A Slow Sunday with a Busy Week Ahead (11/3/19)

So yesterday one of my coworkers, Alex Chernin, asked me if I could cover her shift on Monday. I told her I would think about it, but since she wouldn’t be able to cover one of my shifts, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it; if I picked up the shift, it would mean that I would be working six days this week. Now originally Gina was supposed to pick up the shift, but with her still dying today, Chernin was once more in a pickle. Today she asked me again, if I could pick up the shift tomorrow. If you can’t tell by the title of this post, I decided to help her out and take the shift tomorrow. Boy this might be a long week.

Now today when I woke up, I don’t know why but I really thought I had lost sleep. We actually GAINED an hour thanks to Daylight Savings, so maybe my body’s just… dying? Either way, I relaxed in bed for a good while, watching a recap of this morning’s League semi-finals match before finally getting up to shower. Now I was running a bit behind, but after getting out of the shower and getting nice and cleaned up, I hurried into my room, got dressed, and left at 2:13. I hoped that the train would be running like yesterday at 2:16, so I could just make it and be on my way, but unfortunately that was not the case. Now I actually got to the train station at 2:14, but I have a feeling the A actually arrived at 2:12 or 2:13, because there were still a bunch of people waiting on the tracks when I got there; even worse was the fact that the next A wasn’t arriving until 2:23, so if yesterday was any indication, I was possibly going to be late for work. As the A finally rolled up to the station, saying that it was running “express”, my suspicions were almost immediately confirmed when the conductor said that they would be running local stops until 125th St; Just like yesterday. How is it every single goddamn weekend there is something wrong with these trains? Like, they keep hiring more and more police officers to crack down on people skipping the toll to ride the subway, but they can’t even keep their damn trains working properly? It’s baffling just how greedy these fucks are; But that’s besides the point. Unfortunately today it was quite packed on the subway, most likely because there were a good amount of people going to see the marathon, so I didn’t end up finding a seat. Now with the marathon being today, I’ve really been thinking about running it next year. I think, with a good year training, I could really get myself in the proper shape and do really well. I dunno, I think it’d be a ton of fun. I actually debated doing it this year, as sort of a spur of the moment thing, but it looks like you have to apply months in advance, so here we are. But yeah, I mean I already run to work, why not just make it a real thing? I just looked into what I’d need to do to enter, and the fee is $295, so I think I’ll wait a bit before I enter for next year’s run. Man, where will I actually be next year? What a crazy thought. Wow I am getting side tracked.

So after that long train ride to work, I arrived at Chambers St. with only 5 minutes to get to work on time, so I jogged a bit to get over to the 4th Tower. Damn the temperature sure has dropped; guess Mother Nature finally realized it was Autumn, huh? I ended up clocking in at 3:01, which is definitely not too shabby, and I headed onto the floor at last to get my day started. I was on Pasta Bar today, which meant I was on wine and ice duty, so I got to it, stocking my section with whatever was needed… well that is to say I did what I could. We’ve gotten so many new damn wines that I really am not totally sure what needs to be stocked, but I did what I could before I had to go on break. Now as I started stocking the wines, Chernin came over, asking if I had seen her message on Homebase- I had not. Basically Gina was still dying and couldn’t cover her shift tomorrow, so Alex was hoping that I could do it; she was willing to pay me $50 right now, if I wanted it. I told her I’d think about it, but as I was finishing up the wines, I walked by her and said “Obviously I’m gonna cover the shift”. I mean, something really must be going on if she needed the shift covered that badly. She was incredibly grateful, and told me that she would hand me the cash, since she had it on her. Deciding not to worry about that for now, I clocked out and made my way over to Pret for some lunch; you know, I really do love Pret, but I think I should get something new every once and awhile. I mean before I’d go to Smorgasburg, but with that being over, I don’t really have too many options. After a quick break, relaxing and watching videos as I ate my usual meal, I headed on back to Eataly, clocking in after a quick pit-stop and heading over to pre-shift. When I sat down, Chernin handed me a wad of cash, and told me to let her know if I wanted more. I really thought that was funny, because I’m not going to drain her or anything; $50 works for me; Honestly I know I’m gonna be tired at the end of this week, but I was happy to help.

As pre-shift ended, I headed over to Pasta Bar, prepped to have an awful time. I mean the last two days have been insane, and with Pasta Bar having 10 tables plush everything at the bar, I worried that my night could be insane. However…. it really wasn’t. It was weird, just how dead it was tonight. I mean I had a few tables that all spent some money, so it’s not like I didn’t make nothing, but still… weird. I mean the best guest interaction I had tonight was with these two ladies that told me they were heading over to New Jersey to go and see Michelle Obama- maybe she was doing a speech or a rally or something- but damn that’s so fucking cool. I’d love to meet that woman; I mean… what a power family the Obama’s are, damn. Like now we have a goddamn rotting orange and his… family and it’s not the same. The ladies also tipped me $20 cash on an $85 bill, so hey, we stan. As the time got closer to 8PM, things still quite dead, I actually ended up being cut, thanks to Chernin. She said that since I was taking her shift, she was going to try and make sure I would at least get cut; I expected her to get cut as well, since she was working Pizza Bar, but instead she just took over the section of one of the other servers who got cut. I stayed just for a bit, to take care of my final two tables, before getting my numbers and heading home. Also! Earlier in the shift I asked Chernin what was going on, and basically she’s in her first professional show, and the rehearsal process is a bit crazy. Like it’s 1-5PM, which means on those days she literally can’t work, because how would you? Either way, I’m more than happy to help a fellow actor out.

Finally heading out at like 8:40, I called Maggie who almost instantly answered, thinking something was wrong, and we chatted for a bit until the A arrived and I was at last able to be on my way home. After a quick train ride up to 175th, I got off and headed over to Subway to get some food before heading back home and playing a few games with Maggie. After she got off, I really tried to figure out some new show to watch, but after looking around Netflix and not really having anything peak my fancy, I decided to call it and just play a few more games of League. Also, tonight I went into my likes and passed on my ex again. I mean, I think it’s for the best. I also went through and unfriended all of her friends on Facebook, so I’ve at least cut out most of the connection we’ve had. I guess the main difference is that I Instagram account is public and hers is private, but that is besides the point. Listen, if something’s supposed to happen, and we cross into each other’s lives again, great. But this whole “pining after her” or whatever thing that’s been going on for too long now- I’m done. Maybe I’ll wish her a Happy Birthday, or maybe I’ll just wait and if I feel like it, I’ll reach out a ways down the line to see how things are doing with her. Either way, if her or her friends are reading this post, hi there. I see you, and you know, I hope things are good. Sorry to make you feel uncomfortable, I guess? I dunno, it’s just like… if you have something to say, just say it to me. I hate passive aggressive bologna. But that’s besides the point. I need sleep.

Until next time,


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