Does Spending My Birthday Working Make Me an Adult? (10/29/19)

Today it was finally my birthday. Jesus I can’t believe I’m already 23. (You know I actually just accidentally wrote 33 and that is fucking horrifying. Moving on…) Now even though another server offered to switch days with me, so I could be off on my birthday, but I ended up deciding to just work, because let’s be honest here, I would have definitely just laid in bed all day doing absolutely nothing. Now I woke up today with a slew of text messages, almost all actually in my group chat with Andrew, Julian, and our realtor, basically with Debby saying that she wants us to come in tomorrow to sign the lease. I actually even got a call from Julian because neither of them had heard from me, to confirm I could come tomorrow; I was, unsurprisingly, asleep. But seriously, talk about an amazing birthday gift. Sure there are a lot of things that I could have gotten for my birthday, but this was absolutely perfect. Now at least I won’t be homeless come December! The plan is to meet up at the apartment at 6:40 tomorrow, with Andrew, Julian, and I coming by with 1500 each, aka first month’s rent and a security deposit. With that decided, I needed to actually get up and start the day. I got a few texts and snaps from friends, wishing me a happy birthday, but I put all that aside and focused on getting ready for work. I will say though, that when I first woke up right after 1PM, I forgot just for a moment that I was working today. Not really a sad realization to have, but it was definitely one I had in those first few moments laying in my bed. Finally getting up, I quickly showered, got dressed, and caught the 2:23 A downtown to work. Thankfully I made it right on time, crossing through the drizzle outside, up the escalators, and into Eataly, clocking in right at 3PM. Once I got inside, I headed onto the floor, checked my side-work, and went to set my bag down, before heading back over to make sure I was right in what my side-work was. Sergio was standing over there, and when I walked up to him to check the sheet, he said “There he is. Happy Birthday Mike.” Honestly, I really wasn’t expecting anyone to realize it was my birthday, but having him immediately say it felt good. He said that I was gonna get a cake, and asked what flavor I wanted, but I didn’t end up getting it so it’s not really a big deal. Still a kind gesture though. I was on lowboys with Gia today, so I spent most of the time stocking what I could, before lollygagging around, wasting away the final few minutes, before heading on break. I grabbed a quick drink of water before I headed on over to Pret to get myself some much needed lunch. I enjoyed my 30 minutes of relaxation, eating my lunch in peace, before it was time to head back to work.

I walked back to Eataly, clocking in right at 4:15 and heading over for pre-shift. It was actually one of the servers, Alex,’s last day, so he brought in donuts for everyone, just as a way to say thank you. Honestly he’s a great guy, and I’m sure even though he may miss Eataly in some capacity, he was ready to get out of here. Either way, we all gave a quick applause for him, before we headed on into the pre-shift. Now today was a duesy to be sure; like we went over even more new wines, a new menu, new food items. It was crazy. We ended up trying three new wines, which by the way were never brought onto the floor, but the third one was an INCREDIBLY sweet dessert wine, almost tasting like honey, and definitely felt thicker than most wines. It was pretty good, but like I definitely would not have more than one glass of that at a time. Also most dessert wines sit at a lower alcohol percentage, because of all the sugar, but this one was at 14.5%! That was insane to me. The other two were pretty good, with the first being my favorite; the second was a bit too peppery for me in taste. Finally finishing up everything, the time inching closer and closer to 5PM, it was time at last to hit the floor. The day itself was actually not very busy, and throughout the shift I had a few servers come up and wish me a happy birthday. It was weird, because I felt like I was doing this dance, mentioning as discreetly as I could that it was my birthday. Emily, one of our managers, found out after I told Olesya and she mentioned it, and Emily got super excited. At the end of the night, when Lily found out, she gave me a hug which was super nice; now a lot of people were asking what my plans were tonight, but like… none? I mean it wasn’t to celebrate my birthday or anything, but this weekend was really my time to have fun with friends. I dunno, it’d be fun but I definitely didn’t have any plans. Now as the night slowed down to a close, I mentioned to Emily that I wanted to get some food here, hoping internally that I would get it for free, and after deciding to get lasagna, I thought she was going over to put it in- and comp it- so I refocused on my final tables. At 10:05, after the kitchen had closed, she asked if I had ever put in the food. Fuck; well there goes my free dinner I guess. I mean I was bummed, but shit happens. Giving up, I helped roll whatever was left, got my numbers ready, and clocked out right after 10:30, making sure to say goodbye to Alex before he left; He gave me a hug and wished me the best, which was very sweet of him.

I ended up catching the 10:42 A back uptown, taking a nap on the way home after answering the few texts I got from friends during the day, finally making it to 175th by 11:10. I hurried out of the station and over to Subway, quickly grabbing a sandwich before heading home to play some League with Mags. Now we only played one, so after she got off I played a few games by myself, then playing two with Eddie, before calling it for the night. Just kidding of course I played another game or two by myself. It’s now nearing 5AM, which seems to be a regular occurrence for me at this point, and I definitely want to get some sleep soon. Even though we’re not having our meeting at the apartment until 6:40 tomorrow, I desperately need to do some grocery shopping, so we’ll see when I get that done. Now in the last blog post, I mentioned that I wanted to talk about what I want to do in this next year. So I feel like most of when I was 22 involved me getting into the groove of the city, and trying to find my footing in New York. However, now that I’ve finally found it, I really want to spend this next year working my ass off- taking classes, going to auditions, and hopefully landing some roles. I also want- need- to start going to the gym, which I think I’ll focus more on, once we move into the new apartment. Now I am definitely going to be broke for a bit, with $1500 coming out of my bank account, but when I make a bit more money it’s time to start putting in the work. Maybe I’ll manage to get into a relationship along the way, but that can’t be the forefront of my attention; that happened with my last relationship, and it ended with me leaning too heavily on another person, since I wasn’t happy with what was going on in my life. I still have zero idea how I’m going to break into the industry and actually make it, but that doesn’t mean that I will stop trying. I can see my future, all I have to do now is figure out how to get there. So please, keep reading and following my journey. I’ve been writing these blogs for over a year now, and hopefully they’re not too boring. I know we all have been in a rut before, or have felt like we don’t know where to go, but I hope that this blog can make you feel like you’re not alone. We’re all going through life, trying our best. We got this. Happy birthday to me (and my incredible twin) and goodnight to all!

Until next time,



**Aren’t we the cutest pair twins around? Damn straight we are

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