Second Day of the Big Change; Things Are Starting to Go a Bit Smoother (11/3/19)

So today definitely went smoother than yesterday; to be fair, I’m pretty sure ANYTHING would have gone better than the fucking BAND-AID incident yesterday. Now the woman said that she was going to write a Yelp review and honestly, I checked last night and tonight, JUST to see if she had posted something; Nothing yet, but oh boy if something pops up you will be the FIRST to know. But seriously though, today was not the worst day at Eataly… for me at least. Starting at the beginning, as most stories do, I actually woke up just before my alarm today, feeling rested and relaxed, and chose to just stay in my bed watching recaps of a League game before getting up and showering. It felt nice, not waking up and feeling groggy like I sort of have been the last few days. I actually managed to be running on time for once today, meaning that I finished showered, got cleaned up and dressed, and made it out of the house at 2:13. The train was supposed to arrive at 2:16, but thank god I hurried and made it there by 2:14 because right when I was heading down the stairs, the train arrived and the doors opened. Like if I was even 15 seconds later I would have 100% missed my train. Now normally that wouldn’t be the biggest issue in the world; I miss that train I catch the next one, and just feel a bit rushed once I’m off the train. But as I get on, they make an announcement saying that this train would be running local until 125th, meaning that if I had caught the next train, arriving at 2:26, I would have absolutely been late. However, that’s not the story today, is it? After standing around for a few stops, moving up to get closer to the front car, I finally managed to snag a seat, and took a really nice nap all the way downtown.

Arriving at Chambers St. at 2:50, I casually walked to Eataly, not feeling the need to run, and clocked in at 2:57, putting on my work shirt and heading onto the floor to get started with my day. Checking my section and side-work for the day, I was actually in section 8 today, which meant I was once again on rolling duty. The biggest thing I noticed about section 8 is just how small it was; unlike yesterday, I was only going to have to deal with five tables today, which is insane. I mean they were all going to be large tables, but still…. that’s not bad at all. But would I make any money was the true question. Spending the next 30 minutes rolling was a godsend to be honest with you, because it meant that I didn’t have to deal with trying to figure out where anything goes in this new insanity known as our new floor plan. Before I clocked out I got to chatting with Gina, who was back at work today, still not feeling anywhere near okay, but what are you gonna do. She, like everyone else, was beyond shocked at the band-aid story, and I left her to just… think about that shit as I headed onto break. Now I did stop by the break room, telling Olesya the story- she was less impressed at the gravitas of the story, since apparently one time she heard of someone finding a hairnet in a coffee cup… fair I guess- and I grabbed a cup of water before heading off to Pret. I got my usual meal, though I did switch to a blueberry yogurt cup-pretty solid- and headed over to the register to pay. The same girl that was working yesterday was at the cashier station again, and she very kindly gave me to cookies instead of one; it’s just the little things like that that really make me smile, you know? I thanked her and headed over to sit and eat, spending the 15 or 20 minutes watching different YouTube videos, including a Binging with Babish video. 10/10 love that man. Finally finishing one of his “Basics with Babish” videos, I made my way back to Eataly, making a pit-stop before clocking back in and heading over to pre-shift.

Unsurprisingly, there really wasn’t much to go over, and so before too long we hit the floor. I was taking over for Brooks, but since he was just finishing up his tables, I chatted with Gina for a bit longer, trying to convince her, in vain, to go to a DOCTOR. Seriously she’s been this sick for a third day now, and yet has been too stubborn to take care of herself properly. Damn she stresses me out. With all of the morning crew heading home, I got to it and my day started at last. And honestly, with so few tables the day went as you may expect- I only had large parties really, and had a decent amount of free time on my hands, after I took the orders of my guests of course. Part of that time I spent doing some rolling, since we always seem to be out of silverware somehow, but honestly a big part of my free time was actually spent helping Michele however I could. That poor man was working pizza bar tonight, and because of the new layout we have, Pizza Bar has turned into a WAR zone. I mean these past two days we’ve had just, very long lines, so people go “Okay, let me just grab a seat at the bar then”. Aka Michele was truly slammed for the entire night. Thankfully we got him back above water, after a few of us helped him however we could, but it was not a good time; I could SEE just how stressed he was, and it just looked like hell. As for my guests, nothing really was crazy today; still had a decent amount of people not really sure how to tip properly, the main culprit today being an AMERICAN family, who tipped me maybe 10% because fuck me I guess. And they got very good service too, so it definitely wasn’t that. Things finally closed out for me around 10:20, with my final tables paying and being set to go, and then I headed over to the rolling party to truly begin the night. Just like last night, there were a good 4+ buckets of silverware to roll, so we didn’t end up leaving until just around 11. I caught the 11:06 local A, *sigh*, back uptown, and honestly took a really good nap on the train ride back home, waking up just a bit before my stop, getting off at 175th and giving Maggie a call. I chatted with her for a bit as I headed over to Rite-Aid to buy some food, and then after getting home and heating it up, we finally played a few games of League. Now I did play a few games tonight by myself, ranked mostly, and I am now officially on a 10 game loss streak; it feels fucking terrible. I will say, that normally I have one person just run it down on me, but my final game I actually had two players legitimately duo run it down for the entirety of the game, actively trolling their team- aka my team. I just had to laugh from the sheer stupidity of it. It’s now 4AM- look at me going to bed at a half decent time!- and I definitely need sleep; when it gets this late, I start getting some bad ideas in my head, like looking at my ex’s friend’s Facebook, only to find they had finally unfriended me. Not sure if that was recent or happened a bit ago, but either way it prompted me to do the same with my ex’s other friends. The more and more I think about how I’ve acted to my ex, the more stalker esk and creepy it sounds, so I’m trying to stop. It’s hard to just stop caring about a person like that, but where I’m coming from seems, from an outside perspective, possessive and just not healthy. Maybe I’m overthinking things, but either way I’m working to stop it and move on. Whatever happens in December happens, but I want to work to improve myself- she broke up with me for a reason, and I want to improve and change that part of myself, because I definitely have some growing to do when it comes to relationships. There’s a reason the longest relationship I’ve had has lasted less than six months. Enough self deprecation for one night, I need sleep.

Until next time,



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