A Slow Day with a Brilliant Halloween Costume Idea (10/22/19)

The time is now 4:40 in the morning, and I am just now beginning to write this blog post. Why you might ask? Because not only have I been playing some League, which is quite usual honestly, but I have also been getting things ready for my Halloween costume for my friend’s party on Saturday. Up until today, I really didn’t know what I was going to be; maybe Bernie Sanders? That could be fun I guess… But then, when talking to one of my managers today at work, she gave me the idea to be Milo from Atlantis. Honestly I hadn’t really thought about that in a while, but last year for Halloween I actually planned on being him, but ended up not finding the right outfit in time- I literally decided to do it day of- and just gave up. However this year, I have a few days time, which means I can just order a few items from Amazon, and hopefully find something at a thrift store. Aka a trench coat. Seriously, I need to somehow find one, because trench coats are EXPENSIVE. I did however, buy the glasses and the shirt; I already have the pants and boots, so all I’m missing is the book and the said trench coat. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find something tomorrow. Either way, the outfit it gonna look GREAT. (I hope) I’m also gonna need to buy some hair spray, because my hair is not going to stay properly otherwise. Still trying to figure out how I’m gonna get it to look like Milo’s hair, but that’s something I need to worry about at a later time; For now the costume has to be my main focus.

But enough about that, let’s get onto today. So despite going to bed pretty late last night, I actually managed to get over eight hours of sleep, which is probably because I slept until like 1:30PM. Once I was finally awake, I quickly hopped in the shower, got dressed, and headed out, catching the 2:22 A downtown. Now while on the train, I was blessed with a guy sitting next to me with this ADORABLE little dog, who just made me swoon. I did take a nap on the train, but before the guy got up, the dog was facing me so I put my hand in front of it and it LICKED ME. I have been blessed by the doggo. I couldn’t help but smile as I gave it a quick pet before the man got up and the dog was gone. What I good start to the day. What wasn’t great was the fact that the A just sat in the tunnel before 59th St. for a good 6-8 minutes, which meant that I was gonna be late to work. Lame. As the train pulled into Chambers, I sprinted down the passageway, outside and to the fourth World Trade Center building. It was only lightly misting at the time, so thankfully by the time I got inside and clocked in, I wasn’t actually sopping wet. The time already hitting 3:05, I made a quick stop over in a hallway just to put on my work shirt before heading onto the floor to start my day. I was on lowboys, so that of course took up most of the 30 minutes, with the time hitting 3:27 before I knew it. I clocked on out and made my way to the break room, just for a cup of water, before walking over to Pret.

Still only sprinkling, I hurried into Pret, trying to make sure my hair didn’t get too wet, getting my usual meal and sitting down to enjoy for a moment of peace. I watched a few videos, one of which being Binging With Babish’s new episode; which, if you don’t know who that is, you should definitely fix that. He’s amazing and that show is amazing. Before I knew it the clock was already striking 4PM, so I tossed my trash and made my way on back to the World Trade Center, heading up the escalators and back to Eataly. Clocking in and heading into pre-shift, I was honestly kind of nervous for today. I mean, it was supposed to rain starting around 7PM, so even though it was basically dead- like seriously, it felt so empty- I had a feeling we were going to get slammed tonight. However, even bigger news was announced when our manager Emily announced that she would actually be leaving, (later I found out her final day is like mid-November). It made me sad because although there are times when she does things that are a bit irritating, we get along really well and I’m gonna miss her energy at Eataly. With that news just dropped on us, we tried the new wine we were bringing in- fucking $25 a glass, but it’s also a Tuscan red combo’d with Merlot, Cabernet, and another grape, so I guess it makes sense? With pre-shift done and over with, I hit the floor and headed to my section for today- section 3. I was taking over for Gina, so her an I chatted for a good minute before I had to start taking care of my tables, and that was that. I debated asking if she wanted to grab drinks or something tomorrow, but she peaced out before I even had a chance to ask, so it’s whatever. I dunno, for some reason at the start of the day I was feeling so damn sluggish. Like even though I got a ton of sleep I was still tired, you know? Not a fun time, let me tell you.

That was when it was just confirmed once more that I really only have two settings- tired, or SUPER awake. Like there was a point where I started to get behind and all of a sudden that switch got flipped and I was wide awake and running. It was like someone cranked the gears and I started speeding forward; it was weird. Now as for the night… I mean there really isn’t much to say. It was steady to be sure, but it wasn’t that crazy of a night. I kept expecting to get slammed, but we never did. I did have this one table that I messed up on a bit, but other than that? Nothin’. Oh, but at the beginning of service I accidentally tapped a wine glass against an edge of a shelf and the bottom just came off and shattered, so that was funny. Seriously though, today was so slow that by the time I had closed out all my tables, did my closing side-work, AND rolled whatever silverware that was left, it was still barely after 10. I ended up clocking out like, right before 10:20, heading on down the escalator and to the subway. Oh, but while it was slow today, I did ask Emily for ideas for a Halloween costume, and like the FIRST thing she said was Milo. Her second choice? Cruella De Vil. Not sure why, but I will say, that would be kind of fun to do. (Next year) With this new idea in mind, I headed on to the subway and after a surprisingly long wait, I got on the A and was on my way home at last.

I made it to 175th like right after 11PM, so I quickly made my way to Subway and got my usual before going home and calling Mags. I chatted with her about costume ideas- what I need to get, what would work, etc.- and ended up buying glasses and a turtleneck sweater for the costume. I mean, I already have the belt, pants, and boots for the costume, so now all I’m missing really is a trench coat. That one could be a bit difficult, along with a leather journal (well the journal is definitely no where near as difficult), but all in all, I’m really excited. I told Emily that I’d show her pictures, and she definitely got excited at the prospect. Side note- Atlantis is SUCH an underrated movie. I ended the night playing League with Mags, Eddie, and Mikey for a bit, Maggie getting off first, and then Eddie and Mikey, before watching some YouTube videos. I hadn’t planned on playing any ranked tonight, but then I had this urge to just play some games, so I did just that. Lost a few, won a few, not a bad night. It’s now 5:15 and I am seeing two apartments with Andrew tomorrow, and maybe I’ll even make a stop at a thrift store or two. Should be fun!

Until next time,


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