Guess We’re Definitively Back in Busy Season (10/13/19)

Now I believe I’ve mentioned it already in one of my more recent blog posts, but today confirmed it- we’re back in the busy season. I mean sure I made good money today, but holy fuck was it crazy busy. Now the day started alright enough; I got myself up right at 1PM and hopped on League for a game, expecting things to go quickly. Unfortunately, this happened to be one of those never-ending games, which took close to 50 minutes to get through. Thankfully my team won in the end, but damn was it a long game. After the game ended, I quickly hopped in the shower and got ready for the day, making it out of the house and to the train station by like 2:16. Even though I missed the A arriving at 2:13, I still was on track for the train arriving at 2:23. Just like yesterday, the screen at the platform said “168th St.” for downtown, and just like yesterday, when the A was pulling into the station, the announcement said that the train was not in service. Like yesterday, it was; annoying. Thankfully I was on the train and on my way to work, but again like yesterday, the train just stopped at 168th and chilled there for a few minutes, though to be fair, not as long as it did yesterday. I closed my eyes and nodded in and out of sleep, until reaching Chambers St. I had just under six minutes to make it to Eataly, so I sprinted down the corridor of the subway, up the stairs, across the street, back inside, and up the escalators, clocking in right at 3:00. (Right on time, god bless) Today I was on lowboys again, so the 30 minutes were spent working diligently with Alex to keep everything stocked up; at least whatever we could stock. Like yesterday things were actually pretty depleted, and from one of the morning server’s reactions, today had been insane. I chatted with Campillo for a minute or two when he mentioned that at the start of the day, his section was filled with a 30 top, and once they left, he kept getting filled over and over again; like the waves crashing onto the beach on a stormy day.

With time depleted, I grabbed my things and clocked out, heading over to Pret for break. I did stop by the break room and chatted with Sergio for a minute, who mentioned that he figured tonight would be busy because tomorrow was a holiday. “Holiday?” “Columbus Day.” Oh shit, I completely forgot about that holiday to be honest with you. Also to be honest, I’ve been trying to call it “Indigenous Peoples Day” because FUCK Christopher Columbus. Seriously maybe I’ll go into just why I hate him tomorrow, but long story short- he’s an asshole who didn’t even discover America; well not where the states are. He landed in Central America. I headed back out from the break room and to Pret, grabbing my usual meal and sitting down to watch some videos before I had to get back to work. It felt weird, not watching My Hero Academia anymore, but I’ve binged as much as I can, so now all I can do is wait until the new episodes launch each week. FUCK it’s such a good show. Just after 3PM, I headed on back to Eataly, and after making a quick restroom pit-stop, I clocked back in and headed over to pre-shift. Like yesterday, pre-shift was generally pretty quick, with Sergio just reminding us that we have a mandatory staff meeting on Friday at 8:30AM-kill me- but other than that, there was nothing crazy; no pasta special, and the same pizza special as yesterday. With pre-shift done and over with, it was time to hit the floor at last and start the day.

I was in section 2 today, which is actually the same section I had yesterday except today we had pasta bar closed off. Now Sergio told the server at section 1, Jay, that they may open up like three or more tables in his section if things got busy, but I told Sergio to just give them to me; section 1 is just a massive section now, with those extra tables added, and adding on even more tables would have killed Jay. My section is honestly one of the smallest, more contained sections, so I thought I could handle it. I mean I did, but fuck did it complicate things a bit later on. Now like yesterday, the transition from AM to PM servers was hectic, mostly because things just stayed busy, so we were all working our asses off to keep things running smoothly and not letting the ship sink. Frankly for most of the night, even though there were points where it was slower I guess, I definitely felt like I didn’t have much room to breathe. I mean especially when 7/7:30 hit, things just picked up steam. I didn’t have any tables really pissed at me or anything, but right when my section got all filled up, they ended up opening up those extra tables, and I got hit with an eight top. They were all vegetarians, and after giving them options, I asked if they wanted a few minutes to talk things over- “No we’re ready”- and then it took them like 10-15 MINUTES TO ORDER THEIR GODDAMN FOOD. I was growing so incredibly impatient, with one guy taking his sweet-ass time to order, even though he was the last person to order. Thankfully Sergio took the orders of a table or two of mine, so I was able to catch back up and not completely die. I think my favorite, (I’m using the word incredibly sarcastically here), guests I dealt with were two different tables. One was this group of four girls, maybe early 20’s, probably late teens honestly, who all asked for separate checks. They mentioned it in the beginning, which is no problem, but what was a problem was the fact that all of them combined tipped like $10 or $12 on an almost $100 check. Now Europeans I get, but fucking Americans? Yeah oh thank you so very much; your pocket change is really gonna pay for my rent this month. Thanks SO MUCH. The one that was even better was this couple whose total came out to $52.26. They gave me $62.26 and asked for change. I mean they could’ve just left me the $10, but whatever. My bartender gave me two 5’s, and I brought it back to them, expecting they’d probably just give me one of the 5’s at least. Instead, the guy counted the two fives, pocketed them, and WALKED AWAY. Are you FUCKING kidding me?! I just stood there… stunned. Where the fUCk is my tip, jack-ass? Cause you and your fucking words sure as hell aren’t gonna pay for my rent, I can tell you that. “Where’s your rent this month?” “Oh I don’t have it, but my guests said that I’m doing a great job!” Fuck I hate people.

Now overall people really stiffed me on tips, which sucks, but I was glad to end things on a positive note with my final table, all coming from California. I built a solid rapport with them, making light jokes with them, tasteful ribbing here and there, and they had a great time. After adding in their tip to my final tip count, despite all the not so great tips, I still ended up hitting $510 in cc tips, and $110 in cash. That’s fucking insane. When I was putting in my numbers, I saw that the number of people I served today ended up being 108. Like holy fuck. Now I was going to catch an earlier train, but after checking the MTA on-time app, seeing an A arriving at 10:51, I walked to the train chatting with Maggie. However, the app fucked me, because there was no A arriving at 10:51. In truth, the next A arrived at 11:02, this time running local; I was pissed. Angrily tweeting at the New York Transit twitter, needing to vent, I got a somewhat sympathetic response, but that really doesn’t change my almost hour long commute back home. I finally got off the train, heated up some pizza, and played a game or two with Eddie before ending my League session for the night. I did talk to Maggie for a little while right when I got home, but I wanted to let her get back to My Hero Academia; things were starting to get REAL good. it’s now 3:20 and I’m actually off tomorrow so I’m gonna go hang out with Andrew. It’s time for us to start looking at apartments, so this should be fun I hope. I also need to put all the cash I’ve stored up into the bank, so I’ll need to figure out a time to do that. Too much to do, too little time.

Until next time,


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