Halloween Party Saga Part 2: Fighting the Elements Just to Get to Work is a Difficult Task (10/27/19)

Welcome to part 2 of the Halloween party saga. I’m writing this on the 28th because I was way too fucking tired to actually write it last night, since it was already past 5AM, so here we are; let’s jump into it, shall we?. Now today I actually woke up pretty early, probably around 8:30, maybe a little earlier. Now don’t get me wrong, I was actually pretty comfortable on the couch, but you know how it is, sleeping at a friend’s house; you always seem to just wake up early. Now I had alarms set starting at 9:30, but I made sure to turn those off, and ended up just laying on the couch watching YouTube videos, on the lowest possible volume, since I had Jenn and her fiance, Isaac, asleep on an air mattress right next to the couch. Also, does it ever feel like normally, even if something’s almost max volume, it just never feels loud enough, but when it’s dead quiet, you’re nervous to even have something at the lowest volume? I mean I guess it makes sense, if you’re taking in factors of like, outside noise going on vs. the sound coming from your phone, but that’s a bunch of science that I really don’t want to get into, nor do I understand really how it works. After relaxing on the couch for about an hour, I finally started to hear movement in the kitchen, and made my way up and into the next room to see who was up and awake. As I walked into the kitchen, I found Catt, Andy, and Meghan all lounging around, with Maddy and Rachel seemingly asleep close-by. Also I noticed Josh passed out on the ground in the middle of the living room, which I decided to just not even ask why.

We started getting breakfast ready, with Andy and Catt really doing the heavy lifting, cooking taylor ham- is that what people call it? Pork roll? I’m not from Jersey, and to be honest I truly don’t give a shit one way or the other- and scrambled eggs, respectively, while I just toasted some bread. Maddy and Rach finally got themselves up, with Rach actually deciding to head on out, ready to get home. After saying goodbye, Rachel left and we continued to breakfast extravaganza, making food for whomever wanted some. I ended up pouring a glass of orange juice for myself, along with making a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich. Also life hack that I love- If you put two pieces of toast in the same toaster together, you can toast each of them just on one side, so like the outside is nice and crunchy, but the inside is still soft. 10/10 would highly recommend. We all enjoyed a much needed meal as more people began waking up and heading on into the kitchen. Jenn and Isaac found their way in a bit later, with Isaac seeming to be the only one hungover from last night, and in desperate need of some coffee. Josh finally got up just after 10, after waking up momentarily to turn off his alarm and go back to sleep at 9:30. Finally, as time started creeping forward later and later, it was time for Josh and I to leave. Josh was supposed to meet up with his acting partner at 11:30, and I was hoping to catch the 11:27 train back to New York.

Now, that was the plan moving into today, but as we stepped outside, finally saying goodbye to everyone, this started to get dicy. I mean it was raining outside, which is fine, but as we started driving and getting onto the highway, I mean it started fucking pouring. Not only that, but we had two incidents that definitely made the two of us damn nervous, with time running further and further away from us. The first was when we were driving next to this huge truck, which of course has water spraying off either side behind it; I told Josh to try and get ahead of it, since it was going to be much more dangerous if we stayed behind it, but as we got next to it, prepped to move ahead, the lanes started to merge. This would be fine, except this truck basically ran us off the ROAD. Like, it continued merging into our lane, pushing us all the way into the turn lane, or maybe it was the shoulder, just so we wouldn’t get hit. Not a fun time, let me tell you. The second incident happened once we finally got around and past that damn truck, where a cop had their lights on, and were driving behind Josh. Now Josh was actually driving incredibly safe, doing nothing wrong, but still started pulling over; I had no idea what was going on, but I knew that if we got pulled over I was obviously not making it to the train on time; maybe not the first thing I should be thinking about when a friend is getting pulled over, but hey I needed to catch this train to get to work on time. Thankfully as Josh pulled over a bit to the side, the cop car sped past him, lights still flashing, vanishing into the distance; also it was so stormy and hazy ahead of us that all we could see in the distance were the flashing red and blue lights within the fog, nothing else. Just when we thought we were in the clear, maybe a minute or less later another cop came up behind us, and I told Josh to just switch lanes, because I had a feeling they had somewhere to be. I wonder what was going on….

Now, putting these anxieties aside, we continued forward on our journey, weathering the storm as we pushed to make it to our respective activities on time. Unfortunately for the two of us, the rain had made us late, and as we pulled into Convent Station the 11:27 train had come and gone. It was already 11:32, so I quickly said goodbye to Josh, thanking him for the ride, and went inside the waiting room, now having just under an hour to kill before I could be on my way back to New York. After spending that hour surfing the web and watching some YouTube videos, the next train arrived at last at 12:27, and I hurried through the rain and got on. Now forgive this tidbit of information, but to be honest with you, I was in such a rush to get out of the house and make it to the train today, that I hadn’t really had an opportunity to use the bathroom. By the time I got onto the train, I had to quickly dart into the bathroom, finally able to sit down and do my business. Now, I was in there for maybe five or seven minutes when there’s a knock on the door; pretty aggressive. I said “Someone’s in here!” multiple times, and at last the person left me alone. Then, not even five minutes later, the person knocked AGAIN. The guy was like “Are you alright? Do you need medical assistance?” I tried being polite, just being like “No I’m just using the bathroom”, but when the guy said “You’ve been in there awhile, I literally shouted out “I’m just taking a shit, man”. Like fuck dude, let me use the bathroom in PEACE. Quickly finishing up and washing my hands, I headed out of the bathroom honestly expecting there to be like, multiple workers surrounding the door. Thankfully there was no one there, but as I headed forward in the car to sit down, a worker was checking people’s tickets and said “That was me knocking on the door”. No shit, Sherlock. “I assumed” I responded, showing him my ticket and finally sitting down.

Now once I sat down, all I was really able to do was start calculating how much time it would take me to get to New York, and once I was there, how much time it’d take me to get home and then head to work; I mean I didn’t have anything for work, so I definitely couldn’t just say fuck it and head there. No matter my calculations, at best it was going to be close; however, as we sat waiting just before a station, two stops before Penn, I knew I was going to be late. We ended up sitting there for 10 minutes or so, and I made sure to text my manager Eleonora to let her know that I was going to be 15-20 minutes late, thanks to the rain. Finally we started moving again, and I found myself arriving at Penn Station just after 1PM. Now I had exactly an hour to get home, get changed, and head to work. Not really much wiggle room, is there? I hurried off the train, up the stairs, and over to the A, which ended up arriving in three or four minutes; not the worst timing in the world, thank god. Luckily, even though it was a Sunday once the train arrived at the station the ride itself was very smooth; no 10 minute stops or anything. I made it back home right around 2:22, and since the next train wasn’t arriving until 2:36, I had roughly 10 minutes to get back, dressed, and head on back to catch the A going downtown.

Honestly I was expecting to catch the train at 2:46, so the possibility of catching an earlier train made me ecstatic. I whizzed inside, making sure to pack my bag with my work clothes, before quickly getting dressed, brushing my hair, and putting some pomade in my hair to make it look good, before speeding back out of the apartment, clothes still on the ground, and running to the train. I swear when I run to the train, I must kind of look like Joker from the opening scene, when he was chasing after those kids. Thankfully I’m just trying to catch a train though. I actually made it with two minutes to spare, and with that I was finally on my way to work. I did realize that I left my charger at Catt’s, but if that was the only thing I left there, I’ll count it worth. After a quick train ride downtown, I was off the train just after 3PM and ran to get the the fourth World Trade Center building, heading up the escalators and clocking on in right around 3:08. Honestly, for me having actually no time to get to work, the fact that I arrived sooner than expected was awesome. Finally at work, I spent the next 20 minutes helping with wine and ice, my side-work, and getting done as much as I could before 3:30. I have to say, it felt so strange because by the time I made it to Eataly, the rain had cleared away and it was just… such a beautiful day out. I was baffled, especially having dealt with all that rain for the past few hours.


After clocking out, I took my break and headed on over to Pret, grabbing the salmon salad I always get, along with a cup of goodness- no cookie today, had enough sweets last night- and sat down, enjoying an actual moment of serenity for once today. During this break, I was also communicating with the realtor, along with Andrew and Julian, as we worked out the final kinks in the plan so we could actually, at last, sign the lease and have this apartment. Thankfully, things seemed to have been moving more in our favor, so I was not stressing too much about the situation, but I know it is a delicate one, and was doing my best to give Debby all the information she needed, so this place didn’t fall through our fingertips. Before I knew it it was already just after 4PM, so I headed on back to work, making a quick pit-stop before clocking back in and heading over to pre-shift. Nothing crazy was going today, besides the antipasti special which was still Octopus- side note, I think I said this before, but I was surprised at how good it tasted- and with everything said and done, it was time to head onto the floor. We were tasting a new beer we brought on, but after last night I was having no part of drinking today. As the day continued, I also showed pictures of my Halloween costume to my coworkers and they fucking loved it. Dude, I am so goddamn proud of the costume, and I really am so happy how much everyone else liked it. Now I was taking over for Gina, so her and I chatted for a few minutes before she headed on out. Honestly it’s always nice to chat with Gina; we never work the same shifts anymore, so we of course have minimal interaction, but I do enjoy talking with her of course. I was also impressed that she actually remembered that one of my sister’s cat’s names is Milo, like Milo Thatch from Atlantis, so hats off to her for that one.

As for the rest of the day? Honestly, it was steady but I guess the beautiful weather really pushed people outside for the day, because it never really got super crazy. I mean at the very end of the night I did have my final table sit down at 9:50, but after giving some suggestions, I still managed to put all of their food in ASAP, and got them out of there by like 10:30, probably sooner. We ended up getting all the silverware polished and rolled by just after 10:30, and after clocking out I managed to catch the 10:42 A going uptown. I did have to make sprint for it, but I made it and that’s all that counts. (Just barely, but hey, that’s how I roll) I also had Chernin offer to switch with me so I could be off on my birthday, but honestly I don’t have any plans to hang out with people, since I just got back from a Halloween party today, so I probably won’t have her switch with me. Still a really kind gesture though. On the train, I used the stops to move up a few train cars, so there would be less to walk as I got off the train, and after a good 30 minute commute, I was back at 175th. Man, what a rollercoaster ride of a day. I didn’t have anything to make in the way of food, so I instead called up Maggie and made a pit-stop at Taco Bell before heading home and playing a game with her, before calling it a night. After watching a few YouTube videos and playing a couple more games of League, I ended my night, of course finishing up the first part of this blog post just after 5AM. Laying down in my bed, the sounds of one of my roommates, Paul waking up and starting his day, I allowed myself to at last drift off into sweet bliss, and dream away.

Until next time,


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