Waiting for the Customers to Storm the Gates, and Yet All is Quiet (10/17/19)

Today it was back to work for another Thursday at Eataly; riveting stuff, I know. I woke up around 1PM, but being too lazy to actually get up, I ended up just laying there, not really wanting to start my day until I had to, whittling away all the free time I had, before it was time to get up, shower, and leave. By the time I was out of the shower, washed up, and dressed, time had gotten away from me and I was going to have to catch the 2:22 train downtown to make it to work. Even despite the extra few minutes, I was still running late, hauling ass out of my apartment at 2:19, scared I wasn’t going to make the train. As I opened the door, I saw two packages sitting in the doorway, but out of fear that the train would be pulling into the stop at a moment’s notice, I ignored them, ran out my gate, and into the subway station. Once at the tracks, with a solid minute to spare, I texted my roommates, asking if one of them could grab the packages if they were home, since I did not have the time to do so. Finally the A pulled up to 175th and I was on my way to work at last. Sitting down and closing my eyes, I allowed myself to ignore the world and just try and rest for a few minutes before my day truly began.

Now something I forgot to mention was that when I got outside my apartment, I realized very quickly just how windy it was outside. This was shown at an even more extreme level as I stepped outside of the Chamber’s St. entrance, walking towards the World Trade Center. Maybe it was because we were closer to the water, maybe it was because of all the tall buildings around, but the open area acted almost like a windtunnel, pushing my forward with strong gusts. As I quickly worked to get back inside, I even watched the wind steal a man’s hat, with another guy working to help recover the stolen head garment; I tried to help, but that hat was dancing like it had hot coals under it. No worries, the man got his hat back and I kept on moving. Finally making it back inside, running the last leg of trek, the wind turning on me and trying to force me back, I headed up the escalators, putting on my work shirt, clocking in, and stepping onto the floor to get the day started. I was on wine duty today, and I will be very honest with you when I tell you that holy SHIT were we low on a bunch of wine today. Like we only had a few bottles of basically all of our reds, which was fun, and with nothing up on the floor, we couldn’t do any stocking to refill any of our reserve. Annoying but it happens. After the other server on wine, Rue, compiled a list, I did a final check before helping roll and put away a few napkins, as time at last ran out and I headed off towards Pret for my break.

Now just before I clocked out, my dad texted me, asking if I was available for a call at some point today, so as I stepped outside I gave him a call, actually wanting to fill him in on everything that has been going on in my life. After buying my usual meal, I sat down and chatted with my dad for a good 8 or 10 minutes, catching him up to speed with everything that has been going on; aka mostly the fact that I’m getting kicked out of my apartment, so I’ve been apartment hunting. It was really great to talk with him again, since I obviously don’t really talk to him all that often; I love my family, but with work taking up my life, I hardly have time to really keep them up to date with everything. (Or maybe it’s the fact that I don’t actually have anything interesting to share with them for the most part. My life is pretty much working and sleeping at this point) After we ended the call, I watched a few YouTube videos as I finished my meal, before getting back up and heading back to Eataly.

Pushing through the wind, I made it back inside, clocking back in right at 2:15, and heading on over for pre-shift to start the day out. Nothing really was going on today, so before too long we finished up and just made our way onto the floor. I was in section 4 today which had some two tops and one of the large round tables, and I was prepped to have a busy day. I mean we had the jazz band playing starting at 6 or 7, and that seems to draw people in; I mean I get it, they sound fantastic. However, as time rolled on by… nothing. The fact that we didn’t get slammed as the time pushed past 7, 7:30, 8? I started to get worried. I worried that we were going to have a really late push, around 9:30, and I would be stuck working until 11PM. No thank you. The main table I remember tonight was this, I think they were Italian, family, who I had built a pretty good rapport with as the night progressed. The dad ended up asking me if he could ask me a personal question, and then inquired if this was my main job- do I go to school? I told him that I graduated last year, and that since I’m an actor well… of course I’m a waiter. Like most people answer when I tell them that, the father said that he looks forward to seeing me on Broadway. You and me both my guy; you and me both. Other than them, I just had a few kind tables that let me just have a relaxing and fun evening; nothing crazy, just good service.

Now we didn’t get slammed at 9:30, but we definitely got a solid final push, with me getting four tables in the final 30 minutes before we closed. My final table actually arrived at like 9:50, but thankfully they ordered fairly quickly and I managed to close them out by like 10:20. Seriously Michele, who was working in the section next to me, mentioned he felt bad for me when he saw I had a full section at like 10:10. But then I pointed at them and said that I had actually just closed all but one of my tables, so there was no worried there. By the time I had counted my earnings, written them down, and clocked out, the time just struck 10:38. It really wasn’t that bad of a night, with me hitting like $330 in cc tips, and $114 in cash. Might’ve actually made more in cc tips, I just don’t remember. But yeah, pretty solid night. Now as I clocked out, I saw that the next A was arriving right at 10:41, which meant that I had three minutes, if that, to make it to the train. I didn’t think I could make it, but I decided fuck it and took off, sprinting outside through the wind to make it over to Chambers. I heard one of my co-workers shout something like “Run Michael!”, to which I basically just screamed “Woo!” and kept hauling ass. But hey, arriving with 30 seconds to spare before the A arriving? Actually running a good six or more minute walk in like two minutes? Not bad at all. With the A pulling up, I got on and started my express trip back on home. Now the train did stop and pause right before 59th St for a good 5 or 8 minutes, but thankfully we started moving before too long and I was at 175th by 11:25. Now I knew that I should cook tonight, but being the lazy man I am I hurried over to Subway, hoping to get a sandwich before they closed at 11:30. Unfortunately for me, by the time I reached the entrance, the lights were dimmed and the doors were locked; not wanting to buy any other food, I just decided to give up, heading on home and giving Maggie a call before we hopped on League to play a game. After we finished up, I actually ended up getting off and watching YouTube videos for a while; as the time struck like 2AM, I realized I still hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so I made the decision to actually get some cooking done; on tonight’s menu? Chicken,  jasmine white rice, and veggies. It took me almost an hour, probably more to be honest with you, but my food was made at last, and I sat down to eat, as I watched some more videos. It’s now just past 5AM, I’ve already washed up because I keep going to bed super late, aka right when one of my roommates is getting up to go to work, so I wanted to go to bed clean for once, not panicking because he’s in the bathroom and I still haven’t gotten ready for bed yet. Also! I’m actually off three days next week, because I requested next Saturday off so I could go to a friend’s Halloween party, so that’s gonna be fun. I also got like the coin counting thing today, so I rolled up almost all my coins, hitting $28 that could be rolled; I definitely have like $30 in coins, but you know I can only roll full stacks, so… But yeah, I’ll cash all that in at some point. Not now, but at some point. Now I need to go to SLEEP. Fuck I’m tired.

Until next time,


**Also shoutout to just how bright this picture is, despite me taking it at like 11:30 tonight. We stan the new iPhone cameras

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