The Halloween Party Saga Part 1: Came to Find Atlantis, Found some Amazing Friends Instead (10/26/19)

So these past two days have been one hell of an amazing roller coaster. Yesterday was my friend Cassidy (Catt) and Andy’s Halloween party, and quite unexpectedly I had the day off, so of course I was going. Since I found out I was able to go, I’ve been prepping a Milo Thatch costume from Atlantis, and honestly after putting it all on, god damn did it look good. Like I’m so proud of the costume. Now then, let’s actually get into yesterday and what exactly transpired.

So today started with me waking up just after 1PM, lying in bed trying to find the energy to actually get up and start the day. The plan was to head to Penn and catch the NJT train to Denville at 3:11, which meant I had roughly an hour and a half to get ready. Now I had been trying to convince Andrew to come for the past few days, and he seemed like he was actually really debating going. As I finally got out of the shower I started packing basic essentials for the night, since I was not trying to get back to NYC after a night of drinking, but as I was packing I realized just how little time I actually had to get ready. I had already made a quick run to Rite-Aid, just to pick up some sandwich bags to put my toothbrush and things in, and I finally made the excuse that if I wore my outfit all the way to Denville, I would have sweated to death. Now Andrew finally had made up his mind, but I told him that the goal was to catch the 3:11PM train. “I’ll see you at the train station”. We both left at the same time, but unfortunately for him, he was riding the 1 local, while I was on the express A. Aka even though we both left at like 2:45, I made it to Penn, sprinted to NJT, and hopped on the train with maybe 30 seconds to spare, and Andrew wasn’t even at 59th St. yet. I had planned to wait for him, but as I just made the train, he told me to just go without him, planning on catching a later train. However, when he figured out just how far away the train station was from Catt’s house, like a good 30 minute drive, he just gave up and said to let everyone know he was sorry he wasn’t able to make it. And with that, I was on the train and finally headed towards the party. Never early, but always right on damn time.

Now the train ride itself was around 1.5 hours, so I got comfy and allowed myself to zone out for a bit. Catt’s Greek Little, Meghan, and her friend were actually coming from FDU, catching the same train as me, so the original plan was to find each other and then just head off the train together. However, as we arrived at Convent, they walked a few cars and couldn’t find me, so we just gave up, planning on meeting up once we were off the train. As Denville got closer and closer and was at last the next stop, I started walking down the cars, trying to figure out where they were, passing by two girls that I thought maybe were them, but didn’t really recognize either of them, so I kept walking. Turns out it was them and Meghan was just wearing a wig, dressing as Morticia Addams, a very fitting costume for her. Also like there seemed to be only three train cars operating for people to sit, because everywhere else was blocked off. Weird. As the train stopped and I got off, I saw the dressed up duo and headed on over, saying hello and introducing myself to Meghan’s friend. Just as we were about to guess where Catt was to pick us up, Andy pulls up in his car, since Catt was busy finishing up setting up the house for the party. The three of us piled on in and away we went, off to the party at last.

After a 30 minute drive, we finally made it to Catt’s house; as Andy turned the car off and popped the trunk so we could grab our things, Catt stepped out of the house, greeting us at the door. I of course had to set my things down and go over to give this girl a big, warm hug. It has been far too long since I’ve seen her, and it was truly wonderful to see Catt again. Now once we headed inside, I made an immediate B-line for the food, because if you couldn’t tell from this story so far, I had literally zero time to eat. Aka it was already like 5PM and I had eaten nothing all day. My stomach was CRYING out for something to eat. Now after pigging out on some ziti and other goodies, it was time at last to put on my costume. I had brought a large brown paper bag with me, filled with my costume, and so I headed on into the bathroom to get dressed. Now putting everything on was pretty easy; the part that took the longest was probably the hair. I really wanted it to come out perfect. Seriously, looking in the mirror at the finished product, I was so proud. The costume just looked fantastic and I couldn’t WAIT to see everyone’s reactions. I headed down the stairs and went outside, where everyone was taking pictures. The reactions were great; people loved it. After getting some great pictures of everyone’s costumes, we headed back inside to eat some more and wait for everyone else to arrive, before starting Catt’s murder mystery that she had written. A group of three arrived a bit later- no idea who they were, but it didn’t really matter- and so we got started at last with the game. Thank god I had a notebook, because there was a lot of information to write down. Right as we were about done with it, Maddy arrived- aka my daughter- dressed as Dennis Nedry from Jurassic Park… aka Newman. A little while later Josh, who’s a friend of mine and Andy’s Greek Little, arrived, as we all had at last headed on down to the basement to play some games. Listen, I had been drinking for a bit at this point, and I was having a great time, let me tell you. Also once we had all the facts for the murder mystery from Catt, we had the entire party to figure it out.


Now my friend Rachel arrived a bit later, but the woman had brought her own bowl, along with some liquor, prosecco, and fruit juices, and made everyone more punch to drink. As the drinking game known as Piccolo began, oh boy did I start getting drunk. But goddamn if it wasn’t so much fucking fun. I’ve been working nonstop, only really seeing Andrew for a while now, and it was just so great to see everyone again, and just have fun for once. An hour or two later, Catt’s Greek twin, Jenn, arrived with her fiance Isaac, who had also brought his own tequila. When they mentioned that, my immediate drunk reaction was- “I love tequila!” which of course led to us taking a shot. Over the course of the night, I probably had five, six, maybe seven cups of all these different mixed drinks, and two shots of tequila. But! I never blacked out and I never vomited. Not sure how, but we did it.

The night finally wound down, the time inching past 1:30, and at last it was time for all of us to go to bed; I’m sure we could’ve hung out until the morning sun wished us a good morning, but we definitely needed some sleep. I was assigned the couch in the front room, and even though there weren’t any blankets or anything, I truly did not give a shit. Once I my head hit the pillow, I was out like a goddamn night. No matter how worn out and exhausted I was, more than anything else I was just overflowing with happiness. I mean this night was just so special to me; I was finally able to hang out with my friends again, and really just forget all about the bullshit for a night. It made me miss at least that part of college; I mean going to class and doing homework was hell, but getting to spend night after night with your friends is something that I will always miss. Being an adult, I’m stuck in a routine consisting of me just going to work, coming home, and repeating the process over and over. It’s life, but I definitely do miss my friends. But yeah, I’m just overcome with emotions. Now I’d write the second part of the saga, aka what happened today, but it’s already 4:40 and I am falling asleep as we speak. I may have fallen just a bit behind, but going to this party was beyond worth it. Goodnight everyone; Cherish your friends, and live your lives to the most you can. A boring life is not a life I want to live.

Until next time,



**Be safe and drink responsibly people. But yeah, incredible night with some pretty great people ❤

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