A Realization Causing Internal Panic (10/24/19)

Wow my birthday’s actually coming up in five days. Well… four technically, since I’m writing this on the 25th. Alright, so today was actually a steady, but not crazy day at Eataly, but I desperately need to go to bed because tomorrow is going to be a super long day. Like, we’re having a staff meeting at 8:30AM, which means I’m gonna have to get up at 6:30. Mind you, it’s already 1:45 now, so basically I’m not getting any sleep. Oh, and did I mention that I’m also coming back to work for the night shift at 3PM? God tomorrow is gonna be rough. Now today started with me already stressing a bit, because I woke up to an email from the realtor, Debby, asking me to call her. Thankfully Andrew asked me to call him, so I relayed what was going on and we decided to just tell her that I was working at the moment, but would call her at 3:30 when I was on my break. Andrew said that Julian felt confident about the interview, and would hopefully hear back by tomorrow, so at least we had a time frame to hopefully work with. I told Andrew that I would work to give us at least a day, so at last we could maybe breathe… for now. Having all of this figured out- at least for the time being- I laid in bed until I absolutely had to get up and shower; I didn’t get a chance to yesterday, since Andrew and I were out all day looking at apartments, and then I was of course at thrift stores, so I definitely was prepped to wash up. Also thank god I bought some body soap yesterday, because I was out, and that would have been awkward. I was running late, as per usual, but after finally getting out of the shower, washing up and getting dressed, I hurried out of my apartment and to the train station, ready to get the 2:22 A downtown. Unfortunately for me, the A was running a few minutes behind, but by 2:24 it had arrived and I was at last on my way downtown.

Once I got off the train, I had a good five minutes to get to work, so I did have to do a bit of running down the tunnel to make it on time. Thankfully I clocked in right at 3PM, heading into the bathroom to quickly put on my work shirt before heading onto the floor. I was on wine today, so I headed over and got to it, only to notice that we had three new wines that I had never seen before; turns out we just got in a new red, a new white, and a “new” rose, (apparently we used to have it, but that was before I worked here). I stocked up all I could before wasting away a few minutes and heading off to clock out and go on break. As I started making my way out of Eataly and towards Pret, I gave Debby a call, honestly expecting the worst. When she answered, Debby told me that she had just wanted to check in on how the applications were doing, but got nervous when I told her that Julian needed to submit his application in tomorrow, or maybe even the day after, since he was hearing back from a job. She worried that we might pull out, but on Andrew’s suggestion from our phone call earlier on, I offered up 4B in exchange for 3B and hopefully a bit more time. Apparently the girls had been hounding Debby about the apartment, prepped to drop rent ASAP, so I told her that we were willing to give up 4B, taking 3B, as long as we could have a day or two. She seemed to agree, though not too happy about the situation- tell me about it- and that, I thought, was that. I bought my usual meal at Pret, though I got a cranberry yogurt cup since they didn’t have the one I usually got, and before I knew it I had to head back to work.

I went to stop by the bathroom before I needed to clock in, but as I waited for a stall for a good eight minutes, I gave up and clocked in, knowing I would have had only two minutes before I would need to hurry, clock in, and head over to pre-shift. As for pre-shift, we ended up going over the red and white wines, both of which were fine I guess, before we were sent on the floor. I planned on immediately using the bathroom, but with a table just being sat in my section, I had to take an order or two first. This is when I had a conversation with another server, Brian, which kind of put me in a mini panic mode. So Brian’s birthday is actually on Saturday, and when he told me he was turning 38, it threw me off because of actually how much of a age gap there was. I mean we’re 15 years apart. Easier way to look at it, “there’s a sophomore [in highschool] between us!” His words, not mine. He also immediately heard what he said, and knew exactly how it sounded. The biggest thing though is that he is also an actor- go figure- and he really doesn’t submit for too much anymore, because the pay is just too good here. I mean that’s amazing and everything, but that made me panic because where in the fuck will I be in 15 years? I want to have made it; I need to have the drive to make it, and in much less time than 15 years. Maybe I’ve been slacking off; not applying as much because I’m comfortable, but that needs to change. Brian’s great, but I can’t just be sitting, waiting around for something to happen. I need to start taking classes, and take my dreams and my future into my own hands. A terrifying, daunting, but necessary life talk with myself that happened in the span of less than 15 minutes. With my emotions a bit rattled, I took the orders of two tables before quickly hurrying off to the bathroom, coming back right as the pastas were arriving at the first table. Now one of the girls really enjoyed hers, but the girl who got the Cacio e Pepe was not a fan. “I thought the cheese was going to be heavier.” Do you want me to bring more parmesan to grate over it? “No, it’s already very cheesy.” Basically, this girl got the Cacio e Pepe, and didn’t expect it to be this cheesy? I was baffled. I took the pasta, putting in a different one for her- the Tagliolini- and after having a manager comp the first pasta, the poor cheesy pasta noodles all found there way to the trash.

Now the rest of the day at work actually went pretty smoothly. Unfortunately I got another text from Debby, saying that another real estate company was showing off the room, and I asked if she could please at least hold onto the room for us, just for another day- god hopefully not two. Putting that out of my head, I worked to take care of all my guests, and make sure they all had a good time. I did have this one table, these two ladies, who just chilled at their table for like 2.5 hours. I mean I offered them a dessert menu, but when they said they would look at it, they just hung onto the menu for a good 45 minutes, telling me that they were “okay” every time I asked if they wanted anything. They ended up ordering a bottle of wine, thank god, but then just sat there. Like I don’t give a shit if you’re sitting there, but at least let me know when you’re done so I can bring you the bill. After you’ve paid, feel free to just stay in those seats; that’s a table I don’t have to deal with, so it’s fine. Thankfully they at least tipped around 20%, so I didn’t really care in the end. As things slowed down and the time crept closer to 10, I put away all the wines in my section and the section next to me, (my side-work), and helped roll whatever silverware we had. Even with us getting one more big bucket at 10:10, we all managed to clock out around 10:40. As I clocked out and headed towards the train, I texted Debby, asking if Andrew and I filling out applications would at least buy us some time. It seemed like it would, so I called Andrew and let him know exactly what was going on; I didn’t want to stress him out, but like… we’re running out of time here.

I finally got on the A at 10:53, and around 11:30 I was home at last. Now the good news is that most of my costume had arrived in the mail; aka the sweater and the glasses. After putting on the outfit, at least what I had so far… the trench coat was a bit small, but it’d work nicely. Maggie really liked how everything was looking, so I was satisfied. The big task is going to be getting everything on and my hair ready for Saturday. Also I am going to be sweating SO much. Holy moly. After showing off my costume to Mags via a picture on Snapchat, I called Andrew and we got to it filling out our applications; however, we ran into a snag when it came to filling out information about our apartments. I have zero idea who my landlord is, nor how much this entire apartment is worth, so… yeah. After texting Raf about what was going on, he finally, eventually, responded, reluctantly giving me the rent per month cost, and just telling me to put his name down as the landlord; he’d call Debby tomorrow to explain her the situation. Greaaat. Thankfully, around 1:45, after some blacking out of information just to show some paystubs, and sending out my driver’s license and things, I finally was good to go and my application was sent out. Now all that has to happen is Andrew and Julian fill out theirs, and we will be good to go. Fuck it is already 2:55, and tomorrow is already going to be one HELL of a long day. Just pray for me that we’re able to snag this apartment from the jaws of defeat; gnashing at our feet, dangling right about its hungry mouth.

Until next time,



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