With Everything Changed, It All Crashed and Burned (11/2/19)

I am just going to say right now- holy fuck was today rough. My eye has felt strained all day, which I assume now is because my sinuses are a bit clogged, which maybe is putting pressure on my eye. I also saw the mouse friend again, but it keeps darting away so I have zero idea where it is. As for my day at Eataly, if you can’t tell from the title, things did not go too incredibly well; you know, maybe throwing three different events all in at once wasn’t the BEST idea. Also, ALSO… I had by far the worst experience and interaction with a table that has ever happened to me. And I wish, I truly wish that was an exaggeration. And it wasn’t even the guests that were the issue! Truly a horror story. But let’s set the scene, shall we?

So today started with me once again trying to get up at a half decent time, only to finally roll myself out of bed at 1:40 to shower. I mean I did wake up at like 1PM, but I definitely was more in the mood to relax than actually get up and start my day. After showering, I finished getting ready, now in a bit of a hurry because I was of course behind, and made it out of the apartment at 2:19. Thankfully the A was running on time today so I didn’t miss it, and before I knew it the train had pulled up and I was on my way downtown. During that time, I obviously took my daily nap, feeling a bit tired, even after getting a good 7.5 hours of sleep. Unfortunately there must have been a few points where the train slowed down or stopped between stations, because by the time I got to Chambers, I only had five minutes to get to Eataly to be there on time. I sprinted through the subway hallway, hurried up the stairs, and made my way to Eataly, clocking in barely on time. I mean I definitely would’ve gotten up there faster, but of course some assholes decided to take up the entire escalator. That has to be one of my huge pet peeves; like I get wanting to stand next to your loved ones, but just go single file. LET PEOPLE GET PAST YOU. Fuck it annoys me to no END. Anyway, after clocking in and changing into my work shirt, I walked onto the floor, unsure of what to expect. How side-work was a layed out was also different of course, but thankfully I was only on rolling today, so I didn’t have to worry about figuring out where everything goes. As I looked onto the floor, damn everything was so different. I did look at the floor plan for a hot second on the train, but seeing it in person was definitely different. Trying to ignore all of that, I just got to rolling, and before I knew it the 30 minutes were up and I clocked out for break.

I headed on over to Pret, getting my usual meal and using those 20 minutes or so of freedom, I just allowed myself to zone out before the bullshit of the day truly began. At 4PM I made my way back to Eataly, making a quick pit-stop before heading over to pre-shift. We didn’t really have much to go over, with the managers still pretty much as lost as we were with all the bullshit going on, but before I knew it I was on the floor. So my section was originally supposed to be pretty small, but with Gina not coming in today, still sick from yesterday, my section of course doubled in size. That’s fine, I can handle that. Now what did happen was that I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the changes, so I started off a bit slow. This didn’t help when I got slammed with table after table, and got a bit snippy with a guest, rudely asking for a check or something. Now came the time of the interaction. I wish two preface this with two statements, just to set the tone, okay? Before the guests left, they said to me “we would have immediately gotten up and left if you weren’t here. Thank you for being so kind and helpful”, or something to that extent. Basically they were thanking me for being so hospitable. Kind right? Well let me get to why they said that. But first, the second preface- Right before really dealing with them, I was already incredibly frustrated from having a six top full of 20 something year olds come into our restaurant, a sit down RESTAURANT where you get food and beverages, only order drinks, many of which being mixed drinks, get snippy with me because it took a bit to bring all of them their drinks, rudely ask for the check when I was talking to other guests, and then leave a $6 on a $115 bill. They only ordered drinks, no food, and tipped me fuck all. Literally I was fuming. Now then, the table in question were these three ladies sitting at one of our new high tops; think Apple Genius bar. Bit weird, with Halloween being over and everything, that Eataly is still dressing up as a different company, but whatever. So the three of them were not sure what to order for their entrees yet, so they just ordered a mozzarella and prosciutto to start. They called me over, the food having arrived at this point, only to say “This is disgusting. I can’t even believe this. This is so gross.” Something to that extent at least. They mentioned something about blood, and I just assumed that there was some blood on their plate; when cutting prosciutto, maybe a vein from the pig was knicked or something, so the meat was a bit bloodier, I dunno. I picked up the plate… there was a bloody band-aid on the food. There was a BLOODY BAND-AID on the FOOD. THERE WAS A BLOODY BAND-AID ON THE FUCKING FOOD. I immediately walked up to a manager, Nicole, and said “What in the actual FUCK is this”. Are you fucking kidding me. And this isn’t a band-aid that like, fell onto the edge of the plate or something. This was a band-aid sitting ON THE FOOD. One of the women told me later that it was originally laying face down, you know blood on the food, and seemingly blended in. It didn’t look right, so one of the three women picked it up with her HANDS to see what it was. Needless to say, she did not eat; didn’t have an appetite. Nicole immediately went over and talked to them, neither of us knowing what to say. They also didn’t drink, so I couldn’t even give them free wine or anything. Thankfully two of them ended up eating, with me constantly checking up on them, and the three of them saying that they would take anything I gave them. Luckily they took two Diet mole colas, which they did enjoy. After they finished, I apologized for the billionth time, and told them to enjoy their show- they were going to see Hamilton, so fuck yeah- and they said “Don’t we need to pay for this?” NO? I literally was like of course you don’t, are you kidding?? They seemed gracious enough, and even though they didn’t even leave me a tip, I just didn’t care. At least they were kind enough to me, but fucking what. I truly cannot believe that happened to me. As for the rest of the night, well they didn’t seat many people in my section, so I didn’t make much money, but the tables I did have were fine enough I guess. Not great tips overall, but it is what it is.

As the night came to a close, at 10:40 or 10:45 we literally had an 18 top WALK in come in and get a table. Just a complete and utter fuck you to us, but thankfully Will took it and managed to get them out by 10:30, but still… who the fuck goes “Yes let’s all 18 of us just not get a reservation, and instead just try and get a table 20 minutes before the restaurant closes.” Like how fucking disgusting and despicable of a person are you. Just awful. Even better, after finally doing our closing side-work, we still had three FULL buckets of silverware to roll. Aka, we didn’t leave until like 11:20. I was so fucking angry.  I literally had to sprint to the train, since the next train was at 11:23, and then the one after that was at 11:37, (and fuck THAT shit), and made it right as the train pulled up- thank god. I got on and passed out almost immediately, waking up to find that the train had started running express around 125th St. I guess. I got off the train at 12:10, headed over to the Rite-Aid to get a quick dinner, got home, heated it up, and played League with Mags and Devon for the rest of the night. Truly thank god for them, because they really helped cool me down and turn the ending of my night around; I love them.
Fuck today was rough.

Until next time,


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