A Slow, Rainy Sunday with an Audition on the Horizon (10/20/19)

So right as I got home, after grabbing a quick meal from Taco Bell, I opened up my email to find that I actually have an audition tomorrow! I apparently received the email with all the said information around like 4:30PM, but I was working at that point so I only got it when I got home after work; never check my phone when I’m at Eataly really because, you know I’m on the clock, but yeah. Feels a bit bad but that’s alright. I’ve been looking over the lines to try and get them down, but my audition’s tomorrow at 11:45, so I really need to get things going and go to bed. I’ll go into more detail in the end, but basically my printer is out of colored ink, and since this model won’t print if one of the cartridges is empty, I’m gonna have to wake up at like 8:30, get up, go over to Office Depot near 34th St., get what I need, come home, print out the sides, and then head over to the audition at 11:45. Annoying to be sure, but it’s what I’m gonna have to do. No way around it unfortunately.

Now today was a rainy one to be sure; I really wasn’t thinking about the implications when I was on my way to work, but it was definitely made pretty apparent once I got there. Since I went to bed so late last night, I made it a point to sleep in today, waking up just after 1PM and lying in bed, watching the final hope of NA at Worlds- League stuff- get crushed and be sent packing. Definitely an expected result, but as an NA fan it still feels bad. Once the time finally was climbing past 1:40, I desperately had to get up and hop in the shower, getting ready for the day so I could make it to work on time. The next A’s were arriving at 2:16 and then 2:26, so I worked to leave at 2:13 so I would catch the earlier train; didn’t feel like running to work if I’m being honest with you. However, despite rushing out of the apartment, umbrella in hand, and making it to the subway station right at 2:15, I could only listen as I heard the A’s doors closing and the train speeding away from 175th. Sighing, I headed on down the stairs, sitting down and waiting for the next train to arrive, before getting on and finally making my way downtown to work. Thank god.

Once we arrived at Chambers, I only had a few minutes so I worked to quickly make my way out the tunnel and outside so I could maybe make it to work on time. I tried walking at first, but as time ticked closer and closer to 3PM, I picked up the pace and jogged part of the way there. By the time I made it up the escalators, clocking in at the nearest station, the time had just hit 3:01. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Only a minute late? I mean not the best, but definitely not terrible. I headed onto the floor to find a pretty damn packed La Pizza La Pasta. That’s when it hit me- Right, fuck it’s raining outside. Of course it’s busy today…. shit. Pushing aside my few worries about how tonight would be, I got to stocking wine and ice today, which was my side work. After doing wine/ice and lowboys for almost every side work, I gotta say- it’s a pretty decent work out. Like I’m definitely not building a ton of muscle or anything, but it’s not like I’m lifting light objects. I mean carrying large things of ice, boxes of drinks? Definitely some weight behind them to be sure. Now I just have to find a way to work my chest and build that out; we got the arms and legs, now time to build out the pecs and abs. (Yeah, right) After Alex, the other server doing wine and ice with me, and I had finished, I grabbed my things and clocked out, making my way to the break room to see what was for lunch. Unfortunately all that was on the menu today was hotdogs, but I did make sure to grab a few chips before heading on over to Pret; I mean, why not, right? Now once I got to Pret, I got my usual meal, keeping it warm this time with mac ‘n’ cheese, along with the other usuals, and sat down; enjoying my lunch while listening to some music and watching a few YouTube videos.

As I was finishing up a video, I realized that it was already past 4PM, so I quickly grabbed my things and headed on back to the World Trade Center. After my usual pit-stop, I clocked back in and headed over to pre-shift so my day could finally, truly, begin. Now we had four specials running today, but the big kicker was that we seemed to be low or 86 on so many items. I mean, wine, drinks, gelato, everything. I mean by the end of the night, we were out of three types of beer, one or two types of wine, apple juice, one of the pasta specials, two types of gelato, and even coffee. And that’s all I can remember we were out of; I’m sure we were out of a few more things than that. Now as I headed onto the floor, I was back at the corner, which was a pretty large section if I’m being honest with you. Now for some reason, just like yesterday, the main push of the night ended up happening right at the beginning of the shift. I mean it felt like there was no end to the tables I was getting; and the fact that I had two large tables in my section meant that when my whole section was full, that was including two 7-10 tops; Insane. Now I will say some of my first large parties was actually a lot of fun, with one of them having a kid who asked how old I was- I was genuinely surprised when I asked how old they thought I was and they said 22- and then another table… well some special times with them. That table mentioned they had never been to Eataly before, so when I started talking to them, one of the guests started taking a video of me. A bit weird, but whatever. I looked down, noticed they were videoing me, and just played it off; honestly I really don’t care. Later on they asked if I was in school, and when I mentioned I had graduated last year, but am now here as an actor, they asked if they could take my picture, just in case one day I was famous. Funny people, but hey, *when* I’m successful and famous, at least they’ll have that photo of the time I served them at Eataly. Now the beginning of the night started really well honestly, with guests being kind and actually tipping me properly. But as things slowed down, for some reason guests stopped tipping. Like tonight I got stiffed not once, but TWICE. I also had this one guy who was sitting by his lonesome, and when I finally got to him- I had a full section including like an eight top that I had to get to as well- he snidely remarked that he was wondering where I was. Even though he seemingly enjoyed the food, he ended up tipping me like $2 on a $40 check. Like dude, just don’t tip me then; if you felt so strongly about my service, then you can keep your two fucking dollars. I really will be fine without them; sorry, a bit annoyed about that shit, but it’s fine. As things really slowed down, Sergio ended up closing my section along with Stag, and I got to getting on with my closing side work- emptying the ice and then of course rolling. We had a bunch to do tonight, so by the time we had finished and I had written down all my numbers, the time was creeping towards 10:38. I will say though, despite the slow end, the fact I hit like $350 in cc tips and just over $180 in cash? Not a bad night!

As I was writing down my numbers, I checked to see when the train was coming to find out that the next one was arriving at 10:41… fuck. I hurried and grabbed my things, and hauled ass over to Chambers St. I mean the next A wasn’t arriving until just after 11 and would DEFINITELY be running local, so fuck that shit. As I hurried down the steps, the A sped into the station, so I continued jogging to get ahead a few cars, and sat down to breathe. Now at each stop I switched one car up, just so I would be closer to my apartment once I got to 175th, but each time this guy walked through, putting signs on seats asking for donations to help the homeless. Now I saw him twice, and the second time, as I got up to move forward one final car, I decided to give him a 5. Sometimes it’s nice to just try and give instead of take take taking. I mean I don’t really give money to the homeless that often- honestly being in New York really desensitises you to all of that stuff- but sometimes you should try and find some humanity to help another person. Once I sat back down, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to catch some z’s before I had to get off the train. Now once we arrived at 175th, I hurried off the A and headed towards Subway, hoping they were still open so I could actually get a quick sandwich. Unfortunately for me, they were very much closed, so I decided to actually get some Taco Bell for once; it had been a minute and I was in the mood for some tacos. After grabbing my quick dinner, I headed on home to enjoy my food, getting inside around 11:30 and sitting down in my chair, ready to watch some Bon Appetit. However when I checked my email just to see if I had any important messages to read, I found that I actually had gotten an email from my agent, and I had an audition at 11:45 AM TOMORROW. FuCK. Now it’s pretty damn cool to finally get another audition, but unfortunately another wrench hit the machine when I went to print out my sides; my printer was out of blue and yellow ink, and because of the type of printer I have, it will literally not print out anything until I replace them. Fuck. After some deliberation, I headed over to Rite-Aid, aiming to buy whatever ink they had and hoping it would work; but when I saw the prices, I made sure to do my research to see if the ink cartridges would actually work, and to my dismay…. they would not. Aka, I’m gonna have to wake up even earlier tomorrow, head down to an Office Depot, grab the correct ink cartridges, and head on back to get ready for my audition. God that’s gonna be annoying… But I am definitely excited for this audition so in the end, I think it’s worth it! Also I counted all my cash that I’ve added up over the past few weeks, and including the coins I’ve rolled? I’m about to put like 1.1k into my account. God damn that’s gonna be FAT once it goes in! Fuck I’m excited. I actually might do that to, since I’m already gonna be at 34th St. Now then, I’m gonna go look over my sides, get ready for bed, and pass the FUCK out. Gonna be a crazy start to my day tomorrow.

Until next time,


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