Sometimes Things Get Busy and You Snap (10/19/19)

You know, I really should be getting ready and going to bed right now; I mean it’s 4:35 and I am just starting to write this blog post now. I always pretend like it won’t take me too long to write everything out, but let’s be real here- all my blogs hit 1k+ words, and that takes time. Now today was an interesting and busy Saturday to be sure. Interesting one, because for some reason my mind kept trying to tell me it was Sunday instead of Saturday, (fun stuff), and two, even though the day started out busy- and I mean BUSY- it actually calmed down and became quite the chill Saturday evening. Still made good money though! Now today I actually woke up right before 1PM, which used to always motivate me to get up and play a game of League. However of course I didn’t do that today. Instead I laid in bed for a good 40 minutes, watching the World Championship of League, between two teams playing to get into quarter finals. Exciting times… unless you’re an NA fan to be honest. When the game finally ended, I had to quickly get up and hop in the shower, because the time was already hitting 2:43, and I you know, had to get to work. Oh also I actually did get up for a moment or two just after 1, because one of my roommates, Paul, asked if he could talk to me for a quick sec. Basically he was looking for a roommate and wanted to see if I was interested, but unfortunately, or I guess fortunately for me, I’ve already found my roommates; thank god. I mean Paul’s fine and all, but living with people I genuinely know well, and people that I’m friends with? I mean come on.

Finally ready to go, I rushed outside and to the train, managing to catch the A right as it was arriving. As I got on I scanned around for a seat, eventually finding one and sitting down. After a few stops I did switch to a better seat where I could actually lay my head back and sleep, but I had to stop and take a few pictures of this ADORABLE dog in front of me. I mean it was just walking all around and under the seats, having the time of its life. Love that. Love dogs; just so incredibly pure. Finally making it to Chambers, I got off and walked to Eataly, actually running into one of the managers, Nicolette, on my way up the escalators. After chatting for a minute, I clocked in, put on my shirt, and made my way onto the floor to get the day started. I was on lowboys today, so of course my 30 minutes before break were spent making sure we were set on the floor. We had zero mole cola, think Italian coke, on the floor, so I went into the back and grabbed four cases, carrying them all back out and onto the floor; one of the other servers commented on how strong I was- being facetious, but hey I will still take the compliment. I may not really be strong, but I’m not weak either; I can carry more than people think I can. As I was stocking, I looked down at my left thumb to find it cut open a bit and bleeding ever so slightly. Not really sure when that happened, probably from one of the boxes- seriously heavy duty cardboard is SHARP- but I just shrugged it off, slapped a band-aid on my thumb, and got back to getting the lowboys stocked. As the time creeped closer and closer to 2:30, I grabbed my stuff and headed out, clocking out and heading over to the break room. Now I had just planned on going over to Pret like always, but the food actually looked pretty solid today, so I decided to actually not spend money today, and instead just eat in the break room; And that’s exactly what I did. I sat down with my plate of food, ending up getting two helpings, and just watched YouTube videos in the break room before I headed over to the bathroom, clocked back in, and headed over to pre-shift.

Nothing crazy at pre-shift, and even though Nicolette wanted to do a competition for the pasta special- you know, the one with truffle butter for $39, I wasn’t really feeling it; partly because of the price, but also partly because the pasta was changed to agnolotti, which I’m only iffy about taste-wise to begin with. With pre-shift done and over with, I hopped on the floor and my day began. Instantly I had a large party to deal with, and since I was the section right in front of the host stand, my tables filled up damn fast. I mean once I started, it felt like it was nonstop until maybe 6:30; normally the main push is at 7 or 7:30, but not today. So many tables being thrown at me, combined with my busser not bringing water or bread to any of my tables… my fuse started to run real short real fast. Now I wasn’t totally rude to guests, besides this one guy who wasn’t my table and wanted cheese, but then was like “Oh I can do it myself” when I told him someone would help him in just a moment. “You don’t know what table I’m at”. Listen here you fuck. One, I have eyes, so I can watch you sit down and know exactly what table you’re at. Two, you are literally at the table RIGHT BEHIND ME, so calm the fuck down. And three, don’t touch our shit. That is expensive equipment there; let us handle them. Sit down, calm down, we’ll be right with you. Jesus I hate people. Besides that dude though, there were just a bunch of people standing around in my way, so i was constantly almost shouting “Scuse me”, “Pardon me”, really loudly. Like I never get this short with people, but it was bad. I will say though, as things slowed down a bit, I had a table that said “You know, you’re really good at what you do. We eat out a lot, and we see you running around”. I mean, thank you; that really does mean a lot. This is obviously not what I want to do with my life, but despite what SARA said about me as a server, I am damn good at what I do; also I am a HELL of a lot faster than I used to be, thanks to Eataly. Speaking of which, if I do end up moving to Brooklyn, I do want to go over to Emma’s Torch to celebrate; I think that would be so fun. Go in for Brunch before work? Hell yeah.

Now then, as 6:30 and then 7PM arrived, I started to get worried; I mean things had finally slowed down, but it almost always picks up at 7. I was prepped to just get slammed again and want to die, but that actually never happened. I mean sure, things got busier, but it was never as bad as it was at the start of the shift. I ended up closing out my final tables a little after 10PM, with no one sitting down to eat like 10 minutes before we closed. I helped roll some silverware, sending back one bucket because it was disgusting, but right when I thought we were done… another bucket arrived. We ended up finishing up rolling by 10:40, but one of my tips was off so I had to stick around and figure out what was up. Turns out I thought a $30 tip was a $50 tip, because bad handwriting. Needless to say, I ended up catching the 11:04 A, which was sadly local, uptown and back home.

After waking up from a nap on the train, I arrived at 175th and headed on home. Once inside, I ended up watching some videos and playing a game or two of League, before making some food and falling back down the Bon Appetit rabbit hole; I ended up playing two quick games with Eddie before the time hit 4AM and I desperately had to get off to start this blog. However I had a shitton of clothes on my bed, so I had to sort those first and make my room not look like a total fucking mess. ALSO before I played with Eddie, I was playing a game of League on my own when I swear to god I saw a mouse on my computer motherboard. Just chilling. When I saw it and basically screamed, it sprinted off and I have zero idea where it is. Better than seeing a cockroach, but still not great to have in my room. Tomorrow it’s back to work, and then I’m off Monday. Fuck it’s already past 5AM. Alright, I hope all your days were well, and I hope this upcoming day is even better; Goodnight all.

Until next time,



Look at tihs72746513_534882707313463_1657750513174708224_n.jpg

**Look at this GOOD PUP. UGHHH SO CUTE

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