The Day of the Double Has Arrived (10/6/19)

Hey so I’m writing this post at 3:16 in the morning and I can physically feel my body slowly shutting down, so I definitely need to write this and go the fuck to sleep. I am so tired and it has been one long day to be sure. Now today I was working a double, because I decided why not yesterday, but I can tell you when I woke up today, first at 6:30 and then thankfully at 7:45, I was starting to regret my decision. Despite all of that, I managed to get myself out of bed and into the shower by like 8:10 or so, finishing up and getting out the door by 8:45. Now I had checked the MTA app throughout the morning, and knew that the A was arriving at 175th at 8:48, so I knew I had just enough time to make it and get to work on time. After sprinting out of the house and to the subway, I flew down the stairs, jumping the last six at the bottom- I literally heard a woman gasp and say “Oh my god!”- just as the A began moving away. All I could do was bang on the door and watch the train go. Guess what? The train didn’t arrive at 8:48. No no, the train arrived at 8:46 moving into 8:47. Basically it arrived early and I got fucked because of it. Now there because of the construction going on, meaning the A’s running local from 59th St. to Canal, I knew that there was no way in hell I was making it to work on time; ESPECIALLY since the next A wasn’t arriving until 9AM. Typical MTA bullshit. My only option? To Uber all the way to Eataly. With no other options, I pulled out my phone and paid $30 for an Uber to take my downtown. Luckily the guy arrived in like 6 minutes, but unluckily he was also dropping off two other people during the commute, so things still took a minute. Now the second person was dropped off at Comic-Con, which I would obviously like to be at instead of work, but whatcha gonna do. As we got close to Eataly, I got a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize, but when I answered it it was actually Nicole, my manager, who was opening today. Basically she was just checking in to make sure I was on my way. Yeah I wasn’t really paying attention to the time, but even despite me Ubering to get to work on time, I was still 15 minutes late by the time I clocked in.

Thankfully when I got inside and to La Pizza La Pasta, Nicole wasn’t mad or anything and I just got right to it dealing with wine and ice, my opening side-work. I was actually on wine and ice with Gina, surprise surprise, but we didn’t have much interaction besides her being surprised that I was carrying a big container of ice by myself. Since I had less time than normal, I ended up staying an extra minute or two to make sure everything was stocked and there was enough ice for all the wines, and then I was out of there. I only had 30 minutes, so I made my way over to Pret, grabbed myself this egg dish, a cup of goodness, an orange juice, and a banana, before heading over to Dunkin- it’s like an in the wall Dunkin right by Pret, so it was a very quick stop- just to pick up a donut before heading back to Eataly to eat and prep myself for the day. After a few minutes sitting by myself and enjoying my food, I was joined by Gina, who had been waiting for a keesh I believe, and a lemon cake. We had a nice chat before Nicole started us all off with pre-shift, breaking down what was going on with the day; honestly it was the same old same old, and just like that it was time to get started. I was actually working pasta bar in the morning shift, so I basically was just walking around chatting with Gina, doing some roll-ups, and helping however I could, because damn was it slow. I mean that’s how pasta bar always is, but still. I will say that I definitely felt a bit like a zombie though. It felt like at points I was barely awake, which happens but damn I was tired. I will say that one of the other servers, Campillo, walked by me and said he saw me talking to Gina and thought he saw some sparks. Told me I should ask her for a drink some time. I’m sure he was teasing me a bit, but the thought has crossed my mind. The main issue is that we work such different schedules, that I feel like there’s never an opportunity to ask her. I mean we were apparently both going to have Wednesday off, but then she chose to have someone cover her Saturday in exchange for their Wednesday shift. Again, I’m not really trying to push anything but I do think getting a drink would be fun. She also called me a loser today because on Friday I called the genovese pizza the “new pizza on the block”. Basically she was talking shit about me to Emily, and then when I walked over, continued to talk shit to my face. All in good fun I assume. Truly though, I did not care because I WON so who’s the real loser GINA? Seriously though I remembered that saying from like elementary school which was something like “Loser Loser double loser take a picture duh”. Definitely not the full thing, but even remembering that made me cringe so hard.

Now I ended up taking my second break at 3:45, and thinking that Smorgusberg was going on today, I headed outside to get some food; no luck today though unfortunately, it was only on Friday. I will say though, that it felt absolutely INCREDIBLE outside; I was blown away by what a gorgeous October day it was. Now since there was no tents set up outside, I just made my way back to Pret, where I got myself the salmon dish and a cookie. I sat there and enjoyed my meal, starting to feel refreshed and energized once more, before I had to go on back to Eataly; clocking back in, then clocking out of my morning shift, and then clocking back in for my dinner shift. Fun times, I know. When I got back, I was on pizza bar, and honestly it was just as slow as the morning’s pasta bar, honestly maybe even a bit slower. Sergio was closing the night shift, and mentioned that he was going to cut me around 7:30-8PM, but whenever I thought I would be good to go and there would be no more tables, another person would sit down at the bar. Again, it’s not like I was crazy busy or anything, but I was just so ready to be home. I mean I started off the dinner shift full of energy, but around 7:30 or 8PM I really started to crash. Finally Sergio cut me at like 8:30, surprised that he hadn’t cut me earlier than that, and I was finally able to make my way home. I mentioned to him that I won a contest and was promised free food, so I was able to take home a Vesuvio with me. Yay! I don’t have to make dinner again! I said goodbye to everyone and made my way to the train, and finally up and back home.

After taking a nice nap on the train, I got home and have spent the rest of the night playing League with Maggie and then Eddie. Now it’s 3:53 and I have a voice lesson tomorrow, but like I’m dealing with the fact that somehow, I’m not sure where they’re coming from, but there are cockroaches in my apartment. And more specifically, this time I found one in my fucking ROOM. Literally so fucking disgusting. After it got trapped in the corner of my room, I finally managed to kill it and flush it down the toilet, but then as I’m finishing writing this blog, I swear to god another one just sped under my door and into my fucking room. Like what the FUCK. God I’m fine with bugs, but cockroaches make my skin crawl. I need to deal with that shit soon, but for now I really need sleep. Like I feel like my body’s about to just give up on me.

Until next time,


**Also our bartender messed around with some cappuccino foam and made a cute little bear, so here’s that to make you smile.



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