A Busy Day with Quite the Food Order (10/3/19)

So yeah, today was a crazy busy day; like I worked Stag and was pretty much slammed for a good three hours or so. But to get to today, we gotta start from the beginning, right? That’s how these posts go! So today I woke up at 12:45… well I woke up at like 12:15 or something, when that website told me to wake up, but then I obviously fell back asleep and ended up getting out of bed like right at 1PM. Now normally 1PM is too late for me to play a game of League, but I decided to go with it anyway, so I hopped on my computer, logged on, and was waiting in queue; prepped for a hopefully quick game. Unfortunately, or I guess lucky for me, after multiple dodges, when I did finally get into a game at like 1:15, it was a remake so I wasn’t stuck in a game for like an hour. I did play a quick ARAM which I lost, but that ended pretty quickly, so I was able to end and get in the shower by 1:40. After showering, I quickly clipped my fingernails and washed up before quickly getting dressed and leaving. I was worried because that added task of trimming my nails actually took a few minutes, so I did not have much time to finish getting ready, but by the power of who knows what, I still left on time. Now yesterday it was 91 degrees out, but somehow thanks to the rain, the high of today was only 56. Holy shit that’s a drop. I threw on my (fake) leather jacket and made my way to the train, umbrella in my backpack, and thankfully made it right before the train arrived. On my way to work, I took those moments of tranquility to listen to some music and sleep.

The A arrived at Chambers St. before I knew it, and with umbrella in hand and my jacket on, I ventured outside to quickly get to work. Wind was blowing and a light rain fell from a dark and cloudy sky; not many dared to be outside, so my path was clear. I hurried along until I made it back inside and up the escalators, finally clocking in at 2:59 and checking my side-work for the day. I was on wine and ice, but the other server on wine and ice stuck with ice, so I focused solely on the wine. As I was stocking everything, I was excited to see the fact that I Pirazzi was indeed back in stock, though this time as a Sangiovese instead of a Cabernet Sauvignon. I love I Pirazzi, so seeing it back, this time with a new green look instead of the blue, made me smile. After stocking everything I could, it was time to clock on back out, and off I went to Pret for lunch. I mean I checked the break room, but there was actually nothing in there- it had all been eaten- so fuck it. I headed over to Pret, got my usual meal, and watched some videos before it was already time to go back. I tried to make a pit-stop at the bathroom, but with both stalls occupied for a solid 10 minutes, I ran out of time and just had to clock back in and go to pre-shift. Sergio was back and ran pre-shift, going over all the new food and drinks once more, before sending us on our way. He asked me what was in one of the drinks, but to be honest with you I have no idea… yikes I should probably fix that. Today I was in Stag, like the whole section minus two tables, and I was hoping it wouldn’t get too crazy. I was lying to myself.

Before things really got going, I took a quick leave of absence to the bathroom, and worked to clear my head and focus on the day ahead. Once I got back, it was time to get to work, and that I did. Things started off, well rough, because one lady that was transferred to me- was the morning server’s table but here we are- left $2.70 all in COINS which is super fucking rude and weird. Then I had a table who were confused about how tipping works, and then when I mentioned that we normally recommend tipping 18-20%, they go “Well we’re looking to tip 5%”. Wow thanks! Fucking assholes… $4 and some change on an $80 check. Incredible. Then I had some more tables, one stiffing me and not tipping at all, and then others tipping absolutely horribly. Then I got thrown off because of, as you can tell by the title of this blog post, I got a food order that I have nver had before. So I had this table of four Europeaners, well I’m not sure where in Europe but it really doesn’t matter. Two girls, two guys. The girls order a Vesuvio and a Seafood Linguini. Now the guys are sharing a pizza- the Quatro Formaggi. However, one of them wants to add White Truffles to the pizza. Mind you, we offer 3 grams of the white truffle for $30. Expensive, but that’s truffles for you. I said that I had a feeling we could, but I just wanted to check with my manager real quick. After talking with Emily, I told her to not send the order through because I wanted to make sure that he knew it was $30. Well, when I got back to the table, telling him we could do it, he goes “Well I don’t think 3 grams will be enough. I want it to cover the whole pizza. Let’s triple it.” Sir, that’s going to be $90. “That’s fine.” WHAT. This man. Just ordered. 90 DOLLARS WORTH OF TRUFFLES. For a $21 pizza. Holy FUcking whAT? Literally one of the girls was like “No” and he was like  “It’s fine!” I mean, fuck it man I’ll do it. I think the REAL kicker though was the fact that when I check back in and asked how it was, he said “Not great”. Yeah no shit man, that’s too much truffle. Now I was already thrown off by that table, but then the ladies’ pastas came out way later, and then when the dishes did arrive, the gentlemen ordered another pizza, which took MUCH longer than it should have to get out to them. All in all, things didn’t look great. BUT they still tipped $38 on a $235 check, so I’ll count that as a win. Then things really picked up, and I just got slammed- table after table. The server in the section next to me, Chris, helped out with some drinks, along with Emily, but I was still running around trying to get everything in. There was one point when I asked Emily to grab me two beers, but she said she forgot, so I went over and grabbed them myself. Not her fault, and I really didn’t mind. I finally had a minute to do it. Now when you’re pouring beers, I’ve seen people go up and down the glass- not sure why, but they do it- so that’s what I was doing. Well right when I went down, the keg kicked I guess, because a bunch of foam shot out of the nozzle and drenched me. Fucking incredible. Emily said that I looked “abstract.” It definitely described how I was feeling though.

I finally made it through the night, and as things inched closer to 10PM, my section started to calm down at last. I had some fun final tables, with one actually tipping me exactly 20%, (like they wrote 20% on the check and signed), which is perfectly fine. I didn’t have to do any rolling, because everyone else actually managed to get it done, so I finished up my side-work and counted my money. Even with getting stiffed and people not tipping well all night, I still somehow managed to walk away with $460 in cc tips, and $70 in cash. Like damn I really was busy tonight. I was wrong on my count though, because I forgot to put in 40 cents, but besides that we were set. I clocked out and headed to the bathroom, changing out of my clothes and heading on back out. As I entered the hallway, I ran into Alex and Sergio, who were just leaving with Lily, and I ended up walking with the three of them all the way to Fulton. Alex got me a slice of pizza from the back, and that along with a squid ink pasta that one of our story tellers made earlier on in the night and offered to me, I had myself some dinner! Now I did end up missing the final express A, but it was fun walking and chatting with the three of them. They all take the A downtown, so we ended up waiting around for a minute until their train got there, before we parted ways. Now the A was running local right before 11, which is bullshit in my opinion, but that’s the MTA I guess. After a long train ride home, I made it back to my apartment by 11:45 or so, heated up my food, and called Mags to chat for a minute. She couldn’t talk for too long because she was watching My Hero Academia- GREAT fucking show- so I let her go and just hopped on League to play some games. I played like two with Eddie, and then one by myself, before falling into the abyss that is YouTube. Oh! I also ended up clearing up some excess files on my computer, just running some software. Hopefully that helps my computer run a bit smoother. It’s already 4:24, so desperately need to get sleep, but damn what a crazy day. Tomorrow I’m gonna be competing with Gina, and Emily actually even told me today that I would be in Stag and she would be right next to me, so things are gonna be fun… I hope.

Until next time,


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