A Decision Has Been Made; Wow I’m Gonna Be Tired Tomorrow (10/5/19)

So I’m actually starting to write this blog post on the talk ride home, because it’s already closing in on 11:30 and tomorrow is gonna be a loooong day. So one of our morning servers basically needed someone to cover her shift tomorrow, and I went brainless for a moment and said, “I’ll do it!” This means I’m working a double tomorrow and am gonna have to be back at Eataly at 9:30 AM. Greaaat. But I’ll get to that soon. Let’s start from the beginning…

Now today I got myself up at 12:45, after having a weird dream with like little white larvae inching towards me. Not sure what that means, but I’m just not gonna think about it. Finally up, I hopped on League to play a game before I needed to shower. After losing, I shrugged it off and just headed off to the bathroom, showering and washing up before heading back to my bedroom to get dressed and leave. I also realized, once I started thinking about my routine putting product in my hair, that I have a very specific- quick, but specific- routine as I get ready to leave. So once my hair is just a bit drier, I quickly come my hair before putting l the product in my hands and going through two rounds; my hands running through my hair. Then I put some more product on my comb and have that go through my hair, before grabbing two bobby pins and putting those in my hair as the finishing touch. Keeps me hair perfect and not moving, no matter how much I’m running around all day. Anyways, I headed out and caught the 2:16 A downtown, making my way towards Eataly.

Honestly thank god I caught the A downtown when I did, because as we headed towards 59th, there was construction going on on the floors apparently? Which meant A’s were running LOCAL from 59th St. to Canal. The MTA truly doesn’t give a single shit about people in the service industry, and I’m not surprised anymore. I mean I’m still SUPER annoyed, but not surprised. I made it to Chambers at 2:53, and did end up sprinting just to get out of the subway, before walking the rest of the way to Eataly. I ended up clocking in right at 2:59- god bless- and got to work on my side-work of the day; you guessed it, wine and ice! I was also in section 10 again today, Stag, so that’s fun. I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind working Stag when it’s split up into two parts, but damn being there three days in a row? Meh it’s fine honestly. I was on wine and ice with two other people, so I got right to it prepping everything for the day. As I was working, I briefly looked around for Gina, who didn’t seem to be here today; strange, but whatever not my problem honestly. I clocked out at 3:29 and headed on over to Pret for some lunch, as per usual. The weather has definitely dropped into true Fall fashion, and I’m honestly not mad about it. I mean I actually ended up walking outside without a jacket on to get to Pret, because I was just too damn lazy to take it out of my backpack and put it on. I got myself mac ‘n’ cheese, along with a yogurt cup- different than the normal one because they were out, but still quite tasty- and a cookie, before settling down and eating for the good 20-30 minutes I had to myself.

After heading back through the brisk Autumn afternoon, I entered back through the revolving doors and back of the escalator to Eataly. As I moved passed, I watched person after person moving through the regular door, literally not allowing a family with a stroller to get through. Actually so heartless like damn. Anyway, I clocked back in and headed on over to pre-shift, before hitting the floor and starting off my day. As for the shift itself? Honestly it was steady, but not crazy by any means. I easily handled all my tables, and I actually had multiple tables thank me for my service. I had one table tip my $20 on a $68 check, and another tip $50 on just over $200. I even had one table ask me if I was always this happy, to which I responded that I try to be. When they were paying they asked how tips were pooled out, and I told them that I kept any cash I made, but the credit card tips are distributed evenly. They then made sure to tip me in cash before leaving, which is so goddamn sweet. The table who tipped me $50 was actually one of my final tables of the night, who were these three super kind ladies. I made sure they had an absolutely wonderful time, and built up a great rapport with them. When I mentioned that next time they come back here, things will be looking a bit different because we’re getting some renovations, they asked if they could get me next time again. Like come on, we love that. All in all, it was a nice night, with me making like $290 in cc tips, but $170 in cash; Like TALK about a cash night! Now there was this one table who really sent me mixed signals. Like they got great service- obviously- and maybe the one thing I was a bit slow about was that I gave them the dessert menu and then came back in like 8 or 10 minutes. No big deal. The grandfather ended up paying, tipping me $15 on the $115 bill and writing “Slow Service”; however they ALSO left me $10 cash, so….. I have no idea. Maybe one of the others felt bad because you know, I didn’t do anything wrong with service, so they tipped properly. So even though the ticket said “Slow service” they still tipped me $25. Like honestly whatever man.

Now the reason that this blog post is called “A Decision Has Been Made; Wow I’m Gonna Be Tired Tomorrow” is because towards the beginning of service, Nicole was asking if anyone wanted to cover a morning server, Stacie,’s shift tomorrow, because she was actually on a plane ride back from… Florida I think? Anyway, her plane’s engine apparently caught fire- she’s fine, and sent pictures apparently- and needed someone to cover the shift; obviously. Now I originally said FUCK that, but later on I was thinking about it, and when Nicole asked again, this time mentioning that Stacy was going to give whoever covered the shift $50, I said fuck it why not. Now if I got out at a half decent time, everything would be fine. But after closing out all my tables and doing my closing side-work, we still had to go through and polish and roll four to five buckets of silverware. This meant, for a second day in a row, I was getting out after 11PM. I ended up catching the 11:25 A local uptown, and finally made it back home just after midnight. Took a nice nap at least! I made myself some fried rice from a frozen bag- thanks Trader Joe’s!- and watched a YouTube video or two before finishing up this blog. Damn I’m tired. Even better? I gotta be up in six hours. Can’t wait. At least I’m off Monday.

Until next time,


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