Happy Halloween! A Day at Work Prepping for a Huge Change (10/31/19)

Happy Halloween everyone! Even though I have been working all day, I hope all of you were having fun trick or treating, or getting drunk at bars; or both! I mean I can’t complain too much, since I did go to the my friends Halloween party this past Saturday, but it still would have been fun to dress up and go to bars with my friends…. if I had friends. (Hahaha) Now as I said, even though it was Halloween, for me it was just another day at Eataly. I planned on getting up at 12:35, but despite that I still managed to wake up around 1PM, and just relaxed in bed until 12:40. Since I needed to finally get up and actually get ready for work, I got myself up and out of my bed at last, heading over to the bathroom and hopping into the shower. After cleaning up and getting dressed, I got my way out of my apartment, catching the 2:23 A downtown. Honestly I’m gonna miss the A; I mean I won’t because the A tries to fuck me at any point it can, but when it works… man oh man does it feel good. You know, I wasn’t sure if the huge Eataly changes were going down today or tomorrow, so I was not sure really what to expect coming into the day. If you all didn’t know, Eataly dropped quite a bit of money to make La Pizza La Pasta looking sEXy, and oh boy am I excited to see how she’s gonna look. If you can’t tell, it did not happen today; new month, new look I guess, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Now once I arrived at Chambers St., I did need to hurry to get to work, since I only had five minutes before my shift started, but as I maked it by the skin of my teeth, I clocked on in and headed to the floor to get to it and actually start my day. I was on wine and ice, and really today just confirmed once more just how many damn wines we’ve introduced recently. I mean jesus christ we’ve just brought in like six wines, AND we’re bringing in more for Barolo week! God it’s gonna be insane. I saw that Gina was actually working the night shift, but I ended up just spending my time working on making sure all our wines were stocked up, instead of worrying about chatting with people. As the time hit 3:27 and it was time to actually clock out, I didn’t see her around so I just decided to make my way to Pret; it just so happened that right when I got there, I saw her looking at what to buy, so I went up to say hi. She was surprised to see me, thinking I wasn’t working today, but surprise! We bought our food and ended up heading back to Eataly to just eat there, and spent the bit of time catching up. Honestly it’s nice you know? I really don’t see her all that often, so getting some time to chat is always a good time. Before I knew it it was already time to clock in, so we headed back onto the floor, clocked in, and went to pre-shift. The main thing that was pointed out during the pre-shift was that we were not to over-stock anything, because we had to take down a bunch of shit tonight in preparation for the big transformation once we closed. Now I was originally supposed to be on Pasta Bar, but thankfully Michele was more than happy to switch sections with me, since he was at “Michele’s Corner”.

With pre-shift done and over with, I headed onto the floor to start out my day. I was taking over Rey’s section, and the only table that got transferred to me was this seven top from somewhere in middle US; really wonderful people who were all having a great time. As we chatted throughout the latter half of their meal, one of the guys asked where he could get some really good pizza and cannolis, wanting to get one thanks to the Godfather. I mean, I told him to just get a cannoli here, because obviously, but if you’re looking for good pizza close by? Joe’s Pizza 100% has you covered. I mean Chernin raves about it way too much for me not to recommend it. Also I forgot to mention, there were a few people dressed up for Halloween, which is always fun. One of the managers, Emily, was dressed up as a bottle of Prosecco, while another, Nicolette, went as David S. Pumpkins, from the SNL skit with Tom Hanks. As for servers, I mean Patricia wore a wig to look like Chucky, while another, Brian, just wore his hat, which reminded me of a chimney sweep. Also the hostesses were wearing just, nice costumes and all looked great. 10/10 all around; we love Halloween. Now as for the shift itself? It was actually pretty damn slow. I mean I got sort of busy, and then at 7PM I ended up having an 11 top, but with them having a pre-fix menu, I actually really didn’t need to do too much at all. I wanted to sell them five bottles of wine throughout the night, since wine wasn’t included in their package, but ended up only selling three, which still isn’t terrible. Now when 9 o’clock hit, Stag was immediately closed down, because that’s where construction was starting. I literally was about to chat with the group that had walked into Stag and sat themselves, when I realized quite quickly that they were the crew coming to to all the renovations. That would’ve been awkward!

As I began closing my final tables, I started helping clearing area of any lose items, and putting wine and other drinks on carts to transport them out of the way. I also took a table in Gina’s section, because she actually was just working on doing her side-work and leaving as early as possible; she had been feeling awful all day, and definitely needed to go home. There was a lot to be done, but thankfully with everyone working together, we actually managed to do what was needed by 10:30, and everyone left soon after. Tomorrow Eataly is going to look like a MUCH different place, and it’s going to be a lot. I mean I’m excited for sure, but having to deal with a new floor plan, ALONG with Restaurant Week and Barolo week? We’re going to die. But it’ll be great. I finally headed on out at 10:40, being forced to catch the next A because the last one was at 10:42 and I definitely would have just missed it, even if I ran. Unfortunately for me, the next A was at 10:57, and with it being pushed back for no reason, by the time it arrived it was running local. As I was waiting, I did have some nice small chit-chat with a woman who also seemed to be coming from work, so that was nice. To be honest with you, we were half expecting the A not to even come. Of course when it did come, right at 11:03, it was, drumroll please….. local. Wooooo. We hopped on, with her finding a seat and I of course stood, listening to some music, surrounded by a bunch of people in costumes; She ended up getting off at 14th I think, but of course I had a long way to go. Thankfully a seat opened up and I was able to sit down and relax for a bit, but a few stops later, an older woman got on. I debated getting up for her, but then another lady got on, definitely much older, but at this point I literally COULDN’T get up for her; it was so packed. I still offered her the seat, but she declined, and the other woman asked why she didn’t take the seat? The older woman said that if she wanted it she would have taken it, and we had a nice chat for a minute. Luckily the next stop was either 42nd or 59th, so most people cleared out of the car, and I of course got up and gave the older woman my seat; the other lady also managed to get a seat, which was great. Now the older lady and her, not sure if it was just a friend or a daughter, but either way they chatted with me for a moment about Eataly, since I was still of course wearing my work shirt. I guess I truly am a walking advertisement for Eataly, no matter if I’m on the clock or not. Soon enough they got off, and I rode the A all the way up to 175th. Now the prefix table from earlier in the night had some leftover pasta, and since they didn’t want it I just put it in a to-go container and took it home for dinner! Of course it’s Halloween, so I still stopped by the Rite-Aid for some chocolate, but before I knew it I was home, heating up my dinner and getting on League to play with Eddie. Now I played quite a few games tonight, and I am sad to report that I lost every damn one of them. Not a great time, let me tell you. The season ends in like two weeks and I would love to climb higher, but I just don’t think I’m good enough at the game at this point to make a difference. Anyways, I definitely need to go to sleep; it’s 4:24 and an hour ago I finally saw that fucking mouse in my room again. Like this fucker scurried out from who knows where, fell in a bag I had on the floor, scurried out, and has once again vanished. Like seriously, I’ve looked around and I have zero idea where this thing goes. But I also don’t want to kill it; it’s not some bug that I can just stomp to death. Whatever, I’m moving soon enough anyways, so I’ll deal with this problem if I have to, at a later date. For now, goodnight all, and Happy Halloween!

Until next time,



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