An Exciting Prospect with a Gamble That May Set Us Back to Square One (10/23/19)

So today I headed off with Andrew to at last check out a two possible apartments; he was excited about the one on 158th, and I was really excited about the one in Brooklyn. Now as you know, I decided to go to bed incredibly late last night, so I ended up waking up today right around noon, sitting at a solid six hours of sleep maybe. Andrew texted me, asking if I wanted to meet him at the train station right by 158th at 12:45, and not thinking I said “Sure!” Mind you, we were checking out the apartment at 1, so it made sense to meet up and head there together. Now of course with this being me, I told him to just meet me at the apartment, since I would be walking over there, and planned on getting up and leaving with time to spare…. Who am I kidding I stayed in bed until 12:35, finally got up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, got dressed and sped out of the apartment, jogging some of the way just to make it by 1PM. I ended up arriving at the apartment at 1:01, after accidentally turning on the wrong block, but thankfully even though Andrew was there, the realtor was not. After buzzing the apartment and getting no answer, I sent an email letting him know we were here. Andrew ended up finding the guys’ phone number, so he even gave him a call and then texted him, hoping to get a response. Thankfully before we left, the guy arrived and the three of us headed up to see the place.

Now the realtor told us he had a few places he wanted to show us, but the first stop was the $2350 apartment. Not too expensive by any means, and Andrew liked the price, but I wasn’t sure. It wasn’t bad, but the rooms sure felt a bit cramped. One of them was smaller, and probably couldn’t even fit a queen. Also the stove was like, right next to the fridge, so the oven didn’t open all the way? A lot of things shoved into a small area. Whatever. He asked how much time we had, and since the Brooklyn viewing wasn’t until 3PM, he ended up showing us two more apartments. The first of the two was actually priced at $2200. Cheaper, but what we were giving up was the fact that now all three rooms were small. The kitchen was a bit more open to be sure, but the space in general was just… it didn’t feel like there would be much privacy. The second of the two was a $2500, which if I’m being honest with you, was worse than the $2350. Sure the rooms were probably a bit bigger, but the “kitchen” and bathroom were so cramped it just didn’t seem comfortable to live there. Like, the stove and sink were basically in the hallway leading to the bedrooms, so there really wasn’t much space to do anything. Out of the three, Andrew and I both agreed that either the first or second room were our favorite, with me leaning slightly towards the $2350. Another issue with these places is that there was no laundry in the building. I know that’s not much of an issue, but it was still something we would have to think about.


**The $2350 apartment

With all of this in mind, Andrew and I thanked the guy for his time, with Andrew getting the information in case we wanted to further the application, and we headed on out. Again, I dunno I want my place to feel like a home, and these just… didn’t do it for me, you know? I will say, however, that I was really excited to see the place in Brooklyn. $2500, and from the pictures it seemed so damn nice. Before anything though, we NEEDED to get some food. I mean it was already hitting past 2PM, and my stomach was crying out for food. Andrew definitely seemed pessimistic about this place, thinking it was too far from Manhattan; the train ride’s too long. We also accidentally got off at the wrong stop because he misheard the address I told him, but when we switched from the 3, which runs local in Brooklyn I guess, to the 4, I was surprised to see it was honestly a bit faster. Like I guess the 4 runs express? Because we skipped two stops and made it to the Crown Heights stop fairly quickly. As we got off and headed outside, I was surprised just how nice the area was; well it wasn’t crazy nice, but it was kind of quiet. Plus there’s a park right nearby, in case I ever decide to actually go running. As we walked down the path, I asked Andrew what he thought of the area, and his only response was still how long the train ride would be. I told him that we should pause and grab a quick bite, just so we would be in a more positive mindset when checking the place out. Also, I was starving. There was a McDonald’s that we were about to go to when Andrew recommended the dollar pizza right next to it, so that’s what we did. I spotted him on pizza because they didn’t accept cash, but hey, each of us getting two slices and a drink, and only spending $6 altogether? Only in New York baby.

As we sat on a nearby bench for a few minutes, enjoying our pizza, I just sat back and watched these two older gentlemen sitting at the bench across from us, having fun and greeting almost everyone who passed; seriously it seemed like they knew everyone. And like, actually knew them, not like saying hello to strangers because you want something from them, or you’re crazy. However, the time was already getting close to 3PM, so we headed on over to where the apartment was. I started to get nervous, as we walked closer, because all the buildings we passed seemed older and maybe a bit rundown. This was the second place I suggested, and with the first one in Brooklyn only being so-so from when Andrew saw it, I wanted this one to be a winner. And then, as we got closer, there it was. A real “one of these things is not like the others”. The building was grey, and definitely stood apart from all the other buildings surrounding it. It looked freshly built, and was actually still not even completely finished on the first floor. The realtor wasn’t here yet, and after waiting a minute or two, and my texts not sending for some reason, I just gave the lady a call; She said she meant to meet us at the end of the street, and would be right over. Honestly it was pretty damn easy to tell who the realtor was, just from how she was dressed and how she walked. A real “New York realtor” if you can create a picture of one in your head. Really though, she was great. Now both the apartments she showed us were $2500, which was awesome, and when she showed us the first place- holy shit. It was so nice. Three, good sized rooms, a larger living room area, a renovated kitchen with a dishwasher, two bathrooms, and AC/ heating units in every room. Fucking incredible. Even more amazing is when she told us that there was an apartment above, exactly the same structure, but the lighting- oh my god the lighting was incredible; The realtor said that it was an act of god that this apartment was available for us. The story went that there was a group of people who had already settled on the apartment, but when they sent in their information, it turned out all three of them had a credit score sitting around the 500’s. Like the highest of the three was at like 528. Even worse, they had a guarantor whose credit score was ALSO in the 500’s. HOLY. The realtor said she couldn’t even send their submission in, because she would’ve embarrassed herself. The biggest thing with these rooms is that one of them didn’t have a closet, but it was also the one with a bathroom connecting to it, which meant that person- aka me- would probably pay just a bit extra, in exchange for their own bathroom. I mean, that was perfect! I have a stable job, and am more than happy to pay just a bit extra, as to alleviate a bit of the financial burden from Andrew and Julian. Even more amazing about this place? Laundry in the basement, and even a gated garage, so Julian could have his car. AH it was perfect. The realtor told us that there was another group looking at the place, but only one of the girls had seen it, so we had a leg up on her; she would have to convince two people, while we would only have to convince one. Nevertheless, the realtor told us that we should have an answer if we wanted to put down a “good faith deposit”, which just meant that we were serious in looking at this place, and wanted it to at least be taken off the market and not shown anymore, by tonight. Andrew even FaceTimed Julian, so he got to see the place too. We thanked her for all her help and headed out, me feeling just so goddamn giddy.


**A sneak peak of the $2500 apartment in Brooklyn

Andrew had told me that there would have to be a difference between this $2500 apartment vs. the $2350 for him to have reason to spend the extra money, but as we left he told me that he was convinced. I was prepped to just put the deposit down now, but Julian asked for a few hours, just to talk to his folks about it. With that, the day of viewing apartments was done, and I was prepped to spend the rest of the day going to thrift stores, working to get the final pieces of my costume for Saturday. Andrew was tired and just wanted to head on back home, but as we arrived at 14th St. so I could head to my first thrift store stop, and Andrew could go and catch the L to transfer to the A, I got a text from the realtor. “Heads up the girls want me to send them a deposit agreement”. We had to act fast. Of course 3B was available still, but 4B with that lighting? After a quick exchange with Andrew, he said “Go for it”, and I dropped the $500 for the “good faith deposit”. I let the realtor, whose name is Debbie by the way, just so I can stop calling her “the realtor” know that I put the deposit, and after she confirmed the money had gone through, she sent me the application. As I was walking over to the first thrift store, I asked if we had some breathing room, since Julian was still talking with his parents, and she asked me to call her; basically it wasn’t bad news, just telling me that the girls were sad but we had first dibs on 4B, but we should send in our application sooner rather than later, like tonight or tomorrow, to get things rolling. Then a wrench was thrown into our plans. Julian texts our group chat, saying that he has a job interview tomorrow, but if he doesn’t get it, then he might not even be able to move in at all, because he’s tight on money right now; which I get and all, but fuck. How can we go and send our application in by tomorrow, when Julian isn’t even sure if he’s gonna be able to move to New York? I put that off my mind for a bit, and honestly spent the good next two hours looking at different thrift stores, trying to find things that would work for the costume. Well, I did find a trench coat at the first place I checked out- a women’s trench coat for $25. A bit small, but it would work for what I was going for. I wanted to still try and find a journal or something, even resorting to going into Strand to maybe find something, but to no avail.

Now here’s the issue with me going into Strand- that is one of my ex’s favorite stores, if not her favorite store, in the city. I kept expecting to randomly run into her, which got to a point where I kept seeing random people and really thinking it was her. Not great to have and ex on your brain, let me tell you that. I did talk with Maggie for a bit while I was in the Strand bookstore, before hanging up and walking to 14th and 8th Ave to catch the A home. I still kept almost expecting to see my ex, which equally excited me to an extent. but terrified me. I mean, I don’t even want to know what opinion she has of me at this point; listen I know a few months ago I thought the letter was this great idea, but of course it wasn’t everyone told me it wasn’t, but I didn’t listen. Do I regret sending it, yes, but no. I mean it was stupid, but they were emotions that I really needed to get out in the open. I’m just curious if I’ve changed at all in these past five months… I hope I have, but I have no way to be sure. Oh also! As I left Strand, I ended up one, passing by a protest, but two and a lot more uncomfortable, I had someone try to stop me, aka an on the ground fundraiser. As I walked past, I noticed a guy explaining about giving distance when you’re trying to stop someone, to which my first thought was “wait that sounds like what Dialogue teaches its employees…” and guess what? Low and behold it was one of the leaders from Dialogue. I literally recognized his face immediately. Thank god he didn’t see me, and even if he did, he definitely wouldn’t recognize me. I definitely did not make a splash in Dialogue at all. As for the protest, I have zero idea what they were protesting, but it was still cool to see!

Finally on the A, I headed on home, where I spent the rest of tonight playing League, watching some Big Mouth, and making dinner. Now I had a point where Andrew started panicking on me, about how we were hasty, and how we shouldn’t have done this, and blah blah blah, mostly from Julian’s response. You know we’re in a weird spot when I’m forced to be the reasonable, grounded one of the group; I never do that. It’s not fun. But yeah, it ended with Andrew just saying that we’d talk more about it tomorrow, and I’ve already come up with a way to squeeze out a little extra time for us to fill out our applications. At this point I have to kind of treat this whole thing like a game of chess, and I will get checkmate and get this apartment. I hope.

Until next time,



**The well… sort of trench coat. Get excited for the costume everyone! It’s coming together really nicely

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