A Train Ride Home From Hell (10/15/19)

Tonight truly tested the strength of my mental fortitude and strength. What happened tonight you might ask? Only a train ride that felt like it was from hell. Now normally a train-ride from work back home, if I catch the express A, takes 35 minutes. Pretty fast, definitely easy. Tonight however, catching an express A at 10:43, it took me almost TWO HOURS to get home. More exactly, it was probably around the hour and 40-45 minute mark. I’ll explain in a minute, but we can’t skip to the end; we have to start at the beginning. Now I went to bed WAY too late last night, so getting my ass up and out of bed this afternoon was a trial. I laid in bed far past when my first alarm went off, and ended up getting up and showering just after 1:40. Now I wasn’t just watching YouTube videos, though I was of course doing that. The major thing that I was dealing with was a conversation I was having with my twin Maggie. Now Mags got into a fender bender a few days ago; she was looking behind her trying to get onto a busy highway, and all of a sudden the driver in front of her stopped, even though there was no one in front of her and she was able to go; like the girl started driving, and then just… stopped. So Maggie hit this car at like 5 mph, which caused minimum denting to both cars, but here’s the kicker- Maggie’s AIRBAG went off. When the police came and everything, the were SHOCKED that the airbags went off, and said that if Maggie had had her neck turned when she bumped into the other car, she could’ve actually snapped her neck and died. Real great info I know. But to fast forward to today, Maggie now has to pay over six THOUSAND DOLLARS to get the airbags fixed, because the car company gave her faulty air-bags. Now we are just getting out of college; where in the fuck do they think this money is going to come from. And to be fair, Maggie didn’t have accident insurance, but also to be fair, if she did have insurance, the insurance company would’ve just totaled her car, because the costs were too much. So shout out to Hyundai for fucking over customers, having faulty air-bags that almost killed someone, and then charging up the ass for it, because they are greedy fucks that truly don’t care about other human beings. Fucking disgusting. ALSO I forgot to talk about Christopher Columbus in yesterday’s blog-post so here’s the TLDR. I don’t know why in the fuck we celebrate this man in the United States, since he didn’t “discover” North America. First and foremost, he landed in Central America, and secondly, there were people already living there. He was just an awful human being who used and murdered people for his own selfish gain, and yet for some reason we celebrate him like he’s a fucking hero? I actually hate it. Like growing up, Christopher Columbus was this amazing guy who “sailed the ocean blue in 1492”, but in reality he’s just a dick who took over other people’s land. Man white people do that a lot. Big oof, sorry…

Now then, that aside, I finally got myself up and showered, washed up, got dressed for the day, and headed on out; I caught the A downtown at 2:22, and after a quick 35 minute train ride, I got off at Chambers St., calling up Andrew to chat about potential apartments that we plan on looking at moving forward. After ending the call I arrived at Eataly, clocking in at 2:59 and heading onto the floor. Today my side-work was just “service stations”, which meant that I spent almost the entire time focusing on re-stocking sugars and to-go bags; real exciting stuff I know. As I finished up, I headed on over, moving roll-ups to service stations, and headed on out for lunch. Honestly today I didn’t even stop by the break room, and headed right on over to Pret, grabbed my usual lunch, and sat down to enjoy some music and watch YouTube videos for my 20 minutes of bliss. Also instead of the normal mac ‘n’ cheese, I ended up getting the one with like, squash and ricotta cheese, because yUm. As time sped onwards to 3PM, I made my way on back to Eataly, and after a quick bathroom stop, I headed on over to pre-shift, which I must say was surprisingly quick. No specials today, and just a reminder about the mandatory 8:30 AM meeting next Friday; can’t wait for that one. At last I finally hit the floor and headed over to my section, which today happened to be section 4; aka the one right in front of the hostess stand. I was actually taking over for Gina today, which is always nice because we were able to just chat with a little while. I really do miss working with her, to be honest with you; I actually think we vibe really well together, and also she’s become a work friend, so not getting to hang out while we’re working is definitely a real bummer.

But it was time to get to work, so she headed on out and I got to it, taking care of my tables. Now I have to say, that today was insane for a good two hours or more. Like since my section was right in front of the host stand, so when things started to get busy, EVERYONE wanted to sit in my section. I mean I didn’t have an empty table from like 6:30- 8:30 at least. It was insane. I think my favorite parts of the night, however, was when one table paid $120 and just… didn’t tip, and another table, after I reminded them to tip and sign their name, tipped me SIX DOLLARS on a $240 bill. Like that’s just baffling to me; I fucking hate people. I did have a few kind tables, but overall? Rough day. However, you can tell I was busy when I still managed to make over $400 in cc tips-  though only $14 in cash sadly- by the end of the day. I rolled up all the silverware I could, I finally left Eataly at 10:32, accidentally hitting “30 minute break” instead of “clock out”. Whoops. I let Sergio know and headed on out, ready to catch my train and be home.

I chatted with Mags for the few minutes before the train arrived, before happily hopping on the A and heading on uptown at 10:42. I thought things were going okay. But then we arrived at West 4th St. “We’re being held momentarily because” blah blah blah. This happens sometimes; no biggie. However, this time we sat there for, god I don’t know, 30-40 MINUTES. I was already aggravated from all this waiting, but the fact that every like three minutes the announcer said “We’ll be moving momentarily” pissed me off even more. Like don’t fucking LIE to me. At god, probably 11:30 or later, we finally starting moving, local this time, up to 59th. Pausing multiple times along the way for a good five minutes each time. Then, once we arrived at 59th St., we were held again, for a good 10-20 minutes, before they announced that the A, which was originally an express A, would be running express, and the next stop was 125th. Thank god. But THEN, once we get to 125th, they switched the train BACK to local. By the time I arrived at 175th, visibly pissed, it was already past 12:30. I called Maggie as I stepped off the train, but couldn’t help screaming FUCK at the top of my lungs as I walked up the stairs and out of the subway. What? I was frustrated and NEEDED to let out some verbal anger. Now my old iPhone, which I took with me to work because my new iPhone doesn’t have my phone number yet so I kept missing texts, was on like 6%, so as I headed back out to grab food, I took my new one just to listen to some tunes. Now I originally planned on going to McDonald’s for some food, but the door was locked and the appeared closed, so I just went to Rite-Aid, grabbed a frozen meal, chips, and cookies, paid, and headed on home. Honestly since I’ve been home, all I’ve done is really watch some YouTube videos and play one game of TFT, which is a game on League. Also it’s League’s 10 Year Anniversary, so I watched a video about that. Fun stuff. To round out the night, I actually ended up watching a few clips from the Democratic Debate tonight, and it really confirmed that the only ones who really deserve the vote are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, though I would definitely vote for Warren over Sanders at this points. Almost everyone else kept attacking Warren, and the way she handled herself was spectacular. She is definitely great, and a grade above her competitors. Tomorrow I’m off, but I actually need to be up so I can switch out my phone’s SIM card, and Andrew and I are actually looking at three apartments; should be fun.

Until next time,


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