The Friendly Competition Arrives on a Busy Friday (10/4/19)

What a day. Like seriously I have no idea why I do this to myself; like staying up until 4AM or later instead of going to bed at a decent time. I know why I go to work- I need money! Also keeps me busy, but that’s besides the point. Now today started as any day starts… with me waking up! Now the difference is that I woke up with a missed call from Raf, who asked me to call him back. In doing so, I found out that I am probably going to be signing the lease, so that we all can, you know stay here in this apartment. Apparently when Raf asked Paul if he wanted to sign the lease, he said no? Even though Paul was the one pushing to make sure we stay here, and said he was going to sign the lease? I have no idea, but things are just getting complicated. After that call finished up, I got myself up and hopped onto League to play a game before I needed to get ready for work. Thankfully I won, which actually put me back into promos for Gold I- hallelujah- but noticing the time, I knew I needed to get a move on and shower. Today was the day; Gina and I were finally working together, and that meant we could finally compete. Seriously, I’ve been talking waaaaaaaaaaaay too much shit not to win this contest, whatever we might be trying to upsell. I quickly showered and got ready, sprinting to make it to the train on time. Do you know how bad that would look if I came in late? Hell no. Also thank god I caught the 2:15 A, because aftering taking a nice nap, I made it to Chambers and realized the train took fucking forEVER to get downtown. Like it was already 2:53. That’s a good 8 minutes later than normal; oof. Thankfully I didn’t have to make a run for it- just some speed walking- before clocking in right at 2:59. Hell yeah.

I was on wine and ice duty today with Gina for side work, and we got to it; honestly I didn’t see much of her because we were both actually pretty damn focused on getting everything done. After finishing the wine, we got to it on ice, getting everything set and done right on time; I think there was a little spill with the ice bucket’s handle coming off on Gina, but no one was hurt so that’s good. I clocked out at 3:29, and even though I waited for Gina for a minute or so, with her not coming I decided fuck it and just headed over to the break room. Though the food looked pretty good, I was definitely in the mood for Smorgasburg outside, so I made my way there; ready to enjoy myself some good food. I actually ran into Gina on my way there, but she was looking to get a sandwich at Eataly, so we parted ways and I headed on outside. With my jacket on, even with the wind blowing, DAMN was it a beautiful autumn day; like seriously yesterday it was cold, but today? Immaculate. I debated getting a burger, but decided to instead go for a different vendor; I always go for the burger place, why not try something new! I ended up getting a chicken sandwich with honey mustard, which tasted damn good but for some reason the guy frying the chicken took 30 years to get it all cooked. I guess he forgot to get it all going beforehand, but damn I was waiting like 10-15 minutes just to get my food! Honestly I didn’t care though; at the end of the day the food tasted good, and I was satisfied. After chowing down on the sandwich, I went over and got myself an ice-cream cookie; it may be cold, but that will NOT stop my sweet tooth! I got the oats cookie with vanilla ice cream and fudge, and brought it inside with me. I figured I might hang out inside for a bit; maybe run into Gina and chat with her before we had to clock back in.

Now it just so happened that right as I came up the escalator and walked into Eataly, I did indeed run into Gina. She was heading over to Starbucks to get herself an iced tea before pre-shift; I decided to tag along and we chatted as we got her her drink. It was nice catching up honestly; we never work the same shifts anymore, and it sucks not having a friend around. I mean I feel like she doesn’t care that much, which is fair, but it is what it is. I also told her about the whole truffle debacle yesterday, which is still such an insane story to me; and I lived it. Now once we got her drink, we had to hurry back and clock in, and then it was on to our regularly scheduled pre-shift. Unfortunately, there was actually no specials being run today, so I just assumed the competition wasn’t happening, and we would just never know who would win. After using the bathroom, I got to it checking on tables, and so the day finally began. Now I was in Stag again today, with Gina being right next to me- actually taking half of Stag which was really nice- so I had an inkling things may get busy today. Just as we were getting started, I saw Emily who had worked morning and was still around, and mentioned how I was sad that there was no special for a competition to be had. She said that she wanted this to happen- seemed real determined about it- and told me that she would figure something out. She really wanted to see Gina and I go head to head I guess. After I was talking to my tables, I saw Gina over with Emily and another one of the managers, Nicole, and that’s when Emily said that the two of us would be competing to see who could sell the most Genovese pizzas; not a special, but it is the new pizza we added onto our menu this week. Also Emily said that she thought that we make a great team, and that we work well together, which was quite nice.

But enough of the niceties- the competition was on at last. Gina got an early lead, getting three- well actually two, she thought she had an extra I guess- as I only had one, complaining how everyone just wanted pasta. Well I guess that was a bad omen for her, because for the rest of the night Gina had table after table wanting pastas; when they got pizza, they stuck with the margherita verace instead of trying something different. Now even though I didn’t feel like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off too much throughout the night, things just didn’t stop being busy. Like I basically had a full section the entirety of the shift; table after table coming in. When it was slow, Gina got slammed, so I ended up taking two of her tables for her; I think I actually saved her some hassle with one table, because they were starting to get angry and since I talked to them they were actually super nice. I gave that table back to Gina, because it was in the depths of her section, but kept the second table which was like on the cusp of my area. I had some really nice tables tonight, and others that were… well they didn’t tip great. An Indian table absolutely loved me, even taught me how to say thank you in Indian; the kid at the table wanted to tell me about it, I assume because she was practicing Indian herself. In case you were wondering, it’s dhanyavaad. When I repeated it back to them, they were all genuinely surprised that I pronounced it so well. When they were leaving, the dad even came by and patted me on the back, sincerely thanking me for my service. Despite ALL of that? 10%. Insane. I also had a table tip $15 on an almost $200 bill, so… that was great. As the night rounded out and I was closing my final tables, I even had a group of ladies who had just ordered appetizers; like they had them sitting around and every time I checked on them, they kept saying they were fine. Then at 10:15, they ask if they can see the menu to order a pasta to share. Like are you FUCKING kidding me? I told them that unfortunately our kitchen was closed, so they just got dessert. Tipped me $10 on like a $150 bill. Incredible. Fucking rude. Also as I got done my side-work, we were all STILL stuck at Eataly for another hour, because we had FIVE BUCKETS OF SILVERWARE TO POLISH AND ROLL. Fucking incredible. Like I ended up clocking out at like 11:15. Rip the express A dream I guess.

But now despite ALL that bullshit I dealt with, from shitty tables to nonstop busy-ness, to the mountain of silverware we had to polish and roll, after ALL of that. I sold five or six genoveses. That’s right bitches, I came and I fucking WON. Gina kind of gave up halfway through the night, but damn does it feel good to win. She hated the fact that at some of my tables I would call the pizza “the new pizza on the block”, and said if her server did that to her when she was eating at a restaurant, she would not be amused and would wonder which 90’s sitcom did they come from. Well either way, it worked. I won that damn competition and I am proud of it. How did I celebrate? By catching the 11:26 A locally uptown, taking a nap along the way, getting off at 175th right after midnight, and making a stop at Taco Bell for dinner. I mean apparently today was National Taco Day- how could I not? I chatted with Mags for a little while as I walked home, before hopping on League and playing two games with Eddie; winning both, moving back up to Gold I, and actually being up on LP for one. Again if you don’t play League, this means absolutely nothing to you, and I’m sorry if it sounds like gibberish. I was hoping to maybe walk to the train with Gina, but she peaced the FUCK out after she wrote down her numbers, so I walked to the train solo. Meh it is what it is. It’s still already 4:30, so I need to get some sleep though. Tomorrow it’s back to the same old routine, and I’m pushing through until Monday, when I’m off again. Can’t wait.

Until next time,


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