Finally, a Day to Recover and Do Nothing (10/28/19)

Finally I’m caught up; wrote the second part of the Halloween Party Saga, and now I’m writing this blog post before I go to bed. It’s 4:17AM, which means that it is officially my birthday; now I won’t technically turn 23 until later on in the day of course, but still… wow where has a year gone? I’ll use tomorrow to talk about what I want to do in this next year, since I’ve already used the year anniversary of moving to New York to go over everything that I’ve done, but let’s just keep this blog post a bit shorter; seriously going to bed after 5AM every day is probably not the BEST idea? Now I really didn’t do much of anything today, which most days would give me anxiety and make me reaaaally antsy, but after this weekend, I was happy to at last have a day off. I woke up just after 1PM, and as I was just waking up, I got a phone call from Debby, our realtor for the apartment in Brooklyn. Basically she was just asking where we were with the applications, because the landlord was starting to get slightly antsy, but said that once the applications were in for Julian’s guarantor, she would push to get us the apartment. Apparently we have a good file. Andrew had told me that he wasn’t able to get a guarantor, so when Debby only mentioned Julian’s guarantor, I was able to breathe a bit easier. I’m hoping, by the way, that we will actually have confirmation whether or not we have the apartment at the earliest by tomorrow; and wouldn’t that be something. Please keep your fingers, toes, and anything and everything crossed. Definitely would be a great birthday present. Debby also had me create a group chat with her, Andrew, Julian, and myself, so that streamlined the whole process of making sure we have everything we need.

Now I finally got myself out of bed, just after 4. Not sure how I decided not to move for a good three hours, but here we are. I took a shower, did some much needed trimming, got dressed, and finally headed on out to Subway, just to grab a quick lunch. To be honest with you, I really don’t have much in the way of food at the moment, so cooking is out of the option. Now I COULD have gone grocery shopping today, but by the time I was up, I mean I would’ve gotten down there by what, 5PM? Have you seen Trader Joe’s during rush hour? I am GOOD, thank you very much. With my late lunch in hand, I headed back home, hopping on my computer and opening up League. URF just came out today, which if you don’t play League, means nothing, but I played the SHIT out of it for a few hours, switching over to ranked and playing that for a bit before Eddie messaged me, asking if I wanted to play some games. I ended up playing a few with him and some of his friends, before getting off and heading over to Pick&Eat for some dinner. I had just eaten a few hours ago, but they close at 10PM and it was already 9:30, so I just wanted to go and grab some food before it was too late. After setting my food down inside, I grabbed the keys and headed on over to check the mail, curious if there were any birthday cards for me, and heading on back inside. Nothing for me, but that’s more the usual. After sitting back down in my room, I hopped back on League and played two games with Maggie, before she had to get off. Since it would be about an hour before midnight, I just took that hour to watch some YouTube videos, before midnight struck and Maggie instantly called me; it’s our birthday bitchessss. I also made sure to post a Happy Birthday post for Mags on Instagram and Facebook, because she’s my goddamn twin and she’s the BEST. As we FaceTimed, I took the time to open up the gift she sent me in the mail, which ended up being a Beetlejuice t-shirt and a little plastic figurine of Uraraka, aka an amazing character in My Hero Academia. See, I usually try to hide my weebness, but when Mags sends me my waifu from the show… I mean we stan. Seriously though, great character, and now she will be forever sitting on my desk, in between my two computers. I ended the night doing some much needed laundry, before writing this post and going to bed. Today may be my birthday, but that does not mean I’m able to just skip out on work. Maybe I should’ve switched with Chernin and taken the day off, but I have Wednesday off so working tomorrow will be no biggie! Plus… I really didn’t have any plans for my birthday, so I probably would’ve just hung out in my room for most of the day, and that’s fucking lame; I’d rather be making money!

Until next time,



**Definitely some weeb shit right here, but I love it

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