Another Busy Friday with Never-Ending Silverware (10/18/19)

So I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a good while now tonight, but I’ve gotten distracted, getting back into OkCupid and all. Do you when I knew I should stop though? I found my most recent ex again on the app. I mean that’s how we met in the first place and all, but finding her again? Big oof. Now did I swipe right? Well I mean I have a weird thing about always swiping right when it’s someone I know, so that’s something. Didn’t make me any less uncomfortable finding her, but I guess it makes sense. I mean she’s obviously going to see me I guess, and obviously she’s gonna swipe left because YIKES, but yeah; weird times. Now also side note- it’s fucking COLD in my room, since I only have an AC unit and the temperature outside is dropping like a mad man. Fucking Fall man. I mean don’t get me wrong, of course I like the season well enough; my birthday’s in 10 days for god’s sake, (cause I’m writing this at 3:55 AM so it’s now the 19th; you get it), but yeah… cold weather is starting to arrive and that’s… fun I guess.

Now then I guess we might as well talk about today. I mean it really wasn’t that crazy of a day… well it was busy, but for a Friday that’s expected I think. Now then, I woke up around 12:30, but let’s be honest with ourselves here- I did not move at all until 1:40, when I actually had to get up so I could shower. Yeah I’m lazy, I think we can all at least agree on that front. Finally getting up, I headed over and showered before finishing up getting ready for the day. I did trim my fingernails, because those were starting to get too long, and before I knew it it was time to leave. I had to catch the 2:21 train today, since after checking the app I found that the train before that one was at 2:10. Damn early, but I guess it’s fine. As I left my apartment, I found another package waiting at the door, so unlike yesterday I quickly brought it back inside before heading off to the train. I made it just in time, thank god because otherwise would have DEFINITELY been late for work, and so I was off. Now I didn’t really get a great seat to let me sleep, but as we reached 125th, another seat opened up so I quickly swooped in and grabbed it. However, right when I was starting to relax, these two elderly gentlemen got on the train, with one of them trying to squeeze into the seat that’s like against the wall but cramped? Don’t really know how to describe it other than that, but if you ride the subway you probably know what I’m talking about. I decided to give up my freshly snagged seat, letting them sit next to one another, standing and closing my eyes for a few minutes. A bit later on another seat opened up, and thankfully I was able to rest my feet and my eyes until I arrived at Chambers.

Once off the train, I ended up walking through the World Trade Center to get to Eataly, mostly because I had gotten a phone call about a package that was being held in Yonkers, and I needed it to be sent over to lower Manhattan. Thankfully that only took a couple minutes, so I was off the phone and on the escalators, with a minute or two to spare. As I got on the escalator, I saw Michele right there as well, and said hey; we chatted as we rode up and clocked in, with me stepping over to the side, putting on my work shirt, and heading onto the floor to start off the day. I was on low-boys today, and oh BOY were we low on a few things. The 30 minutes really seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, it was already time to clock out and go on break. Now before I headed on break, one of the other servers, Will, asked if I wanted to switch sections with him today, since I had pizza bar, and I told him that I would definitely think about it. Honestly there wasn’t much thinking to be done, I hate working pizza bar, but I still wanted to think it through. After clocking on out, I headed on outside for this week’s- drumroll please!- Smorgasburg! God it’s gonna make me sad when it ends after next week. As I walked along the vendor tents, I actually decided to go with the tried and true classic- the Supreme Burger stand. FUCK their burgers are good. I got a double, like I always do, and wandered around a bit before heading back, seeking dessert. Now I did see some ice-cream down the way, but this other pastry place really intrigued me, and I had to get whatever the little sweet was. It was almost like a cake or something covered in icing. Whatever it was, it was delicious. I went with the strawberry shortcake flavor because, I mean of course! What else could I had gone with?

After finishing my dessert and feeling much better, (my stomach finally stopped growling), I headed back inside before stopping and using the bathroom, clocking in, and heading over to pre-shift. Nothing major today, but we did have a pasta special that was a Tagliolini pasta with truffle butter for $39. Fuck that’s expensive. I mean I get it, it’s white truffle, but damn. Now I had let Will know by this point that I was down to switch, so I ended up taking his section, which is I always call it “Michele’s corner. Frankly with 10 servers on the floor though, it wasn’t going to be too difficult I didn’t think. Now we did have this event going on, starting at 6PM, where you get unlimited drinks and some horderves, for $65. What a steal, truly. As things got started, I mean yeah today got busy. But even though it was busy, for the most part I never felt too pressured. I handled my tables well and everyone seemed to have a good time! Towards the end of the night, I had this one table who literally wrote “Great service!” circling my name, so I loved that. Now the main issue of the night was that as I checked the back to get wine glasses, I watched people from the back stack buckets of silverware on top of one another; guess who’s gonna have to be rolling all of that? Well I guess not me as much, because my final two tables got sat within 10 or 15 minutes of us closing. Thankfully I got everything closed out by 10:30, and starting rolling with everyone else; easy peasy. By the time we finished everything, with me even having Emily send one bucket back to dish because it DEFINITELY wasn’t clean, we ended up finishing up by like 10:43. By the time I had put in my numbers- $360 or $375 in cc tips, and like $125 in cash- the time had just hit 10:58. I checked the app- the next A arrived at 11:01. Emily asked “You running to catch a train?” I said no, because I didn’t think I could make it. I mean I had less than three minutes. And then I said…. fuck it. I rushed over, clocked out, and made a mad dash down the escalators, across the open area, down the stairs, all the way through the long passageway, and down to the tracks right as the A arrived. Talk about insane timing. I got on the train and finally relaxed, letting myself close my eyes, taking a sigh of relief. The train was even running express! Talk about lucky.

I woke back up from my slumber to find that we had just arrived at 175th, so I got myself up, grabbed my things, and headed outside. I gave Maggie a call and headed over to Rite-Aid to get some toothpaste and dessert, along with some Sparkling Ice because they were on sale, before heading home and getting on League. I ended up playing two games with her and Eddie before they both got off for the night. I took that extra time to heat up some leftovers from last night, and then played two games of League by myself before ending my night binging some YouTube videos… aka Bon Appetit videos. They’re just SO good! I mean I also spent way too much time swiping on OkCupid, but like I said before, finding my ex definitely put a stop to that for the night. You can of course block someone on the app, so I look forward to having her do that to me in the near future. Or maybe she’ll just swipe left and that will be that. For now, I really need to go to sleep. My hands are FREEZING.

Until next time,


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