An Early Morning Meeting Leads to a Night of Headaches; Fuck Today (10/25/19)

Honestly, I am still barely sure how I made it through today; I mean this morning I was tired, but god working the night shift was killer. Now to start things off, I woke up today around 6:30, finally really forcing myself to get up and shower just after 7AM. I had to be at work at 8:30, so I kept checking train times and doing mental gymnastics to make sure I’d make it on time. Now I wasn’t expecting to work the morning, but just in case it was offered, I made sure to shower and get my hair up in bobby pins, bringing my work shirt with me and heading off to the train station. I caught the 7:52 A heading downtown, and might I say- god damn was it crowded. Like I know there are a lot of commuters heading to work in the morning, but normally I can at least find a seat! Not today. I squeezed on in and stood for the entirety of my trip to Eataly, getting more and more nervous as the time crept closer to 8:30. After a minute delay here, and moving slow there, by the time I arrived at Chambers St. it was already 8:25. Knowing what had to be done, I stretched right as the doors opened and sprinted to make it on time. As I got back inside, I headed up the escalators, running into Olesya, who was also running late. The two of us hurried up to Eataly, clocking in right at 8:30 and heading to La Pizza La Pasta (PIPA) to get the day started. The room was already pretty full with the PIPA staff, which I have to say felt pretty weird, because I hadn’t ever really seen us all in the same place at the same time; definitely felt a bit strange. Eleonora gave us packets of information, and after grabbing two little pastries, a banana, and surprisingly some coffee, I found a seat and sat down. It ended up being in front of Gina, but we really didn’t have too much interaction besides little comments here and there. Man I really can’t get a read on that girl; like I felt like when we worked together, we vibed damn well, but since we obviously work different shifts… things seemed to have fizzled out. But that’s besides the point. After waiting around for a good 10-15 minutes it was time to get started, and damn was this one long meeting. I mean it was mostly just re-going over standards, and looking to put pride in what we do; we went over new wines we’re bringing in, a new menu layout, the whole shebang. As we were making it through the meeting, there were a few people who needed to step out, who had appointments or what have you, but the meeting definitely ran longer than planned; not surprising to be honest with you. We were supposed to end at 9:30, but we finally finished up right after 10.

The morning crew was sent off to take their break, and were to worry about their side work after they got back, and the rest of us were left to our own devices. I headed back to Chambers and caught the train back to my apartment, where after changing out of my clothes, I passed the fuck back out for a few hours; I even made sure to leave in the bobby pins, in hopes my hair would stay looking good. Now I wasn’t really sure when I wanted to realistically wake up from my nap, but to be honest with you, I didn’t really move out of bed until just before 2. When I was finally up, I got dressed once again, brushed my teeth, put just a bit more pomade in my hair, and headed back out, catching the 2:22 downtown back to Eataly. This time around I did manage to get a seat, which meant I was thankfully able to close my eyes and nap, at least for a few minutes here and there. Maggie had just added a few new songs onto London Vibes, so you know I was giving that I listen as the train rattled through the dark tunnels. When I made it at last to Chambers St. once more, I jogged to get out of the tunnel, walked outside, passing by Smorgasburg, and finally ending my journey at Eataly. What a treat. I was on wine and ice today with two other servers, so I basically spent the 30 minutes filling all the wine tubs with ice, and just double checking the wines before I had to head on out. As the time hit 3:30, I clocked out and headed back outside and over to Smorgasburg, which I believe was making its final stint here at the World Trade Center today. As my final meal, I went with a fried chicken sandwich from the chicken place I went to once before, and ended up having a strawberry shortcake ring ding for dessert. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never heard of ring dings, but they are definitely delicious. Now I will say that once I clocked back in and was back on the floor, I mentioned having a ring ding but not knowing what they are to Chernin, and she was flabbergasted. Thankfully another server had no idea what ring dings were either, so I didn’t feel alone; but I’m getting ahead of myself.

After finishing up my meal, I took a quick pit stop at the bathroom before clocking back in and heading over to pre-shift. Today we ended up trying the three new wines, along with a special antipasti we had running today, which was octopus. We thought it was gonna be cold, but definitely a pleasant surprise when the dish came out nice and hot. Now I don’t think I’ve ever really had octopus before, but it was really tasty. Once pre-shift ended, I headed onto the floor and so the terror of a shift began. Basically I was working in part of Stag, but thought a large table in another section, along with a two top, were mine. They were Chernin’s. Not really sure how I got so confused, but of course these two tables I accidentally took from her, I ROYALLY fucked up. Like the two top got their wine, but I forgot to put in their food order, and I hadn’t written it down so I had to go in panic mode to get what the food was. Luckily the food was all going to come out very quickly, but they were not happy. As for this large seven top, one person got a pappardelle pasta and, again, I hadn’t written it down so I accidentally put in a Tagliatelle. Also one of the guys ordered a beer and it took me awhile to get it, because I was in crisis mode trying to fix everything. I had one of the managers, Nicolette, head on over and talk to the two tables, trying to smooth things out. The two top was fine, and after Nicolette comped their mozzarella, they were happy. The big table seemed fine, but then managed to complain at the end of the meal, basically saying that a manager told them that they were getting the papperdelli and the beer for free, because it didn’t come out on time? Fun fact- she didn’t say anything about that to them, which meant they just wanted free food. Now don’t get me wrong, I did not give them good service, but when a busser comes and tells me that their talking shit about me, saying that I don’t care, and how they shouldn’t tip me anything; to the point where they wrote “no tip” and even wrote “pretty bad service”? Like truly, from the bottom of my heart, go fuck yourself. Even better was the fact they had kids with them. I’m so glad that you are showing your kids how to not take the high road, and instead not treat another person like a human being, who just so happened to make a mistake. I asked Chernin to swipe their cards, because I just… did not want to deal with them anymore.

All this time I basically had to go to other tables and throw on this mask, from like panicking and being angry at myself, to happy and cheerful. Now after this giant shitfest that was those tables, I spent the next like, two hours trying to stabilize and reach equilibrium once more. It was… a lot. Nevertheless, we made it through, and I finally got my groove back. It also felt good that Nicolette was on my side, and kind of got mad at the guests for saying rude things about me. I know I’m a good server, and even though I made mistakes, it doesn’t change the fact that I think I am pretty damn good at what I do. Apparently Chernin even had two tables complain about her, so maybe something was just in the air today; I dunno. I will say that the easiest way to some things up was this area in the kitchen right next to the service station I was at, which just was smoking for no reason. Why is it smoking? Who knows. Is it a good sign? Probably not. Will things be alright? I’m sure. Later on in the night, I made sure to thank Chernin, who was crucial in helping me get back on my feet, and brought me completely back to equilibrium when she poured wine at a table for me, allowing me to catch up. I tried to help her out later on, taking on another table since she was swamped, and it definitely seemed to help her out as well; thank god. Oh, one really nice thing of the night was a guy who came in to eat with his daughter. They spent like $70 or $80, but after he paid he just handed me a $20, thanked me, and they headed out. Now that’s parenting I like to see. Also it really just made me smile, because fuck I needed that.

Finally the time hit 10PM and we were in the clear. I had a few tables left to finish up with, so I did my closing side-work, putting away wines, and rolled some silverware before my tables were finished and I was able to put in all our tips. Now there was one bucket of silverware that we hadn’t done yet, but with it being 10:40 already, one of the servers said that they would just do it tomorrow, and we all headed home at last. I had to run to the train, but thankfully I made the final express A and got to 175th by Chambers. Also as I was checking texts when I got off work, Julian had confirmed that he had sent in his application, which meant the three of us all had our apps in. Now Debby had messaged me, saying she was turning her phone off until 6:30 tomorrow, but hopefully the three of us putting in our applications puts us in a much better position to get this apartment. Fuck we need to get this place. I called up Maggie when I was off the train, chatting with her as I headed over to Rite-Aid, buying some cookies, a gatorade, and some air freshener for my room, and heading home. We ended up playing two games before she got off, and then Zach and I ended up playing a game before I decided to call it for the night. I’ve spent the last few hours finishing up binging Big Mouth Season 3, and damn the cliff hanger is a good one; can’t wait for the new season to…. eventually come out. Tomorrow I get to head to my friend Cassidy’s Halloween party, so that is definitely gonna be a fun one. Also! The rest of my costume finally arrived, so I will be good to go heading into tomorrow. The major thing is just getting my hair to stay. Hm. Should be interesting getting on the train dressed like I will be, but fuck it; it’s New York!

Until next time,



**Look at this beautiful view when I woke up at like 6:30 or 7AM this morning. I was tired as all hell, but wow

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