Working the Day Away in Order to Binge the Night Away (10/8/19)

So it’s just past 4:30AM when I’m writing this post, and I’ve definitely been up much later than I should be. I never ate dinner, instead gorging myself on simple sweets- aka kit-kats- and I’ve been binging My Hero Academia for the past, god probably three to four hours. Seriously the show is just way too good. I’ve already watched it before, but I figured I might as well re-watch it, since the new season begins this Friday; I’m already on season 2 of 3, so I’m making definite progress. Well… yes but not really. There’s 25 episodes this season, so we’ll see how far I can make it by Friday. Now then, today in and of itself wasn’t a crazy day by any means. I guess it’s nice to finally have a somewhat quiet day, but it still felt odd; I kept expecting something to happen, but nothing. Now the day started off eventful enough; I mean even though I woke up around noon, I kept falling back asleep and ended up not moving from my bed until like 1:40. I had to quickly shower, wash up, and get dressed, since the A was arriving at 2:15, so I definitely didn’t have much time to spare. I made it out of my apartment right at 2:13, and hauled ass down my block and to the subway. Unfortunately as I hurried down the stairs, it was already too late; I could only watch as the subway entered the tunnel, continuing its journey. Lucky for me the next train was arriving at 2:22, and even if I was going to have to run a bit, I knew I could still make it to work on time… as long as the trains were running as expected. Thankfully the next A arrived right on time, and I was on my way to work; catching some Z’s on the train, I made it to Chambers St. feeling well rested, and I quickly stepped off the train and started heading towards Eataly.

Now I still had around eight minutes, so there wasn’t really any running needed to be done; as I made it up the escalators, I ended up clocking in around 2:57, making my way onto the floor, ready to start my day. Now I usually check the floor plan to see what my side-work of the day is going to be, but today the managers hadn’t finished filling it out I guess because it was nowhere to be found. Thankfully Eleonora came around, assigning us our tasks, so I was able to get to it in no time; I was on lowboys today, along with like two or three other people, so we really finished up fast. I helped polish some silverware with the remaining minutes, before clocking out and making my way to Pret for lunch. With my usual meal in hand, I found myself a table and sat down, enjoying my meal and pulling up an episode of My Hero Academia to watch while I was on break. Despite some connection issues to the internet, I was finally able to get things working, and spent the next 20 minutes enjoying the episode, before I had to head off back to work. After clocking back in from break, I made it over to pre-shift and so the day began. Once pre-shift had concluded, it was onto the floor and time to talk to tables.

I was in section 3 today, which is a longer section that’s mostly filled with two tops. Honestly as for the day itself, nothing really happened. I mean I had some pretty kind tables, with quite a few leaving me around 18-20%, but all in all, things just went smoothly. I got worried around 9 or 9:30, because I was sitting with one or two tables and was expecting someone new to come in at any moment, but no one did. I was able to just start rolling, now with a basically clear section, so we could all leave at a half decent time. We expected a ton more silverware to arrive, but nope; for once time was on our side, and I ended up clocking out just after 10:30. Now a few people were going to the bar after work, but I saw that the next A left at 10:39, so I instead hurried over to Chambers, making it onto the A and finally making my way back home. As I rode the train uptown, I noticed that a girl got on the train that I recognized. She actually went to my college, and graduated a year after me I believe; she’s been living in the city for a bit now, but to be honest with you, I never really knew her. I still don’t really know her name. I debated saying hello, but if she saw me at some point, she never reacted, so I thought it best to just keep quiet. I glanced over a few times, to see if I could get shared eye contact and maybe start a conversation, but to no end. She got off a few stations before me, and before I knew it, I was off the train and back inside. I called up Mags and hopped onto League, playing one game with her before she had to get off. I noticed Eddie was on, but after he told me to play a game without him, I did so only to lose; when the game ended and he was not on anymore, I decided it was best to just get off for the night and binge watch My Hero Academia. And that is exactly what I’ve been doing. I went from episode six of season one to now episode four of season two. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Tomorrow I’m off again, and I am in desperate need of turning my coins into bills; my coin cup is full once more and I need to empty it. Other than that though, I don’t really have any plans. Seriously though, it’s already 5AM, so I desperately need sleep.

Until next time,


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