First Day Apartment Hunting Bust (But at Least We’re Learning)(10/16/19)

So today I was supposed to spend the majority of the day apartment hunting with Andrew. From my previous understandings of the day, we had in all, three apartments that we planned on viewing- one on 157th, one up past 207th, and one in Brooklyn. That was the plan at least; but if you can’t tell by the title, things didn’t really go as planned, but that is a-okay. Now I went to bed later than I was hoping today, but still wanting to wake up and get some things done, I tried to get up at 10 AM and start my day kind of early. Unfortunately for me, whenever I look to get up early, my body seems to overcompensate, and I wake up SUPER early; like my body got me up at like 9AM or earlier, just because. Now once I finally got up, I checked my email to see if we were still confirmed for noon at the place on 157th, which was the first stop of the day, only to find the guy hadn’t really answered my previous email; or rather if he did, he was asking about tomorrow, when initially suggesting today at noon. Annoying. I sent an email back, asking if we could see the place at noon, and let Andrew know what was going on, just so we didn’t make an unnecessary trip, just to be turned away or not even be able to get inside. With the guy not answering after an hour or so, Andrew and I decided to give up on the apartment at 157th and set our focus on the other two. Now the one above 207th, on Seaman Ave. I believe, was having an “open house” starting at 1PM, and though I suggested Andrew see if it was “by appointment only”, he figured it would be fine, and chose to meet up close to that apartment right after 1. Now I had originally planned on showering and heading on over to the Verizon store, but really my body didn’t want to leave my bed, so I ended up getting up, washing up, getting dressed, and leaving right after 12:40, making it on the next uptown train- after renewing my monthly express metrocard because it expired yesterday- and heading on to 207th. Once I got off the train at 207th, I headed on out and towards the apartment, meeting up with Andrew along the way and heading towards the open house together. Now to get to the apartment, we had to walk up this tall flight of steps, which literally counted how many there were- 110 in all- and damn once we got to the top I realized just how out of shape I was. It’s insane how out of breath I felt after one tall flight of stairs. Side note, these stairs reminded gave the same look as the ones in “Joker”, though those steps are actually located in a different part of New York; fun fact.

After conquering the stairs, we headed over to the apartment, only to find the door locked unfortunately. We decided to make a loop and look around, maybe get me some food because I hadn’t eaten anything, while we wait for an answer from an email Andrew sent, inquiring about seeing the apartment. We weren’t sure if we’d even receive anything, but we figured we might as well hang around for at least a few minutes before giving up. After a loop around a part of the neighborhood, filled with a bunch of different car shops and even one funeral home, in case you died going up and down those hellish steps. Climbing back up the steps, we made our way back to the apartment, managing to finagle our way inside to where Andrew could knock on the door. After trying a few times to no avail, we gave up and made our way to the 1 train, where we just managed to catch a 1 arriving at the station and heading over to 181st. Once we got off at that station, we headed outside and to my apartment, where I picked up my new phone and we headed over to the Verizon Store down the street, just to get my SIM card swapped on over to my new phone. Seriously, not being able to have that new phone SUCKED; well I mean my old phone worked fine and all, but just having the new phone and not being able to carry it around was no fun. After a bit of waiting, I was helped by a nice employee who got everything done in like two minutes, and we were out of there. We headed over to Pick&Eat, where I got some much needed food and we relaxed, preparing for the viewing of the apartment in Brooklyn at 4:30. Unfortunately another wrench fell into the plan there, because I got in contact with a realtor showing off another apartment in the same building, who told me that the apartment we were supposed to look at today was actually only available to move in November 1st. Now Andrew obviously doesn’t want to move in earlier, because that would involve paying two different rents, which would blow, so we need to be able to move in December 1st; this meant that all three stops today were seemingly a bust. Also somehow throughout the span of like two hours, I was in contact with four different realtors, all trying to get me to view the apartment in Brooklyn; it was making my brain rattle, with lines being crossed and I started not knowing what I would be looking at. We finally got things straightened out and we were set to go- Andrew is going to view the apartment this Sunday, while I’m at work, and send me pictures. Now as I was eating, Andrew actually got a response from the person at Seaman, asking if we wanted to still see the apartment today, so not wanting to have a fruitless day, Andrew suggested we go back. I half-heartedly agreed, mostly because I thought that location was WAY to high up, and would make my commute to work even longer, but I still agreed to go because he wanted to see it. We made a quick pit-stop by my apartment just so I could grab my umbrella and headed out in the pouring rain to the A, and back up to the apartment.

We made it there a little after like 3:30 or something, and ended up checking out the apartment with three other guys, who I assumed were all looking to be roommates. Now it was a pretty decent apartment with decent sized rooms and all, but as we were looking around, I overheard the realtor talking with the other guys looking at the place, and found out that unfortunately the move-in date for this apartment would be November 1st- a bust. (Oh darn) With that in mind Andrew and I made our way out of the apartment and towards his apartment, getting off the 1 and stopping by his local grocery store and bodega- he forgot to buy bread- and headed on up to hang out for a while. Our friend Frank was actually coming over from New Jersey to hang out and stay the night a bit later in the day, so as we waited for him we just chilled in Andrew’s apartment, with Andrew making himself a sandwich since he hadn’t really eaten after breakfast. Now as we were relaxing, Andrew playing Uncharted, I found another apartment in Brooklyn, priced at $2600 a month, and with Andrew’s approval I submitted an application to look at the apartment; this specific apartment had a move in date of November 1st, but I inquired about any other apartments in the building opening up that had a move in date of December 1st. I really wasn’t sure if I would get anything honestly, but then suddenly like five minutes later the realtor gives me a call asking when I wanted to check out the apartment. I told her that I would get back to her soon, and that was that. She even said she had an apartment that she could have for December 1st, which is super exciting. Now I’m not sure if we’ll even go with these options, and I know the later on in the month we go, the more apartments will open up for a December 1st move in, but at least this was something, you know?

After a little while, Andrew headed out to get Frank from Penn, with me giving him my express metrocard and just hanging out in his apartment until they got back. I spent my time playing Bloodborne and then ordering some coin rollers for my cup of coins, before they finally got back like 1.5-2 hours later. A long time to be sure, but it’s fine. After saying hello to a soaking wet Frank, we chilled out for a while, pouring some drinks and playing Smash. We ended up playing for quite a few hours, ordering pizza around 8PM; we even managed to finish the entire handle of bourbon, (I think it was bourbon, maybe whiskey), by the end of the night. Given how much I poured in each glass, and the fact that Andrew and I both had 3 glasses a piece, I’d say I drank a good 6-8 shots or so over the course of a few hours. I was definitely feeling it a bit. Finally, just after 11PM, I said my goodbyes and finally made my way on home. I gave Zoe a call along the way, just to have someone to chat to and also to catch her a bit up to speed with what’s been going on with my life, before finally making it home. It’s now almost 5AM and I’ve spent the rest of tonight mostly losing games in League, having team after team run it down on me. I’m not a good player by any means, but goddamn Riot is trying to fuck me here. Tomorrow it’s back to work, and I’ll get to find out whether or not I’ll be working a morning shift next Friday, just so I’m not going to that long ass meeting only to go home for like an hour or two before I had to go back to work. That would SUCK. Hopefully apartment hunting starts pulling in proper results, and I’ll have some solid news to tell you soon. Fingers crossed!



**Also shoutout to the quality of this picture; we stan the new iPhone 11Pro cameras. GOD I can’t wait to share more and more pictures from this phone with you all!

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