A Normal Thursday Working Can Still Leave One Tired (10/10/19)

You know, as I write the dates for these posts, I realize that my birthday is approaching surprisingly quickly; like it’s on the 29th, which means I only have 17 days left until I turn 23. Another year older, still not close enough to accomplishing my goals. I know that may sounds selfish, or arrogant in a way, but for me I keep wanting more; I think that’s something that has been working so positively for me so far. I yearn to reach further and further ahead, even if what I yearn for it out of reach and out of sight. To be successful, even famous as an actor, respected and filled with pride for what I have accomplished, is something I am going to always strive for. To be someone who is able to bring smiles to people- to make them think, and even get away from their daily lives, even if only for a few hours. Very grandeur I know, but I think having these goals that appear so incredibly daunting to make a reality is what makes acting so much fun for me. It’s thrilling, the chase of a dream like this. Added on to the fact that acting is what I am most passionate about, far beyond anything else in this world, and I feel like my fate is set. Sorry been watching way too much My Hero Academia, and it’s got me thinking in grandiose ways; fucking amazing anime.

Now as for today, it was actually a pretty normal Thursday; busy I guess, but nothing more than usual, if I’m being honest here. Now I woke up today around 1PM, but like yesterday, I didn’t actually end up moving out of bed until 1:40, where it was already time to get up and shower. After finishing up showering and washing up, I quickly got dressed, knowing that I was running out of time before the A was supposed to arrive. Now the A always seems to arrive right at 2:15, so as I sprinted out of my apartment, the time ticking ever closer to 2:14, I worried that I would miss it. Unfortunately, I was right. 30 seconds sooner, and I would already be on the train headed towards Eataly, but unfortunately that was not the case; all I could do was stand there and watch the glowing A fade off into the tunnels. Thankfully the next A arrived at 2:22, and with that I was on my way downtown at last. Sitting down, I shut my eyes, in need of a good nap, and allowed myself to drift off towards the land of dreams, even if only for a little while. Before I knew it, I was already at Chambers, getting off and heading towards Eataly. Even with the later train, I still managed to clock in at 2:59, throwing my work shirt on as I rode the escalator up, and heading in to start the day.

As I made it onto the floor, Emily was standing there looking at the floor plan. It seemed like nothing had been written down yet, as to who would be doing what side-work, so she assigned me to doing iced tea and roll-ups. Well, I’ve never filled up the iced tea before, and I was definitely surprised at being assigned to roll-ups; I never do that for side work. Not complaining by any means, just surprised. Thankfully she was happy to explain how to fill up the iced tea- “press half and then A”- and that was that. However, lucky for me the iced tea was actually pretty damn full still, so I didn’t even need to worry about filling it up! (Phew) Instead I just got right to rolling, and before I knew it, it was time for break. Clocking out, I briefly checked the break room before just heading right on over to Pret for some lunch. Grabbing my usual meal, only changing the cup of goodness for a berry parfait, I sat down and pulled up season 3 episode 1 of My Hero Academia. Listen, when I binge something, I binge HARD. It’s just as true of TV shows as it is for sweets. I almost finished the episode, but with the video stopping and not loading any further, I just made my way back to Eataly, in order to use the bathroom and get to pre-shift. Now I usually just opt out of mentioning my quick excursions to the bathroom, because if you can’t tell, I always make the same move before clocking back in for work, but today when I went to flush- the toilet had a button on the side you had to push in- I somehow managed to have my finger slip and my nail slam into the metal. Thankfully the nail didn’t come off, but it did cause me to bleed a bit under the nail. Even as I write this post, my finger is actually hurting ever so slightly. Ow, fuck- just fucked with my finger, pardon me. Anyway, working through the slight pain in my finger, I clocked in and headed over to pre-shift.

At pre-shift we got the floor plans for the new layout of La Pizza La Pasta- coming to you live on November 1st!- and then hit the floor, ready for the day. I was in section 4 again today, and honestly things started off a bit annoying. The morning server, Jess, transferred me all seven of her tables, which wasn’t an issue, but what was an issue was the fact that all of them just were annoying in some way, shape, or form. Like the big table wanted to split their bill up using five cards, but all five cards had different amounts they wanted to pay, and none of them tipped well, another table with three ladies just had attitude the whole time, and still tipped like shit despite me helping them out over and over. Just a headache all around. However, after those tables left, things got into a rhythm, and the day ended up going pretty smoothly. The jazz band was even back, and it definitely was a pleasure to hear them playing throughout the night. Now there was one point when the fire alarm went off, and honestly I was impressed at how quiet all the tables got. Normally everyone notices that the staff isn’t freaking out, so they don’t either, but man it got DEAD silent in the restaurant… sorry poor choice of wording there. Everything was fine, and whatever was going on was taking place in one of the other towers, so we were good. As the night began dying down, I worked to roll some silverware so we wouldn’t be here til 11, and my final tables were all in all, kind enough. Now the one that annoyed me was this table from Africa I believe. I may be wrong, but their accents had me leaning more towards there. No judgements being made, just working to paint a picture. I gave them solid service, and they definitely seemed happy, but when they tipped and left, they left me like $8 on an over $150 bill. Like seriously, you can’t even leave me 10%? It made me think- what would happen if you went up and asked someone if that’s the highest tip they would leave a server, and if the answer is no, what would a server have to do to receive that amount of money? Something to think about. And if they said that that would be the most they would tip- roughly hitting 5% or so- I would just question their humanity. This is meant to be our living wage, which means through this garbage tip, you are telling us that you do not care about us as human beings, and that makes me sick.

Now as I headed to the back to drop off a cardboard box to recycling, I checked my phone to find some texts from Maggie. She told me she had been in a small car accident, where her airbags deployed for some reason, but she was okay. I was glad to hear that she was fine, but I was of course worried as hell about her; but I still had things left to do at work, so I promised to call when I got home. After finishing up roll-ups and putting in my numbers, I was grabbing my things when I realized…. the next A was arriving at 10:41. Mind you, it was already 10:38, which meant I had three minutes to leave, clock out, and make it all the way from Eataly to Chambers St. No time to spare. I fucking SPRINTED, quickly saying goodbye to Emily as I bolted down the hall, hopping down the escalators, and running full force towards the subway. Unlike this afternoon however, I was perfect when it came to my timing, and I managed to make it down to the platform probably 30 seconds or so before the A arrived. As I got onto the train, my body ached from the sudden lurch of speed and pressure put on my muscles, but I made it. Breathing heavily, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to rest up a bit on my way back home. Once off the train, I gave Maggie a call, and we chatted for a good while as she filled me in on everything going on. Even though I stepped inside for a moment, I headed back out when I realized I didn’t have any sweets to eat, but unfortunately for me, I walked all the way to Rite-Aid only to find that they were closed. However, I still got to talk to Maggie the entire time, and that was a joy. She was a bit shaken, but she seemed okay, and that’s all I care about at the end of the day. I told her to just watch My Hero Academia tonight and relax, and we ended our conversation as I heated up some of the chicken fried rice from Trader Joe’s. I also remembered I had fudge in the fridge, which you know is at last gone, and I’ve spent the last few hours watching more My Hero Academia. I just finished episode 11 of season 3, which kind of shows you just how much I’ve been watching the show. Tomorrow is Friday, which means another day of work, before I’m off again on Monday. What does this weekend hold? Guess I’ll just have to live it to find out…

Until next time,


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