A Day Off Spent Drinking Wine with a Friend is a Good Day Indeed (10/9/19)

Today was my second day off of the week, but unlike Monday, I really didn’t have any plans moving into the day. I mean to be fair, I did end up staying up until almost 7AM last night, binging My Hero Academia, so I was trying to at least get a bit of sleep before I started the day. Even though my alarms woke me up by 1PM, whether it be because of laziness of exhaustion from staying up too late last night, I didn’t manage to get myself out of my bed until after 2. When I did finally get myself, I made sure to order some pasta for myself from Pick&Eat; I needed something heavier and more filling, since my dumbass chose not to eat after lunch yesterday at 3:30. I was going to eat last night, but I got too invested in My Hero Academia to make much of anything. As I waited for my food to be ready, with an email telling me that it wouldn’t be ready til nearly 3PM, I chose to use that time to shower and actually get ready for the day. I also stalled out some time watching a few videos, because of course I did.

At seven past three, I headed off and grabbed my food, before heading on back to my apartment, planning to binge-watch My Hero Academia for the evening. Well, I also planned on making a stop at a place with a coin machine, because my cup is almost completely full, and I really should deposit the money I’ve made over the past two weeks. Since the time was closing in around 4, I figured I’d wait until like, 7 or so, as to avoid some of the rush hour, but that was when I got a call from Andrew, just before 6:30. I had been texting him and our friend Julian, and we were all having a bit of a disagreement about where we wanted to live; I was looking more towards Brooklyn, Andrew around Manhattan, and Julian had his sights set on Jersey; close to New York, but not there. Now the main thing that Andrew and I could definitely agree on was the fact that neither of us wanted to live in Jersey; it just doesn’t make sense in my opinion. Plus, I just really enjoy the energy of New York. It just seems to resonate with me. As I picked up the phone, Andrew asked if I was up to anything, and when I said no, he asked if I wanted to come over- he was making steaks; All he asked was that I come with something to drink. He recommended buying some booze at first, but when I mentioned I had two bottles of wine, he was happy with me bringing one of those. I gave him a choice, and he ended up going with the Palazzo Della Torre- fuller bodied, and a bit smokey. On my way, he also asked for me to pick up some mac ‘n’ cheese, so I made a quick pit-stop at Rite-Aid before continuing my journey. Well I call it a journey, but all it was was a chilly 15 minute walk over to his apartment.

When I got there, I ended up being let in by a lady who was heading back inside after stepping out for a smoke, so I climbed the five flights of the stairs and knocked. After being let in, we chatted as I broke out the wine and he started up the cooking. We chatted about where we should live, and it made me happy to hear that he wasn’t opposed to living in Brooklyn; he just didn’t want to be too far from Manhattan. And honestly, I totally get that, but having that confirmation makes things easier for me moving forward. Now we got a bit unlucky as we opened the wine, because the only wine key he had was actually a bit too big for the corks, so it basically started breaking it apart as I took it out of the bottle. Somehow I managed to get the cork out without much of any pieces falling into the wine, and we were good to go. Now another bump in the road hit when Andrew started cooking the steaks. He had some oil running in a pan, because of course, but when he set down the first steak, some of the hot oil flew from the sizzling pan, managing to snake their way in between some of my fingers. Holy FUCK did that hurt. Luckily it didn’t seem to nick me too badly, and after I ran my hand under some cold water, the pain calmed a bit; I could still feel it, but it was at least a bit tamer. With those blunders out of the way, we sat down and ate, while watching one of John Mullaney’s specials- “Comeback Kid”. As we watched, we talked about our worries of Julian not wanting to live in New York. He seemed to find excuses to why he wanted to live in New Jersey, which were understandable but not something Andrew nor I could budge on. Thankfully he was reasonable enough to respond positively when I asked for him to come along with us on some of the apartment tours. I wanted to show him that not all of the busy is hustle and bustle, and that there are plenty of quiet parts where someone more introverted wouldn’t feel the constant energy of midtown. It then and there became Andrew and my goal to change Julian’s mind.

As Comeback Kid ended, we ended up finding out that all of Indiana Jones’ movies were on Netflix, so we put on “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, a classic, and enjoyed that as we finished the wine, the food, and a bit of dessert. As the clocks passed 11PM and the credits rolled, it was finally time for me to make my exit; I said goodbye, put back on my jacket and bag, and walked home, calling Mags just for some company. I did stop by Rite-Aid before making it home, partly because I wanted some chocolate, but mostly because I honestly wanted to pick up something for burn-relief. My hand wasn’t really in much pain, but I did want to calm down any inflammation and assist in the healing process. After finally making it home, I hopped on League and played one with Mags, the game going incredibly well- we were both quite surprised- before we both got off for the night. As for the rest of tonight? Well I’ve been binging season 2 of My Hero Academia, and finally finished the last episode just after 4AM. I have one more season left with 25 episodes, which means I have plenty of episodes to catch up on before watching the new season; I mean since I’ve already watched the show, I could just ignore my re-watching of the series, and just watch the new episode, but that just wouldn’t feel right. I’m feeling my eyes growing heavier and heavier as the clock strikes later and later, so I’m off to bed. Tomorrow it’s back to work with the same old same old, and I’ll be working from tomorrow straight through the weekend, so I definitely want to get some sleep in. Tomorrow’s a new day, and I want to try and make the most of it.

Until next time,


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