as a customer, is awesome, it sucks for us. Like getting a two course meal for $18 and getting $25 bottles of wine is insane. We’re not making any money from tables, and it’s fucking us. Like today, I had a group of ladies, wonderful group, who ended up only getting two of our $25 bottles of wine, along with one of the two course meal, and one pasta. So basically four people only spent $90 on a decent amount of food and drinks; that’s insane. Again, they were nice and all, but they basically ordered nothing and still sat at my table for probably 3-4 hours. It’s frustrating, because we’re already getting fucked by people who just don’t tip properly, and now we’re bringing in even more people who don’t tip- aka tourists- and giving them less reason to tip, since everything is so cheap. But whatever, I don’t make these decisions.

As the night came to a close, with me getting my final table at 9:50, and having another table just sit around not paying the bill until 10:20, I still managed to get out of there right after 10:30. I also told one of my managers, Sergio, that I was moving to Crown Heights, and he said that he loved that borough, which gives me even more confidence that it was a great decision moving there and making that jump. After clocking out, I decided that my best course of action for getting home would be to skip the middleman that would be the A taking me to 59th, and just catch the 2 or the 3 and transfer to the 1 farther uptown; and that is exactly what I did. I rode the 2, which thankfully arrived within like a minute of me walking down to the station, all the way up to 96th St., where I got off and transferred to the 1, catching that and taking it up to 181st. Now by the time I got off the train, it was already 11:20, but I still hoped I could maybe make it to Subway before it closed. Unfortunately that was not the case, so I just went to Rite-Aid and picked up my food from there instead, (along with some deodorant; I was running a bit low). I was on the phone with Maggie for my whole journey home from the train station, and once I got home and had heated up my food, I hopped on League to play a game with her. I will say that I checked the mail to see if her letter had arrived yet, and since it hadn’t I really question if someone’s been stealing our packages. Like with the Manscaped package never arriving, and now this? Fishy fishy fishy. Either way, we played a game and then I hopped on and played some ranked before watching some YouTube videos to end out my night. It’s already just past 4AM, so I definitely should be getting on to sleep. Starting tomorrow, it’s my normal work week, so I’ll still be getting my day off on Wednesday and then we’re back in the swing of things Thursday through Sunday. And then next Wednesday? We’re gonna be moving! Hopefully. Still need to figure out who I’m gonna hire to move my shit, but I seriously can’t wait. We’re getting that done, and then internet is being installed the day after, so we won’t have to worry about that. God I can’t wait to see my new place. Also, I hope that as I’m packing things, I can at last figure out where this little mouse is hiding. Like I saw him, or her, tonight and I just can’t figure out where they vanish off to. Also it’s name is Remy. Mags said that I should name it, so here we are. Hopefully Remy doesn’t die on me, because that’ll be depressing.

Until next time,


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