Unfortunate News Leads to Exciting New Prospects; I’m Just Getting Started (10/7/19)

Today was finally my day off, and honestly after working that double yesterday, I was in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. Now of course I wanted to at least be a bit productive on my day off, so when I got home from work yesterday, I set up a lesson with my voice instructor; I really needed to get my voice back in shape. It was at 1PM, but as I laid in bed at noon, I realized there was no way in hell I was getting up to shower. I mean I did get up, but only after a while of relaxing and falling back asleep; I ended up getting out of bed, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, and leaving around 12:53. Now I was supposed to catch the 12:55 A uptown, but when I got to the subway, it said the next A wasn’t arriving for another seven minutes, which meant I was going to be waaay too late for my voice lesson. With that in mind, I headed off and out of the subway, walking to his apartment, while listening to one of our last lessons. As I walked, I just went through a few exercises, just so my voice would be a bit more warmed up. Man did my voice feel rusty; like seriously I felt like I haven’t sang properly in a few weeks and it is definitely taking its toll. I made it to Jason’s right around 1:10, buzzing in and heading up the stairs and into his apartment. After greeting and chatting for a bit, we got right to it and man was this a frustrating lesson. I mean in a good way, but definitely frustrating. We mostly just went over scales and exercises, before briefly listening to “I Believe in You” from How to Succeed. The biggest thing I’m working, and have been working on for so long now, is how to stop forcing, and connect my chest and head voice. There was one moment, right towards the end, where I would get it, and then mess up again, and then get it, and lose it once more. It’s so frustrating when you’re that close, but you just can’t grab something, you know? With that being said, it was still a very useful lesson, and gave me a lot to think about and look over before I see Jason again.

As I headed home, listening to some music on Spotify, I stopped by Subway to grab some lunch before heading home. I guess they were pretty swamped, because the guy working the register had quite the short fuse. I mean I get it, but breathe my guy. When I got home, I opened the gate, headed on down and opened up the door to my apartment, ready to relax for a few hours and enjoy my lunch. Unfortunately that’s when everything changed. I entered into the hallway, lit only by the outside light, to find Raf sitting at the table in the kitchen, alone. I quickly greeted him, aiming to just keep on walking by, but then he said he needed to talk to me. My assumption was that it was going to be about signing the lease for the apartment, which I had already mentioned previously I was more than willing to do. “Management isn’t going to renew our lease. We have to be moved out by December 1st.” Those words echoed in my head. “We have to be moved out by December 1st.” Apparently management didn’t want to deal with the whole situation, with the police being involved and everything, so that was that. After being here what, just over a year now, I’m kicked to the curb. I had no back-up plan. I had planned on being here god, for at least another year or two; at least. Now I’m told I have under two months to find another apartment? But what else was there to do? I asked him if they would be willing to reconsider if we all co-signed the lease, but he said that it was set in stone. The only glimmer of hope was that since the last month deposit had already been paid, I wouldn’t have to worry about paying rent for November. Now I had to worry about not only finding a new place- new location, new roommates- but also somehow getting all my shit out of my room. That means hiring a moving team or something; I’m not sure, but I can tell you it’s going to be a pain in my ass. God I just finally managed to set my new bed up for Christ’s sake.

With nothing to say, but many thoughts circulating through my head, I just simply thanked Raf for trying, and headed to my room. I sat in silence, eating my food and trying to ignore the many thoughts attacking my brain as I played a few games of League. Andrew had messaged me, asking if I wanted to go see Joker, so thankfully with that I had a plan to get my mind off of things. The movie was at 7:30, so I had a few hours to kill- playing League and the like of course. I finally got up and showered around 6, before getting dressed again and making my way over to the AMC on 67th. As I was leaving, Paul stopped me in the hallway and asked me to kind of just explain what Raf talked to me about. He had called me a few hours earlier, asking if Raf had already told me what was going down, and just wanted to confirm some things. He told me that if he had a place and needed a roommate, he’d let me know. Kind offer and all, but I don’t really want to live with anyone here again. Time for a fresh start, you know? I made my way down to the subway and off I went. I made it to the AMC and met up with Andrew on the first floor. He had a lot on his mind as well, and we chatted for a little while before heading up to the second floor and into the movie theater. After a little while, the movie finally started, and so began Joker. Now since the movie just came out, I don’t want to really spoil anything, but damn was I impressed with Joaquin Phoenix’s performance. The movie was so dark and even though it was slow-paced at points; I think sitting and stewing in that uncomfortable place worked in this movie’s favor. You really felt for Arthur’s fall into Joker, and you almost wanted to root for him. Almost. I will say that it is incredibly raw and dark, and even if it is predictable at points, it doesn’t hold back. Go see it and be prepped for Joaquin’s Oscar nomination.

As we left the theater, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat at McDonald’s, my treat, and that’s when I kind of hinted at finding an apartment with Andrew. I knew him and our friend Julian were going to be looking for a place, but up until this point, I didn’t see any reason to move; well now I had no choice. After bringing up Andrew’s lease ending, Andrew asked if I just wanted to join him and Julian in finding an apartment. Abso-fucking-lutely I would. Even better, even though Andrew was on tour, he was looking to find something as soon as possible. How solid is that? There is still so much left to be done and figured out, but now I at least have solid ground to walk on. Instead of feeling anxious, I started getting excited; I mean finding a new apartment? And not stressing because I have more than two weeks? This could be fun. We chatted for a while in the McDonald’s before we finally made our way to the 1 train and back uptown. As we headed up, I made sure to create a group chat for the three of us, since we needed to get to discussing logistics. Julian hadn’t known that I was coming along for the ride before I made the chat, but seemed excited, so that’s good news all around.

I finally said goodbye to Andrew, got off the train, and headed home; calling Maggie as I made a pit-stop at Rite-Aid to pick up some multivitamins and chocolate. Once I got home we played a game before she got off and Eddie and I played a few; losing most if not all of them. We did hop on Minecraft for a quick second, as I downloaded a resource pack and a shader that made the game look SO beautiful, before I finally got off and actually ended the night binging a few episodes of My Hero Academia. I mean I’m already all caught up, but Mags starting up the series made me want to go and re-watch it. It’s SO fucking good. I got through four episodes before realizing it’s already 4AM and I have to write this blog post and get to sleep. I’m working tomorrow, so I guess I need to get some sleep. Now even though this chapter is closing in my time in New York- well the page is being forcibly turned- I have to say that I am excited for what the future holds. When I was first moving to New York, I was terrified of not finding something, but now I have a stable job and friends to rely on, so all I have to do now is find the right place; I’m thinking Brooklyn. Time to go apartment hunting.

Until next time,


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