Finally Sealing the Deal; I Can’t Wait for this Change (10/30/19)

Today was a triumphant day, and I am so thankful to be saying that. When I learned that I was being kicked out of my apartment, I knew that I would have to do something before it was too late. I’ve finally made it to New York, I am NOT leaving now. Luckily, as L, the wonderful woman who took my headshots said, “Everything in the Universe happens perfectly”. I know many may not believe in the Universe, or that everything happens for a reason, but I am grateful that just this once, the stars finally aligned and things went well. I mean just as I was in need of a new apartment, my friends Andrew and Julian were also looking, not only for an apartment, but also for a third roommate. Then, as Andrew and I started looking around for apartments, I find this beautiful apartment in Brooklyn, with a quick commute into Manhattan, and give the realtor a message. Even though the apartment being advertised was for November 1st, I hoped that maybe they had another one on the market, aiming for December 1st; It may have been a long shot, but hot damn did it pay off. After finally setting a date and seeing the apartment, with Andrew and I being thoroughly convinced, we started working on getting everything ready, convincing Julian, and submitting our applications. This took a good week or two, but at last, today, we have reached the conclusion. My mind of course relates my life to video games, because that’s basically all I do, but really though- I feel like I have been on this quest, this mission, after it was sprung on me, and with the help of my party, we managed to make it happen and succeed. Like, I kept looking forward, wondering about things going right with potential relationships, or my acting career, but maybe my life is a “complete one quest at a time” kind of game. I mean sure I can complete side quests, but what game do you play where you can just play multiple major event quests at the same time? None! Sorry that got super nerdy, but it does make some sense. I hope that my next quest will begin soon, and I will actually start getting possible jobs for acting, maybe start taking classes, or a mystery girl will come into the picture; again, I have no idea, but I am so excited to be moving.

Now then, after all that rambling, let’s actually talk about what happened today. So the day began with me waking up at 1PM, and after mostly relaxing in bed for about an hour or so, I finally got myself up and showered, getting dressed and planning for the day. I originally had intended to go grocery shopping, heading home, and then heading off to the meeting, but as time started passing 3:00, 3:30, with me not even eating yet, I knew it might be dicy. I mean it was going to take me over an hour to get to the new apartment, so factoring that in with the fact that the meeting was at 6:40, that gave me roughly an hour or two to head to Trader Joe’s, do all my shopping, head home, and head on back out. After a lot of consideration, I decided that I would just do my shopping after the meeting, and instead chose to just go down to 42nd St. to mail my package and get the $1500 I needed for the deposit. Now before I left, I made sure to finally write Maggie a birthday card, spending a bit extra time drawing a little elephant before sealing the envelope. I knew that I didn’t have the address of her new apartment, so as I headed out, I texted her asking what the address was, and called her just to get her attention. Maggie was obviously at work, which she texted back, but it had worked, and soon enough the address was mine and I was able to put that on the card. Now as I got into the station, I actually made it down the stairs right as the train was exiting the station, which was a bummer, but that gave me the extra time to just write down Maggie’s address, so I could just stop by the post office and send it off. Now I also was carrying with me the box that Apple sent me to return my phone. Is it too late at this point for me to get some of my money back? Probably. But I just want to get this phone off my hands, so it it what it is. After a few minutes the next train arrived, and with that I was on my way to 42nd St., $50 in my bag, ($44 of which were all in coins), my old phone, and Maggie’s birthday card.

As I rode the train down, I closed my eyes for a few minutes, and started to think about if I should send a letter to my ex for her birthday. I mean, the last letter I sent backfired ever so horribly, and everyone I talk to says that even reaching out at all is a terrible idea; and I agree. But I know that if I ever even want to build back a speaking relationship with her, I have to start it. Her opinion of me at the moment is, I am sure, quite low, and to be honest I hate the idea that someone has a bad opinion of me; well besides my other ex Michelle, but uh yeah, fuck her. I mean when you make a podcast talking shit about me, even with you having me blocked on every facet of social media? Like get over yourself. Not even worth my time. Anyways, putting that aside, I arrived at 42nd St. and exited at the North entrance of Port Authority. Like last time I was there, I got absolutely lost for a good 5-10 minutes, before heading outside and realizing I was in the wrong building. Finally making my way around, I managed to at last find the post office, and headed on in to drop off the package and the letter. Now the letter I dropped off easily, without any issues, but when it came to the box… well that was an issue. So a man working there asked how he could help me, and when I said I was trying to mail a box, he looked at it and said I needed to go to a Fedex to get it shipped. Well shit. Hurrying on out, I looked at Maps to find the nearest Fedex, which was apparently right across the street, but I just couldn’t find it. After reading some reviews, I actually came to find that the Fed-Ex was in the hotel across the street, and they overcharged you for some basic shit, so thank god I didn’t go and do that. Giving up on dropping off my box for the time being, I headed over to PNC to turn my coins into cash, and withdraw all the money I needed. I had a great conversation with the guy working at the teller’s window, and he helped me get my money before I headed over to the ATM to withdraw the remaining $1250. (I already had $250 in cash I could use from the past few days serving) However, after quite a few attempts, I actually only managed to withdraw like, $500, before the ATMs kept telling me I couldn’t withdraw more money. Fuck, I need this money. I headed on back in, where thank GOD the guy was still working, and he happily helped me to withdraw the remaining $750. I guess I should’ve already known, but the spending cap on your card from an ATM is $500, so if I had not gone at this time and talked to him, I definitely would have been FUCKED. With all the money I needed finally in my hands I headed on out, thanking the guy for all his help. He even congratulated me for getting the new apartment, which was very kind of him.

Now before I headed to the train station, I HAD to get some food. I mean it was already past 5PM and I STILL hadn’t eaten yet. Thankfully there was a Five Guys right across the street, so I treated myself to a damn good bacon cheeseburger. I also helped the lady working the cashier out, because a customer came up to the counter, asking about the code for the bathroom, but didn’t speak great English. The woman tried telling her the code was on the top of the receipt, but with the girl not understanding, I just spoke slowly, and in kind of broken English, to help her understand. “Bathroom?” “Code” “Top of Receipt”. Simple, but definitely effective. Listen, I deal with people not being able to speak English all the time at Eataly, so I’ve kind of grown accustomed to working around it. The cashier thanked me as I paid, and I headed off to wait for my food. Once it was ready, which thankfully only took a few minutes, I headed on down to the train station, catching the C all the way into Brooklyn. Now it was a good 50 minute train ride, so I spent a bit of it enjoying my burger and fries, before closing my eyes and just relaxing for a bit. I got off at Ralph St., and walked a good 15 minutes to get to the apartment right on time. Julian said he was there at the corner, trying to get the parking meter to work, so I headed over to help him out. “I’m on Lafayette”. I don’t see that. I looked around, confused if he was at the wrong place, before Debby said “We’re meeting at the office.” The office was a solid 35-40 minute walk from the apartment. I was already late. Andrew was coming along in a good 10 minutes, but that still gave me almost no time to get there. “I’ll be there in about 20 minutes”. I couldn’t think of anything to do but fucking run there. I mean, maybe I catch a bus, but not seeing one I just took off. And let me tell you, I was not wearing the correct shoes to be doing this. I was wearing my brown boots, instead of my running shoes, because I wanted to look nice. Somehow, some way, I made it, sweaty and exhausted, at like 7:05. I would have been genuinely impressed at how quickly I got there, if not for just how exhausted I was.

Stepping inside, I greeted Julian, Andrew, and Debby, grabbing some water and sitting down at last, as per Debby’s request. Soon enough we got the meeting started, this time with the owners of the building. Basically they were offering us the place, and after a bit of discussion, offered to let us move in immediately, but only pay for half of this month’s rent. So instead of us paying the full $2500 on the first of December, we could move our shit in immediately AND only pay $1250. Honestly, an incredible deal. Julian and I even offered to cover Andrew’s rent, since he wouldn’t even be there yet, and that was that. We went through all the documentation, signing our names where allotted, and at last we held the keys in our hands. I was now officially living in Brooklyn. Now I still have zero idea how in the hell I’m getting all my shit to the new apartment, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. For now, all I can feel is just absolutely stoked at the future prospects. Keys in hand, we headed on over to look at our new apartment, 4B- which is even sweeter, since we thought we had given it up for a few days extra time- and Julian got to see his new home at last. After Julian and Andrew called their parents, and we made a few notes of things that just needed to be done before we moved in, we called it a night; Julian headed home while Andrew and I stopped by a local Subway before heading home ourselves. That’s right, there’s a Subway AND  a Rite-Aid maybe 10-15 minutes from me, so my addiction can continue. As Andrew and I headed back uptown, we started up making a list of everything we needed as we start moving into our new place.

Arriving at 181st, I finally said goodnight to Andrew and got off, heading up the elevator and onto the street, calling Maggie on my walk home. I had sent her a video of the place, which she was definitely loving, but definitely had to take the time and congratulate Devon on his new car; It’s a Honda Civic and I fucking LOVE Civics. It was the first car I learned to drive and they are just SUCH comfortable cars to drive in. If I ever decide to buy a car, I know I’m gonna have to go with a Civic. After a quick walk through a light showering rain, I was home at last, sitting down and playing League for the rest of the night. Maggie didn’t end up playing, since she had quite the long day at work, but I did end up playing a few games with Eddie before calling it a night. It’s already 4:30 so I need to get off to bed, but I am so excited for this new chapter in my life. I just started my new year in New York, and I’ve already opened quite a few new chapters- my second year in New York, a new job, a new apartment… I’m now 23 so I’m even older than before… Look out Brooklyn, because here I come.

Until next time,



We all look tired, but definitely excited. Damn things are gonna be fun~

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