Sometimes Guests Can Do Baffling Things (10/12/19)

Today, like always, was just another busy day at Eataly. I guess we’ve finally started moving from the off season back into busy times, because this past week feels like we’ve been picking up steam. I mean last night was crazy for me. Now today definitely didn’t feel crazy by any means, but it was definitely busy. Now starting from the beginning, today started like it has been these past few days; I woke up just before 1PM, and ended up just watching an episode of My Hero Academia before getting ready for work. Once the episode ended, I hopped in the shower, washed up, and hurried to get dressed, as I really didn’t have too much time before the A was supposed to arrive. I didn’t actually end up checking when the A was to arrive, like I usually do, but I assumed it would most likely be coming around 2:15, so I tried to time things accordingly. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the train station, the A had just left the station. It should have been fine, since the next train would most likely arrive around 2:22, like it always does, but today was different. Today, all it said on the screen was that the next downtown A’s last stop would be 168th. Wait… but that doesn’t make any sense; why would the A be running between 181st and 168th, and that’s it? Everyone on the platform, myself included, was baffled. I checked the MTA Twitter, along with their official trip-planner… nothing. Not a single reason of why the screen on the platform was saying this. Then, around 2:21, an announcement came on the speaker- “The next train is not in service, and will not be stopping”. Okay…? That happens sometimes, so that wasn’t the weird part. What was weird was that the train arriving at the station was actually an A, full of people mind you, that STOPPED. So… that’s good I guess? This A was actually making the normal stops, so, feeling confused but relieved, I got on. Unfortunately my train plight had not yet ended, because once we arrived at 168th, the train just sat there for a good 5 or 8 minutes. No explanation why, just sat there because fuck me, right? After we sat there for a few minutes, a guy standing next to me asked “This is the train going downtown, right?” All I could respond with was “God I hope so”. Now as these situations went down, first with the A possibly only going to 168th, and then it just sitting there at 168th, I started mentally preparing for the worst case scenario. Whether it was me Ubering to work, or at the very least texted one of my managers, letting them know ahead of time that I was going to be late, I just wanted to have my bases covered. Luckily this time around I didn’t have to worry all that much- the train finally started moving, with the worker announcing “Stand clear of the closing doors” (in a pretty rude tone, considering they just had us sitting there for the past few minutes for no reason, but also I get it because people are assholes and hold the doors open all the time… well I’ve done it as well before, but that’s not the point) and I was finally back on track and on my way to work.

After dozing off for a bit, I eventually made it to Chambers, unfortunately stepping onto the platform with two minutes to get all the way to Eataly. Out of necessity, I started running to work, thankfully making it and clocking in right at 3:02; honestly not too shabby if I do say so myself. I was on lowboys today with another server, Lily, so I got to it figuring out what we needed. She was already on stocking mole cola and diet mole cola, so I worked to stock water and whatever else I could. Seriously, I’m not sure if the morning was crazy busy or something, but it felt like all three lowboys were VERY low on most things. It took us both almost the whole 30 minutes to get everything stocked, with me grabbing my things and clocking out right at 3:30. I poked my head in the break room just for a moment, only drinking some water, not really feeling anything that was out for us, before heading off to Pret to get myself some lunch. I got the mac ‘n’ cheese dish, along with a mango granola bowl and a cookie, and sat down to watch season 3 episode 23 of My Hero Academia. God DAMN it’s such a good show. I kind of can’t believe that I’ve managed to binge all 63 episodes in such a small frame of time, but I mean… when I go in on something, I go all in. Food, shows… love. Yeah it’s a rough time, but what can I say? I get invested! After finishing the episode, I made my way out onto the street and back to Eataly, clocking back in and heading over to pre-shift.

With nothing new happening at pre-shift, I just found out my section for the day- section 3, which is probably one of the smaller sections, and got to it. I also backed Michele, another server, up because he was at pasta bar, and we talked with one of the managers about the section next to him, Lily, taking one of the three tops, so he wasn’t dying like I was yesterday. And with that, I got to it. I had a few tables transferred to me, and things went smoothly overall all day. I mean there was this one table with two parents and their daughter, who was probably my age. We kept making eye-contact, which was a bit weird, but I thought she was pretty cute so hey I’m down. I mean nothing came out of it, because I’m professional and I don’t do that kind of shit at work- I also have basically no idea how to flirt; I’m damn awkward in that category- and that was that. Her parents tipped me like shit though, so fuck it. Rude people. (They tipped me like 12%. Not cool) Other than that, I had some pretty nice tables overall, and my day went smoothly. I mostly just tried to help others when I could, since they were feeling swamped at points. Now the server next to me, Tauheed, (sorry if I spelled your name wrong my guy), was running around for a bit, so I took the order of one of his tables, who were kind of making a stink; it was three people, one guy and two girls, all probably early to mid- 20’s I’d say. He mentioned later that he thought that one of the girls was high as fuck, and they were generally not the smartest. This was proven when the two girls walked up to our cannoli cart and TRIED TO MAKE THEIR OWN CANNOLIS. Oh, I’m sorry you fucks, do you see anyone else making their own cannolis? When one of the managers came up to see what they were doing, they mentioned that they felt dumb because they couldn’t find the filling. YEAH NO SHIT. To make matters even more interesting, at the end of their meal, they decided to dine and dash. One- fucking rude. But two, when you dine and dash, how in the fuck are you going to forget your jacket? Like that’s baffling. They ran out of their bill, after trying to make their own cannolis, and left their jacket. Truly iconic. On my end, all I had was two tables walk out on me before they ordered anything. Annoying, but MUCH less disrespectful.

Now as things started to slow down a tad, Michele’s bar was closed for the most part, and got to rolling. Unfortunately I had one final table that sat down like 20 minutes before we closed and chilled for a good while, but it didn’t matter because there was a TON of silverware to do. However, when I walked over to look at our final bucket, it was disgusting. I mean just not even clean really. I called the manager closing to take a look, and said “This is fucking disgusting. This is unacceptable. We can’t use this”. She agreed, and I mentioned that since it was already 10:30, we should just leave it for tomorrow. She seemed alright with the idea, because seriously the silverware was bad, and so we closed out our checks and got prepped to clock out. As the time hit almost 11PM, she came out saying that the person in the back had washed everything herself, and mentioned we may have to roll some. Listen, we were all already walking out, with some of us already having left, and she said that she would roll them, she just needed help moving the bucket. However, as I got my things, she seemed to have changed her mind, and chose to leave it for tomorrow’s morning crew; It was too late for any of us. I made my way out and walked to the train station, calling up Mags and chatting with her before my train arrived. She mentioned that her and Devon got pizza for dinner, which made me crave pizza, so after my long commute home, instead of cooking at midnight, I just ordered Domino’s instead, watching the final two episodes of season 3, along with the first episode of season 4 of My Hero Academia, which was released last night; I ended up also playing two games of League with Eddie, which was fun, before finally calling it a night. Can’t believe it’s already past 4:30 in the morning; man I need to start going to bed sooner. Also! This Friday Eataly’s having a mandatory staff meeting at 8:30 in the morning, so I’m gonna die. Can’t wait.

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes Guests Can Do Baffling Things (10/12/19)

  1. The 6 has been just as bad lately, I’ve been getting to the station sometimes and seeing that the next train isn’t for another 22 minutes or more. Thank god my boss doesn’t really care what time I clock in.


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